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  • Identifying How Much Memory You Need on Your New Computer  By :
    If you've already been shopping for a new computer, you've probably noticed the great difference in prices among the latest models. Often, this price difference is directly proportional to the amount of memory the computer has. This makes sense too. The more memory you have on a computer, the more you will be able to do with the programs and other processes. But what you may also have noticed is a great range of possibilities in terms of memory storage.
  • Three Steps to a Smooth Computer Memory Install  By :
    When you've decided that your computer needs more memory to work better for you, you might decide to save money by installing the memory yourself. This is a wise decision and in many cases, it's also quite simple for a home user to do on their own. All you need to do is follow these three steps to make sure the installation goes smoothly and no computers are harmed in the process.
  • 5 Easy Steps to Improving Your Computer Performance  By :
    You don't have to be a computer expert to realize that your computer isn't working as well as it once was. Over time, that brand new computer - laptop or desktop - begins to have troubles. It runs slowly or it freezes up for no apparent reason, ruining your computer experience. But before you run out to the store for a new model, you need to try these five steps. All of them are easy enough for anyone to do - and you will see a vast improvement in just a few minutes.
  • How To Look After Your Laptop Batteries  By : Robert Pierre
    Neglecting the care and maintenance of your laptop battery will seriously impair the ability to use the laptop when you need it away from an AC power supply. Investing in a little time and effort will repay you many times over by prolonging battery life and laptop use while mobile.
  • Getting the Best Deal on Used Laptops  By : Subasree
    When purchasing a used laptop it should both serve functionally and at the same time save money. Doing a little amount of research by comparing and weighing various options from different kinds of sources will help in achieving the aim to buy used laptops at the best possible price.
  • Refurbished IT Equipment - Save Money in your Business Expenses  By : David T.
    When you are starting up a business or even when you are in the middle of one, the consideration that you should really be making more than anything else is how to cut down on costs while maintaining quality. For example, if you were working in a paper plant and trying to figure out how to make more money, one way to cut cost would be to deliver to places that are closer to you.
  • Reasons For Choosing An Apple Mac As Your Next PC  By : Allison Thompson
    Often when people are looking at purchase a new PC whether for at home or work they will usually leave an Apple Mac out of the equation. But purchasing any of the Apple Mac computers now available may be one of the wisest decisions that you ever make. Today there are many companies online who can offer you a great Mac Deals which could end up saving you money.
  • Buy American Made Computers  By : Luat Tran Van
    It all started in America resulting in AOL, silicon valley, and Bill gates. Now there are none. Buy American Computers.
  • Getting Cheap Ink Cartridges - What Choices Do You Have?  By : A R Thompson
    Another essential piece of equipment that many people will require at home if they have a PC is a printer. Yet in order for your printer to function properly it needs power and ink cartridges. However for many people when buying a printer for use at home they will go for the cheapest and most basic model simply because the price of replacement cartridges can be high.
  • DDR, DDR-2 and Other Computer Memory Acronyms  By : Jerry Costas
    Any computer that you bought around the year 2000 or later uses a type of dynamic random access memory (DRAM) known as double data rate, referred to as DDR. It refers to memory in which two data items are transmitted with each clock signal. It replaced single data rate SDRAM. (Synchronous DRAM.) DDR memory is also synchronous, and you will sometimes see DDR memory referred to as DDR SDRAM.
  • Copier Maintenance - Increase the Lifespan of Yours  By : A R Thompson
    If you want to be sure that the copier you have currently can last a few more years then it is crucial that you have a good copier maintenance program in place. Actually looking after this piece of equipment can be done in a number of very easy and simple ways.
  • Importance of Proper Evaluation in Data Recovery  By : James Walsh
    From large corporate houses to individuals, everyone stores important information on computers. While there are numerous advantages to storing the data digitally, there are risks attached to the same.
  • Do You Need Premium Computer Memory?  By : Jerry Costas
    It has been a buyer’s market for premium DDR2 memory lately. Your choices range from modestly overclockable modules, which command only a slight premium over value memory, to bleeding-edge modules with heat spreaders that can hit clock speeds as high as 533 MHz (DDR2-1066) and require voltages higher than 1.8 volts. Recently, we’ve seen DDR2 modules rated to use as much as 2.3 volts from Corsair.
  • Desktop Computer - Know It Better  By : Roberto Sedycias
    Get to know the early history and main features of a desktop computer. It is normally modular and its components can be easily upgraded or replaced.
  • A Purchase Guide For Notebooks  By : Roberto Sedycias
    Get to know the main features of a notebook. Good tips for buyers.
  • Notebook - Why Do Business Executives Like It?  By : Roberto Sedycias
    Notebooks have become an all time companion of many business executives around the world largely because of its portability, sleek design and user-friendly features.
  • Why Do I Need Dual-Channel Computer Memory?  By : Jerry Costas
    Buying a computer today is becoming a more complicated process where buyers are thrown technical terms like GHz, DDR, FSB, Dual-Channel and Hyper-Threading. Traditionally, the GHz number, or processor speeds, has always been the key factor in any computer purchase. As the GHz number increases, so does the computer performance. Today, the GHz number is no longer the sole criterion for determining system performance.
  • Basics Of Dual-Core Process Computer  By : Roberto Sedycias
    The dual-core process computer is suited to multitasking and handling miscellaneous tasks. It has gained world-wide acclaim due to its efficient and quick program execution.
  • How To Set Up Your First Server  By : Jerry Costas
    So you have decided to buy and install your first dedicated server. Most small businesses setup a file and print server, while others setup a web server, or an email server. No problem, setting up any server involves many of the same configuration steps.
  • Rugged Tablet PC Conquers The Elements Hardcore Computing with the Rugged Tablet PC  By : Daniel Shaw
    Whether it's an industrial work site or against the forces of nature, the rugged tablet PC can boldly go where no other computer can. How can it do this and why?
  • Types of Slot Punches  By : Lisa Mason
    Slot punches are tools that you must have if you make your own identification cards. A slot punch is the device that is used to put the hole in the card without tearing, ripping or damaging the ID card in any way. Without the slot punch it would be almost impossible to place a hole or slot in the card that looked neat and professional.
  • Hinges Are Critical Hardware Items  By : Jerry Blackburn
    Choose The Right Hinge For Your Project
  • Why Should You Buy a Continuous Ink System?  By : DanPartridge
    A continuous ink system has become a serious alternative to branded printer ink cartridges because they are more economical and convenient.
  • Continuous Ink Systems: Economical Alternatives to Branded Printer Inks  By : DanPartridge
    With today’s rising prices, continuous ink systems are a viable alternative to expensive branded printer inks.
  • Remanufactured Cartridges and Its Impact on Global Economy  By : Absolute01 Toner01
    Remanufactured Cartridges and Its Impact on Global Economy

