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  • Military Flags: Tradition and Honor  By : Maureen Cook
    Military flags have a long and honorable history. They were traditionally used by the army and navy to distinguish friendly troops from enemy forces, and the emblem of each service was attached to
  • BBC Banned Music: Top Singles Banned By the BBC  By : Jack Reider
    Here you can read about some the top singles that were banned by Auntie Beeb.
  • Rising Like The Phoenix  By : Silvio Ibanez
    The legend of the phoenix has been in the popular imagination since ancient civilizations. This magical, mythical bird has been a part of the plot since time immemorial. Even today, you would find mention of the phoenix, in books, tales and movies. A
  • Bingo History: Story of the Game Bingo  By : Jack Reider
    Here you can read about the history of the popular game bingo, which includes dried beans, stuttering girls and mad professors.
  • Loire Valley Chateaux - If Their Walls Could Speak  By : Corina Clemence
    Loire Valley chateaux are full of amazing tales. At Chateau Chenonceau you can hear 'The future king was twelve and he took a mistress aged thirty-two.' The image of the chateaux of this region may be all towers, topiary, tapestries and faded furniture but for 200 years, these great palaces were host to world-class debauchery and countless murders.
  • The Historic Tale Of Diane de Poitiers and You Think Your Marriage Is Complicated  By : Corina Clemence
    The story of Diane de Poitiers should serve as a motivation to all of us who feel not-as-young-as-we-used-to-be. Diane was born in 1499, the daughter of Jean de Poitiers and thus a member of a very ancient line. A beauty from a very young age, at 13 she married into another distinguished line when she became the spouse of Louis de Breze who was 39 years older than Diane and a grandson of Charles VII.
  • The History Of The Grand National Horse Race At Aintree  By : Kevin Phillips
    The Grand National is the most valuable NH handicap horse race in the United Kingdom. The 1st Grand National at Aintree was in 1839 and was won by the aptly named horse, Lottery.
  • Newmarket Racetrack - British Horse Racing  By : Kevin Phillips
    The Rowley Mile racecourse sports a brand new grandstand which is a great feature of this wonderful racetrack.
  • History of Pirates  By : JD Theis..
    Where did pirates originate from? That is a question that has stumped archeologists and historians for years, but the researchers at Pirate Theme Party have decided to take on this daunting question head on. Considering that we are just as crazy about treasure hunts as the pirates of old were, we wanted to get to the bottom of this enigma! What we came to realize was that the origins of piracy may never be known.
  • Who was Tutankhamun?  By : Stuart Cheese
    Stuart Cheese, may be the UK Director of Operations for One World Tours but his partner’s love of Tutankhamun was what got him into the business in the first place. Let us see how much he has picked up from her and see how much can be understood about the young king, known to the world for his stunning death mask.
  • Social Studies Lesson Plans: Making Boredom a Thing of the Past  By : David T.
    When it comes to keeping the attention of school children these days, teachers really do have a tough job ahead of them. Today's kids are constantly bombarded by fast moving images, brightly colored ads and so much more. When it takes all the special effects of a video game or movie to keep their attention, how well do you think a single person standing in front of them is going to do? Comparatively, not well.
  • Innovative World History Lesson Plans Bring Life to the Classroom  By : David T.
    It was the first day of 7th grade, and I faced a classroom full of kids with desks lined up in neat little rows in front of me. I'm a history teacher, and it's my job to get kids interested in a subject that bores most of them to tears. They came into the classroom knowing that they were about to face a subject that makes their eyes glaze over, and I walked into the classroom knowing that I had to come up with civil war lesson plans, social studies lesson plans, and world history lesson plans that would keep their oh-so-short attention spans stimulated.
  • Getting Excited About World War II Lesson Plans  By : David T.
    I'm truly of the school that believes the best U.S. history lesson plans are the ones that seem to just flow out of you when you're standing at the front of the classroom. When you get excited about history, you pass that excitement onto your students.
  • Reforming US History Lesson Plans  By : David T.
    From what I remember of high school, my world history lesson plans are recalled vaguely as existing. I do not remember a single detail, and I believe that no time was spared to delve into the world's history at all.
  • Ismaili Flag - Green Color - Its Special Features  By : Ibrahim
    "The Ismaili flag contains rich green colour with a red strip descending from left upper corner to the bottom of right side, making a cross mark in the flag. The nature of the characteristics, which the Ismaili flag, acquired green and red colours (lawn) from the historical context will be explored briefly in the following lines.

