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  • The Complexity Of Drug Abuse  By :
    Most people have the wrong notion that those who engage in drug abuse are morally weak. That abusers can just stop and change depending on their attitude and willingness. Drug abuse is like a disease that affects the brain which stimulates addiction, making it difficult for the person to stop it by a mere will power.
  • Let's Access Some Quick Reviews on Health  By : Lindelwa Maseko
    If you are an employer who has not yet instigated a company health insurance plan, consider this - you may find that the benefits of taking out group health insurance (such as better staff morale, employees having less time off due to serious illness, attracting a higher qualified level of staff etc) will far outweigh the cost.
  • Finding a Home for Those with Chronic Mental Illness  By : Chris Robertson
    It's not always clear what housing and care options are available or suitable for those with a chronic mental illness. Here is a guide....
  • When The Joint Smokes You  By :
    Marijuana, like most other illegal substances, can cause a wide range of side effects in both long-term and short-term users. While the “high” is the most obvious, long-term use also has consequences for the lungs, IQ, diet, and cognitive abilities of people. There are still a number of studies being conducted into the matter, but for the time being, it seems likely that these problems will keep marijuana from being legalized in the foreseeable future.
  • Which Is The Weaker Sex When It Comes To Pain?  By : gurly
    Women were stereotyped to be the complainers, the talkers, the damsels in distress or the weaker sex. But given the many studies and researches that emphasized on diseases, injuries, pain management and medications of women against the opposite sex, there is really a big difference and much to complain about.
  • Birth Control and Unwanted Pregnancies  By : Lliorlance
    The article deals with the issues of contraception and the methods available to couples who want to plan for their family. The article briefly describes some of the common types of birth control methods, including their effects and rate of success in preventing pregnancy.
  • Rock Stars, Music Icons, Alcohol, and Drug Overdose  By :
    The article talks about the unhealthy lifestyles of many music personalities. It says that many of them are involved in excessive use of alcohol and other banned substances. Furthermore, the adverse health effects of excessive use of alcohol and illegal drugs are stated.
  • Alcoholic Drinks and Health Issues  By :
    Alcohol is a depressant that can act as a sedative drug and may slow down the nervous system. In small doses, alcohol can help reduce feelings of stress and anxiety. Alcohol however may do more harm than good if overused. Extremely high doses of alcohol at one time can cause alcohol poisoning which can lead to coma or death.
  • Medical Transcription Job Opportunities Tips and Techniques  By : Mary Ruff-King..
    As soon as you are ready to find medical transcription job opportunities, volunteer your time, effort and resources to establish your professionalism. Seek out and join a local chapter of the American Association of Medical Transcriptionists (AAMT) in your area, and ask how you may be of help to your local chapter. Volunteers are always needed and will be welcomed with open arms. This is a terrific way to brand yourself as a person who is serious about the medical transcription career.
  • Car Accidents: The Expressway to The Next Life  By : Zuske Sagara
    According to a recent study, car accidents ranked ninth out of the top ten causes of death world wide. It also ranked first among the top ten accident-caused deaths. Over 40,000 Americans die in car crashes every year. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, someone is involved in a car accident every ten seconds. It is estimated that every 12 minutes, a person dies in a car crash. Car accidents are the leading cause of death for Americans 35 years old and younger.
  • How to Start a Medical Spa  By : Jason Begley
    Brief overview of how to establish a medical spa business.
  • What Leads Cord Blood Registry To Become A Major Phenomenon  By : Apurva Shree
    Undoubtedly, we have come to a stage where donation in a cord blood registry has taken up a key role in treating various ailments.
  • Cord Blood Transplant : A Better Alternative to Bone Marrow Transplant  By : Apurva Shree
    As statistics render evidence of more and more positive outcomes of cord blood transplants, a greater importance is now being placed on the donation.
  • Connecting Sanity's Nature To Nature's Sanity  By : alexis
    Nature is one of those omnipresent things that, in an ideal world, people would be able to live harmoniously with. Currently, there is a lot of knowledge on the benefits of being exposed to nature can have on mental health, but there has been minimal documentation on what the direct negative effects of such exposure could be. It is possible that this is because there are several external factors that need to be removed, but it might also imply that nature isn't equipped to drive people nuts.