    The ever-increasing demand for cartridges has forced many printer-manufacturing companies to increase their production capacity. However, some printer-manufacturing companies have innovated a unique way to cope up with this rising demand. They are now trying to collect used cartridges from their existing customers for disassembling and modify those cartridges in order to make them useable.
  • New Epson WorkForce Printers Launched  By : Amy Price
    Printer manufacturer Epson has announced a new line of printers called the WorkForce series. The WorkForce range is aimed at the small business market and promises high image quality, combined with very fast printing speeds.
  • Lexmark printer cartridges – A great resource of Lexmark  By : kimkeets
    Lexmark printer cartridges are amongst the most well known manufacturers of printers. Lexmark make use of a two cartridge printing system. The color cartridge is a CMY-cayan, yellow, and magenta cartridge.
  • Ways to Keep Your Computer Running?  By : Charles0 Garnett0
    Ways to Keep Your Computer Running?

    There are 7 simple ways to keep your computer running. You might be bugged with problems like slow computers, problems with popups, and moreover software problems which can make the computers slower than usual. Instead of spending a few thousand dollars you can think about a few simple ways which will reduce the problem.
  • Zero Ink Printing  By : Amy Price
    Imagine a world without printer ink. It can be a very expensive substance, it can be messy, it can smudge and it has a habit of running out when you most need it. Well it turns out that you may never need printer ink again.
  • Use Quality ID Printing To Maximize Your Savings  By : Sher Matsen
    More and more businesses are recognizing the value of printing photo ID cards internally. It's an opportunity for maximizing savings while increasing flexibility. Outsourcing is no longer necessary for quality ID printing.

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