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  • Treating Alcoholism  By : Ed Philips
    There are a variety of methods for treatment for alcohol dependence. Some of these methods include education and support to stop drinking, medicines to reduce withdrawal symptoms and stop alcohol cravings, and professional counseling to work through relationship issues.
  • Ionic Foot Bath Review  By : Sydnie Andrus
    Many people are talking about the newest trend in alternative medicine: the ionic foot bath. But is it worth all the hype? This article is going to review this new trend and see if it is really a necessary tool to have at your home. Will it help you improve your health?
  • How Is Skin Cancer Caused  By : Adrian Fletcher
    Skin cancers develop when the body is exposed to too much ultraviolet radiation (UV rays). Some of the DNA in the skin cells that are exposed to UV rays begin to mutate. They become known as oncogenes that instruct the cell to grow haphazardly.
  • Infrared Saunas - Sweat Your Way To Health  By : Benjamin Wise
    For many people, sitting in a sauna means making an appointment at a spa or is simply a luxury they can't afford. The very thought of a personal sauna is almost immediately negated by the prospect of high electricity bills.
  • Your Mind Needs Exercising For Weight Loss  By : wendy hearn
    Negative thoughts can also adversely affect your eating habits and weight. Spending a little time exercising your mind with positive thoughts about how you can lose weight will bring you better results.
  • Health Benefits of Aloe Vera for IBS  By : Grayson Parkland
    When you hear the words "aloe vera," you probably think of an ugly, spiny plant. But while aloe vera is a spiny plant and some people don't find it particularly attractive, it's also one of the oldest medicinal plants in the world.
  • Welcome to Our Spa  By : The Bliss Medical Spa
    First of its kind in the region of Piscataway-Edison, New Jersey, the bliss medical spa was founded with the vision of offering advanced state of the art cosmetic laser services in a safe and comfortable environment, complemented by the aesthetic day spa services. Our goal is to enhance the beauty and self esteem everyone is inherently endowed with, and also help subtract years from their age. All laser, botex, restylane & Juvederm services are performed by our licensed Physician. We provide complimentary consultation offering personalized cosmetic services that is unique to you. We have packages tailored to the needs of a young adult, as well as a baby boomer. To find out more contact The Bliss Medical Spa today! at
  • Good Colon Health  By : Derek Gurley
    Natural cleansing is critical to remove body toxins and protects from re-depositing them somewhere else in the body. Foods that aid in effective detoxification include those that are limonene-rich like lemons or slightly bitter veggies like fennel broccoli or artichokes.
  • Heart Monitor Essentials  By : Sam Bloomdale
    Heart Rate Monitors
  • Understanding What A Thrush Infection Is  By : The Alternate Medic
    As you are no doubt aware the human body is made up of millions upon millions of cells along with both good and bad bacterias Sometimes the bacterias get out of balance and multiply rapidly causing infection, Thrush is one of these infections.
  • Spotting The Warning Signs Of Acid Reflux  By : Frank Robson
    You have just stuffed yourself at this wonderful meal. Just could not resist one more helping of the wonderful beef dish with the rich cream sauce.
  • When To Call The Doctor For your Back Pain Symptoms  By : The Alternate Medic
    In today's stressful fast moving society where many of us lack a regular physical exercise regime, eat to much and generally don't look after our bodies as we should, .back pain in all its variations has become a major irritant to our way of life.
  • How Natural Progesterone Can Re-Balance Hormones  By : Amanda Hargreaves
    From puberty to menopause the ovaries produce progesterone. After the menopause has occurred progesterone is produced in lesser amounts by the adrenal glands.
  • How to Keep Good Eye Health  By : Christopher Bell
    What's taking care of your health mean to you? Is it starting doing some regular exercises or eating organic food? Well, if that is what you believe, you are completely right. However it's not all. For instance: how do you take care of your eyes? Our eyes are very sensitive instruments and engaging on protective habits can guarantee we see all the colors and shapes of the world well for longer time. If you don't know how to protect your eyes, here are some interesting advices:
  • How Water Purification Helps To Ensure Healthy Water  By : Alan Allport
    You will find that a water purifier is almost a necessity to help ensure you have healthy water to drink. It is a fact that most homes and offices would genuinely benefit from installing a water purification system. It is fairly well known now that you should drink at least eight glasses of water per day to maintain good health. And, obviously, the purer and cleaner that this water is, the better your longterm health is likely to be.
  • How to control Panic Attacks in pregnancy.  By : Millicent Feraux
    When women are pregnant, they often find themselves not only dealing with their pregnancy but also with anxiety and panic. There is a reason for this happening.