  • Answers to 5 Common Questions About Texas Health Insurance  By : Chris Robertson
    Although Texas ranks the highest among U.S. states in the number of uninsured residents, obtaining affordable Texas medical insurance is easier and more affordable than you think.
  • Music Therapy: Providing Food for the Body And Soul  By : naix
    This article discusses a little bit about the history of music and how it was used back in the days. It was used for entertainment purposes and for hunting. It was more commonly used for its shamanistic function which now can relate to our modern medicine. However different the two healing beliefs are, they both agree in the power of music to heal the body and uplift the spirit.
  • From the Couch to the Deathbed  By : naix
    The article is about the stress and anxiety that is experienced by patients under emotional distress and how even their own counselors or psychiatrists share these difficulties. The article centers on Sigmund Freud, the Father of Psychoanalysis, as an example of how psychiatrists themselves can suffer from emotional and psychological strain that is so severe that it can even lead them to acts of suicide.
  • Pump Iron and Speed Up Your Metabolism  By :
    Some fitness enthusiasts have promoted the idea that regular weight lifting can increase skeletal muscle mass, such exercise will dramatically increase RMR or (Resting Metabolic Rate). Lifting weights burns calories and speeds up metabolism not only during the weight lifting workout but also while the body builds bigger and stronger muscles.
  • The Implosive Nature of Schizophrenia  By : mjb
    The outward signs of schizophrenia may be well-known, but most patients who develop them are rather skilled at keeping them from other people. They may appear odd at times, but most people dismiss this oddness as the occasional fit of weirdness that people subconsciously afford others. This can often make it difficult for people to recognize that they need help.
  • A Controversial Solution to Babies Having Babies  By : mjb
    Birth control pills and other contraceptive drugs and devices will now be made available for students in King Middle School in Portland, Oregon. This controversial decision has sparked a heated debate between those who are for and those who are against this rule not just in Portland but all over the United States.
  • Five Health Benefits of Infrared Saunas  By : Chris Robertson
    Infrared saunas are far superior to traditional saunas. Read on to find out why....
  • The Truth about Mental llness  By : naix
    This article is about how mental illness is misunderstood by many. It defines this illness, and how recovery is still effective. A lot of myths are shared by people regarding this illness, and this article gives the real information behind the myths. Choice of words are appropriate for people dealing with this illness, and how readers can help in clearing up misconceptions about mental illnesses.
  • 30 Seconds to Easy Self Hypnosis  By : Paul E Brown
    Hypnosis, especially self hypnosis, can change your life. Here is a simple yet effective way of rapidly inducing a relaxed self hypnotic state.
  • Improve Asthma By Reducing Indoor Air Pollution  By : Ben Anton
    Maintaining good indoor air quality is important for asthma sufferers. This article describes steps homeowners can take to reduce air pollution in their home to improve the air quality for asthma sufferers.
  • Lubricants For The Modern Woman  By : Isaiah Henry
    Natural lubricant is produced from the glands that surround the vagina, but in the modern age, as women are becoming more sexually expressive the use of artificial lubricants has become popular.
  • Can Paul McKenna Really Make You Thin?  By : Michael Anthony McGrath
    It is becoming increasingly evident that diets and diet aids don't work! So how will we shed those extra pounds? Well there is an easier way to do it - a way that almost guarantees you keep the weight off for good! Not only can hypnosis help but a unique ground-breaking system developed by the world's leading hypnotist can make it easy in four simple steps.
  • Helpful Guide to Warts and What Causes Them  By : Chris Robertson
    Suffering from warts, molluscs, or skin tags? Educate yourself about warts with this helpful guide...
  • Alpha Lipoic Acid: A Wealth of Health Benefits  By : Chris Robertson
    There's little doubt that alpha lipoic acid can help reverse the aging process and keep your liver healthy. When you take the right supplement, you'll gain both "lifespan" and "healthspan" - a winning combination!
  • 5 Tips for Getting Results with Sunless Tanning Lotion  By : Chris Robertson
    Sunless tanning lotions have vastly improved over the decades, but following a few simple guidelines will help ensure that your tan looks natural. Here are five tips to get you started.
  • Bronze Beauty: There's a Tanning Lotion for Everyone  By : Chris Robertson
    There's a tanning lotion for virtually everyone who wants to become a bronzed beauty.

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