    Green (akhdar) is synonymous with nature. For the Arabs, as for many other people, green is the symbol of good luck, of natural fertility, of vegetation, of youth. For Islam, the green standard of the Prophet and the green cloak of Ali bin Abu Talib have become the very emblems of the religion. As a beneficent colour, green belongs so naturally to the popular spirit of the Arabs that their colloquial language is full of expression where this colour symbolizes joy, gaiety or success. Green is mentioned six times in the Koran as an adjective (khudr, akhdar), vide 12:43, 46:18, 31, 36:80, 55:76 and 76:21, and once as a participle (22:63). Giving the description of green, the Koran also says, "Reclining on green cushions and beautiful carpets" (55:76) and "Do you not see that God sends down water from the cloud so the earth becomes green?" (22:63). In Syria, a green land is used in describing a lucky person. To wish somebody a good year, one uses the expression green year, and when one takes up residence in a new dwelling, green leaves of beet are hung there as a token of good luck. In Morocco, the expression my stirrups are green means, "I bring the rain when I travel into an area where it is awaited." The Prophet himself declared, "The sight of green is agreeable to the eyes as the sight of a beautiful woman" (al-Jahiz, Tarbi, p.137).
  • Lemon Drop Martinis - A Refreshing Version Of The Martini  By : Eileen Childs
    If you have wondered where the martini was invented or how to make those yummy lemon martini cocktails called Lemon Drop Martinis, then read this article.
  • Making US History Lesson Plans Engaging  By : David T.
    When it comes to making your social studies lesson plans fun, there are a lot of different approaches that you might take. You might choose to start with the very basic question of "what is fun?" and see what you come up with.
  • Ismailis in Central Asia  By : Ibrahim
    The term "Central Asia" will include here the mountainous regions of China, Soviet Union, including Hindukush, Pamir, Yarkand, Wakhan, Oxus, Shagnan, Gilgit, Hunza and Chitral.

    During the period of Imam al-Mustansir billah, Nasir Khusaro was designated as a hujjat of Khorasan and Badakhshan. He came from Khorasan and launched mass conversion in Central Asia. When public pressure against him escalated, he found refuge in Yamghan, in the court of Ali bin al-Asad, an intellectual Ismaili prince in the mountainous region of Badakhshan. Thus Yamghan became synonymous with prison, where he died.
  • History of French Cuisine, The French Revolution and Famous French Culinary Chefs  By : James Murray
    French cuisine was prepared by ill tempered French chefs, who were very picky about their food, and these French chefs incorporated overly rich sauces to accompany the food, plus the preparation of food dishes had to be perfect. However, today’s preference is more about the taste and texture of the food.
  • Historia de la cocina francés, el francés y famosa revolución culinaria de chefs francés  By : James Murray
    Cocina francés fue preparado por los malos templado chefs franceses, que eran muy puntilloso sobre sus alimentos, y estos chefs franceses incorporado demasiado rica salsas para acompañar la comida, además de la preparación de los platos tiene que ser perfecto.
  • Developing Effective World History Lesson Plans  By : David T.
    When it comes to making your social studies lesson plans fun, there are a lot of different approaches that you might take. You might choose to start with the very basic question of "what is fun?" and see what you come up with.
  • Mayan engineers constructed pyramids and elevated walkways from stone.  By : Sulamita Berrezi
    They crafted immense pyramids, some of which were two hundred feet high, from stone, earth, and rubble.
  • The Aztecs are descended from a tribe known as the Toltecs  By : Sulamita Berrezi
    The Toltecs dispersed in all directions, leaving a legacy of legends and religious traditions that would become important elements of Aztec culture. According to the Aztecs, their original homeland was an island in a lake called Aztlan, which means “White Land.”
  • El arte de la cocina como un arte culinario  By : James Murray
    Arte culinario es el arte de cocinar. La cocina es el proceso de preparación de alimentos y comidas que se comen o la comida servida a otras personas.
  • Artes Culinarias y la chefs famosos de la historia como Careme, Escoffier, Ranhofer y Julia Child  By : James Murray
    Los franceses han sido los dirigentes y son reconocidos como los innovadores en el arte culinario escena desde el comienzo de los tiempos, y la mayoría de los chefs famosos de la historia son el francés.
  • Artes Culinarias escuelas ofrecen un final realmente aburrido puestos de trabajo y carreras  By : James Murray
    Día a día slaving en un puesto de trabajo o trabajan en una carrera de una persona realmente no le gusta, puede ser muy agotador. Una gran cantidad de personas que trabajan en puestos de trabajo aburrido Crees que no tienen mucho de una elección, pero nada podría estar más lejos de la realidad.
  • The History of Pizza and Focaccia  By : James Murray
    The word Focaccia is derived from the Latin word "focus", or hearth, and is the precursor of Pizza as known today. Pizza is a derivation from flat bread that has been prepared since antiquity in different forms and garnished with various herbs, olives, raisins and more ingredients. The word pizza in Italian identifies any type of flat bread or pie—fried or baked.
  • The World of British Cuisine  By : James Murray
    Bad press has always followed British cuisine for some reason, and yet their food is hearty and delicious . The simple homespun are and plain preparation of most traditional British foods pales when compared to French haute cuisine
  • La Historia de la Pizza y Focaccia  By : James Murray
    Focaccia de la palabra se deriva de la palabra latina "focus", o corazón, y es el precursor de la Pizza tal como se conoce hoy en día.
  • Desarrollar sus Habilidades Culinarias Para Cocinar y un Talento en las Artes Culinarias Colegio o Universidad  By : James Murray
    El éxito de una estudiante de artes culinarias que requieren un poco de trabajo duro y una pizca de talento para hacer una gran receta para una carrera en el maravilloso mundo de la cocina.

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