  • What Treatments Are Most Effective For Acne Scars?  By : Nathan James
    Severe forms of acne unfortunately are often accompanies by scarring. The nodules from the acne are leave a permanent scar. If you're dealing with this type of acne, you need to seek treatment as soon as possible to prevent more severe acne from occurring, and to treat the scar. If you have nodules with your acne, be sure to visit your doctor- or dermatologist if you have one- and they will prescribe treatment for your type.
  • Antioxidants Are Found In Heart-Healthy Chocolate  By : Sabrina Lowder
    Chocolate is tasty, but new research suggests that certain kinds of chocolate may be healthy for the heart. Recent studies have been published in prestigious scientific journals sighting dark chocolate as being "healthy chocolate". Although white chocolate and milk chocolate are not, dark chocolate is actually good for you.
  • Online Organic Food Grocery Stores  By : Martha Stanwood
    Online shopping has opened up a whole new realm where consumers can buy DVDs, books, magazines, and pills. But now, organic food products have been made available online. This means that even if the nearest grocery store is a gas station, you can still purchase organic foods.
  • Common Techniques In Muscle Building  By : Chris Channing
    Muscle building has only recently become a scientific endeavor, with newer technologies and sciences being wrought each day. Now that society can understand the process of muscle building, professional body builders can create the perfect routine by following logic and reasoning according to science. This will primarily require a few things: rest, nutrition, and an ample workout regimen.
  • What Should Water Purification Technology Mean To You?  By : Alan Allport
    There are regular advances being made in water purification technology - and this is very good news for the consumer because just about all of these advances have made better water filtration systems available for home use that have also been simpler to install.
  • The FACTS about Heartburn Folk Remedies  By : Jeff Martin
    Will folk remedies help to prevent heartburn? For many victims of heartburn, annoyed by the ineffectiveness of classical medicine (typically only good for temporary relief and various secondary effects), the question is whether folk remedies can do better. In truth, even though patients must still observe a complete program of treatment to eradicate the internal condition that brings on heartburn, there are many folk remedies that will significantly relieve heartburn symptoms.
  • Male Enhancement: Penis Pills  By : Michael Hause
    The medical breakthroughs that occur every day in terms of Male Enhancement are truly astounding. And with the millions being poured into them every month how could they not be? There are hundreds of different products available that actually do what they promise, add inches to your penis. But there are also many knockoffs and scams that you should avoid.
  • How To Care For A New Tattoo  By : Mike Wamoult
    Immediately you are done with your new tattoos, the tattoo artists will give you information on the proper way to handle your new tattoo. It is customary nowadays for tattoo parlors to supply you with an information sheet filled with tips on how to take the right care of your tattoo. Two rules are usually common in all cases, never pick at your scabs when they start to form and moisturize but do not do so excessively.
  • Herpes -The Numbers Are In  By : Harold Ulvaeus
    Genital Herpes still carries somewhat of a social stigma and it may not be something one freely shares with friends. The fact is that Genital Herpes is quite common with approximately one million new cases per year in the uS alone.
  • Is diet and exercise are sufficient in cellulite reduction  By : JessicaThomson
    Most women are affected by cellulite. If you pinch your skin on your upper thigh and it feels like a lump then you might be having cellulite. Actually cellulite is a deposit of fat beneath your skin.
  • Guide To Antioxidant Vitamins  By : Jeff Glasser
    The most commonly known antioxidant vitamins include vitamins E, C and A (also known as beta-carotene) and there is a whole range of minerals that contribute to their great effect and act as antidotes for old age. In order to understand the many benefits of antioxidant vitamins we need to realize what their impact is at the cellular level. They prevent free radicals, which are products released from cells during oxygenation, such as hydrogen peroxide from damaging tissue. The benefits of antioxidant vitamins are numerous.
  • Is It Correct That the Fruit and the Vegetables Do Not Safeguard From The Cancer ?  By : Patou
    The consumption of fruits and vegetable is not able to confine the cardiovascular insecurity but may not forestall the cancer probability. The Doctor Richard Beliveau has another persuasion and here is a couple of arguments.
  • Dr. Wilson Infrared Sauna: Head and Heals Above The Rest  By : Thomas Smith
    The health rewards of saunas have been used by people for ages. Saunas are used to purify and flush toxins from the body, to increase skin texture and beautify the look of the skin, to relax muscles, and to treat respiratory conditions. Orthodox saunas using wood, electric, or gas work great, but they consume huge amounts of energy.
  • How Do I Get Rid of Old Acne Scars?  By : Tiffany Stevens
    How do I get rid of old acne scars? is a question you might be asking yourself if you're an acne sufferer. The unsightly appearance of acne lesions or pimples isn't the only potential problem with the disease, unfortunately, but you can get rid of your acne in 3 days! using Chris's scientifically proven way to permanently clear skin.

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