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  • History of Pirates  By : JD Theis..
    Where did pirates originate from? That is a question that has stumped archeologists and historians for years, but the researchers at Pirate Theme Party have decided to take on this daunting question head on. Considering that we are just as crazy about treasure hunts as the pirates of old were, we wanted to get to the bottom of this enigma! What we came to realize was that the origins of piracy may never be known.
  • Newmarket Racetrack - British Horse Racing  By : Kevin Phillips
    The Rowley Mile racecourse sports a brand new grandstand which is a great feature of this wonderful racetrack.
  • The History Of The Grand National Horse Race At Aintree  By : Kevin Phillips
    The Grand National is the most valuable NH handicap horse race in the United Kingdom. The 1st Grand National at Aintree was in 1839 and was won by the aptly named horse, Lottery.
  • The Historic Tale Of Diane de Poitiers and You Think Your Marriage Is Complicated  By : Corina Clemence
    The story of Diane de Poitiers should serve as a motivation to all of us who feel not-as-young-as-we-used-to-be. Diane was born in 1499, the daughter of Jean de Poitiers and thus a member of a very ancient line. A beauty from a very young age, at 13 she married into another distinguished line when she became the spouse of Louis de Breze who was 39 years older than Diane and a grandson of Charles VII.
  • Loire Valley Chateaux - If Their Walls Could Speak  By : Corina Clemence
    Loire Valley chateaux are full of amazing tales. At Chateau Chenonceau you can hear 'The future king was twelve and he took a mistress aged thirty-two.' The image of the chateaux of this region may be all towers, topiary, tapestries and faded furniture but for 200 years, these great palaces were host to world-class debauchery and countless murders.
  • Bingo History: Story of the Game Bingo  By : Jack Reider
    Here you can read about the history of the popular game bingo, which includes dried beans, stuttering girls and mad professors.
  • Rising Like The Phoenix  By : Silvio Ibanez
    The legend of the phoenix has been in the popular imagination since ancient civilizations. This magical, mythical bird has been a part of the plot since time immemorial. Even today, you would find mention of the phoenix, in books, tales and movies. A
  • BBC Banned Music: Top Singles Banned By the BBC  By : Jack Reider
    Here you can read about some the top singles that were banned by Auntie Beeb.
  • Military Flags: Tradition and Honor  By : Maureen Cook
    Military flags have a long and honorable history. They were traditionally used by the army and navy to distinguish friendly troops from enemy forces, and the emblem of each service was attached to

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