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  • California Missions What They Brought Here  By : Todd Dawson
    California Missions symbolize a period of oppression in its true sense to a majority of the historians in the US. However, they still stand there as reminders of the beginning of the European interaction with the country. History also reports that the Mission period was not as devastating as is depicted nowadays.
  • California Missions How to Start One?  By : Todd Dawson
    The desire to start a Christian Mission in California is truly laudable. It offers you an opportunity to obey God’s calling to serve humanity. But, if you wish to serve Him in the way you want, you should know how to do it right. Given below is a checklist you can explore in this regard.
  • California Missions How They Operate Today?  By : Todd Dawson
    Historians believe that sailors from northeast Asia had travelled to North America and settled there almost thirty thousand years ago. They also report that these people were well-organized, establishing nations for themselves. Even Europeans had sailed to the land. And, Spain was the country with the largest number of colonies here.
  • California Missions: San Carlos Borroméo del río Carmelo  By : Mark Lopes
    As a US citizen, you are sure to be familiar with the twenty-one missions in California. They stand there as the reminders of the Spanish attempts to expand their presence in the region. History says that this had been the favorite of the “Father of Missions”, Father Junipero Serra. Today, the site is known as Carmel Mission.
  • California Missions An Overview  By : Mark Lopes
    The twenty-one missions in California and the history of the region is not unknown to those who live in the US. If you are someone who resides in California, you may also be just a few hours drive from these missions. They begin in San Diego and end in San Francisco. These missions talk of the arrival of Europeans to the land. They talk of the time when Spaniards were giving a hard time to the natives in their attempts to expand their region.
  • California Missions: San Antonio de Padua  By : Mark Lopes
    The history of the twenty-one missions in California must be a common knowledge if you are a US citizen. They talk of a past when Spaniards were trying hard to expand their region; to get a safer route for trade with Asia. San Antonio de Padua was the third among the California Missions established in the region.
  • Green Power Hints That Can Save You Dollars  By : Carine Joly
    Save Money With These Green Power Tips
  • Scientific Revolutions  By : Henry Ford
    War is discouraged at all costs in different ways by different people. Scientists play a critical role during and before wartime. This shows that they have an obligation to ensure that before the war, they have gathered the relevant information concerning the magnitude of the war in order to save people from severe losses and destructions from their opponents.
  • The Mayflower Compact  By : Henry Ford
    Mayflower Compact was a document that outlined how Plymouth Colony was governed. It was the first governing document for the colony that was written by the colonists, who later came to be known to historians as the Pilgrims. The name Mayflower as derived from the ship they had used. Before they settled on the colony, they crossed the Atlantic aboard the Mayflower.
  • U.S should not have invaded Iraq  By : Henry Ford
    Invasion of Iraq was one of the worst mistakes that were made by Bush administration. It was a mistake that cost Republicans return to power after being in the office for two terms. Invasion of Iraq was sanctioned by President George Bush after the September 11 attack but critics argue that Bush planned to invade Iran long before the September 11 attack.
  • A Trio Of Greek Romances  By : Robert Thomson
    There is much romance in the canons of Greek mythology, though to say that the course of true love ran smoothly for those involve wouldn't be exactly accurate. In fact if anything it was the complete opposite...
  • Tradition of The Second World War  By : Robert Thomson
    The next World War broke within September 1939 as the Polish invasion by Adolf Hitler and which caused Great Britain and France to declare war with Germany. This Second World War would run for the following 6 years and sadly, would cause more deaths compared to any earlier wars. The Holocaust was born using this period by Hitler in which he had 6 million Jews murdered in Nazi concentration camps. Some othcharacteristics of about count of 45-60 million people were killed inside this war. Hitler’s plan had two objectives; invade the Soviet Union as well as the extermination of many Jews through German-occupied Europe.
  • The observation of the solar terms  By : lihoney
    With diligence, wisdom and perseverance, they made great contributions to astronomical observations and formulation of calendars in ancient China.
  • How to Clean Your Boots Which Made by Sheep Skin  By : yang
    Go ahead and get your boots dirty, they will be easily cleaned.
  • What Is the Unique Phenomenon in Chinese Literature History  By : Sylvia
    In Chinese literature there is one branch that is unique. That is martial arts fiction.
  • Spanish Sword  By : Mudassir Malik
    Very late steel was discovered and Toledo steel was known as best quality usable material over the world. First time Spanish custom got initiative and made sword with Toledo steel that was best known among soldiers. Although Toledo is a city of Spain consists on large industry of sword smiths
  • History of Magnets and Their Uses  By : Robert Thomson
    Magnets have been in use at least as far back as the 4th Century BC and likely even earlier. A Chinese tome from that era titled "Book of the Devil Valley Master" details.....
  • The Real History of Halloween  By : Robert Thomson
    Two thousand years ago, in the region that is now Ireland, the United Kingdom and northern France, the ancient Celts celebrated the end of their summer harvest and the beginning of their new year on November 1. This observance also...
  • Perpetual Motion Magnets  By : Danny Fisher
    Patent Rights on the Perpetual Motion Magnets device were original awarded in 1977 and were subsequently re-issued in 1997 to the updated and modified version applying state-of-the-art electronics.
  • History of Dory Boats  By : Mudassir Malik
    A dory boat is a boat with a flat bottom, pointed at both the bow (front) and stern (back) so that it can easily ride the waves.
  • The Discovery, Creation and Uses of Electromagnets  By : Robert Thomson
    Most people are not aware of the many applications electromagnets have in our modern day life. Though we may be awed to see a car being lifted, we may not realize...
  • The Almighty, Much Overlooked Magnet  By : Robert Thomson
    What do microwave ovens, high-speed trains, and your credit card have in common? Why magnets, of course.
  • From Prison To Paradise: A Brief History Of Norfolk Island  By : Robert Thomson
    Over 1600 kilometers from Sydney, Norfolk Island is a small bit of paradise tucked away in the South Pacific. From the time Captain John Cook first set...
  • List of Greek Gods Goddesses  By : Robert Thomson
    In ancient times, the size of a people's pantheon grew in tandem with their influence upon their neighboring peoples. As the Greeks asserted military dominance over the Aegean after the Trojan War, they recruited into their religion the best gods of the alien kingdoms that fell under their power.
  • A Short History on Confederate Money  By : Johnny Kicklighter
    A short history on why Confederate money was doomed to fail and the man behind an impossible mission.
  • How A Man Opposed to Succession Appeared on Confederate Money  By : Johnny Kicklighter
    A story of irony of the Confederate States of American honoring a man on a Confederate note who opposed succession.
  • Alphabetical List of States  By : Robert Thomson
    The list begins with the names of the states with their codes enclosed in parentheses. Below each is the capital, the complete date it was accepted into statehood, and the nickname(s).
  • List of Ethnic Groups in the Philippines  By : Robert Thomson
    The Philippines is composed of different types of ethnic groups and one of those is known as the Indigenous ethnic group. The groups that form part of the Indigenous ethnic group include Tagalog, Ilocano, and Bicolano.
  • List of Famous African Americans  By : Robert Thomson
    In a list of famous African Americans, we will definitely come across the name of James Lafayette. James Lafayette is also known as James Armistead, and his contributions to the United States of America began during the American Revolution.
  • Whites and Slave Religious Ceremony  By : rachelhewlett
    Problems between the white and the slave because of their religious activities were not with the West Indian slaves only. The stories of the African American religion are a variety of creative fusion.

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