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  • Hair Loss in Female  By : Juliet Cohen
    Hair loss in female occurs in more than one pattern. Hair Loss is caused by the actions of two enzymes; aromatase (which is found predominantly in women) and 5-a reductase (which is found in both women and men). The reason that women experience hair loss during and after menopause is that their estrogen levels decline.
  • Hair Loss in Male  By : Juliet Cohen
    Male pattern baldness is the most common type of hair loss. The primary cause of hair loss is genetics. That's inherited or androgenic hair loss and makes up the majority. It is caused by increased sensitivity to male sex hormones in certain parts of the scalp, and is passed on from generation to generation.
  • Do You Want A Special Hair Loss Solution?  By : Jim Hampton
    This article will go into organin hair loss solution as an alternative to medication and surgery for hair loss. Organin hair will be discussed on what it is and what benefits you can receive from it immediately.
  • To Use An Anti Hair Loss Shampoo Or Not?  By : Jim Hampton
    This article will go into the feasibility of using a shampoo suited for anti hair loss. Giving thought to the root causes of hair loss will determine whether or not using a shampoo will help you.
  • Hair Transplant Procedures & Costs  By : Michelle Hudson
    Surgical hair transplantation is the only solution for restoring the lost hair in pattern baldness when medical hair restoration does not offer you a good hair re-growth. If you have well-defined areas or patterns of baldness on the crown with healthy dense coverage of hair at the sides and the back of the head, you are probably suitable for a hair transplant surgery.
  • Hair Restoration Surgery Costs  By : Charles Browwn
    Hair restoration cost may appear to be hefty in the first look, but actually it is a cheaper option in comparison to medicinal treatment.
  • Laser Hair Removal Methods  By : Juliet Cohen
    Laser beam targeted at hair follicles to prevent new growth. Lasers produce a high-intensity ray of pure light which gives off heat energy. The laser works by sending energy into the pigment of the hair shaft, which is absorbed by the surrounding follicle.
  • Hair Transplantation  By : Cynthia Jones
    Hair transplantation is one of the most popular baldness treatments now-a-days. The three main hair transplantation techniques are scalp flap surgery, scalp reduction surgery and follicular hair transplant.
  • What Are The Common Hair Loss Causes?  By : Georgi Ivanikovin
    Here you will find common hair loss causes.
  • The Causes of Hair Loss and Regrowth in Women  By : John Tulley
    A look at the causes of hair loss in women and what regrowth treatments really work.
  • Hair Regrowth Shampoo for Women: Do They Really Work?  By : John Tulley
    There are a number of ways in which products for hair regrowth are formulated sprays, tablets, gels and shampoos.
  • Hair Styles For Thinning Hair: What Are My Options?  By : John Tulley
    Some styles will emphasize thinning hair and others may make the situation worse or appear worse than it really is.
  • How Can I Stop Thinning Hair on my Scalp?  By : John Tulley
    Whatever the cause there are treatments available. This article looks at the latest new products that promise to revitalise thinning and falling hair.
  • A Guide to Thinning Hair Specialists  By : John Tulley
    Many different specialists deal with the problems of thinning hair. These will include your barber or hairdresser who may be able to suggest new styles and shampoos.
  • Male Pattern Baldness; What Every Man Should Know  By : Ben Anton
    From hair loss causes to treatments. This article highlights the causes, symptoms and treatment of male pattern baldness.
  • Hair Loss Vitamins You Need  By : Rudy Silva
    Sooner or later you will have to deal with hair loss. When you do you will want to know what hair loss vitamins you will need to slow down the loss. In this article, you will get the basic vitamins that you need to supplement with to slow down hair loss. You may want to make sure you're taking these vitamins before you start to see hair loss and help prevent its early loss.
  • Hair Loss Cause: Blood Circulation  By : Rudy Silva
    One hair loss cause is poor blood circulation. Discover a few techniques you can use to increase your blood circulation to your scalp. Improving you scalp blood circulation a small amount will have a great effect in your hair health.
  • Hair Loss, Nutrition And Natural Treatment  By : George Kakaris
    Read about hair loss, types and causes and how you can treat it with proper nutrition and natural tips.
  • Male Hair Loss  By : Juliet Cohen
    Hair loss usually develops gradually and may be patchy or diffuse (all over). The average scalp contains about 100,000 hairs.
  • Hypothyroidism And Hair Loss  By : Steve Simpson
    Hair loss is not something that is just limited to older people, some people have the idea of a person that is losing their hair, as an older man. Unfortunately this is not the case, as everyone is at risk, men, women and children. While you are more at risk if someone in your family has suffered from this being hereditary, it is not mean you're off the hook if that's not the case.
  • What To Know About Hair Loss And Hair Restoration  By : Ben Anton
    There is a lot of false information about male pattern baldness today. This article clears up the misconceptions about hair loss and describes treatments available.
  • Female Hair Loss Is It Real?  By : micki kahlon
    Female hair loss impacts about twenty five percent of women . That is 1 out of every 5 women suffer from thinning hair . This is a really high percentage but is not common news . Nearly all of the products advertised on TV and radio is directed at how to keep your hair long, keep it shinny and beautiful . Their is a very limited number of ads on TV which deal with female hair loss as it is not seen as beautiful .
  • Your Personal Unique Hair Loss Solution  By : Jane Hatfield
    When looking for a remedy for your hair loss it may seem like there is no hope. You must understand that you are not alone in your search for a solution. You need to keep trying and you need to keep the faith that there is a solution for you.
  • Causes of Hair Loss in Women  By : John Tulley
    Hair fall can cause anxiety among women and trying to address your hair loss problem without any professional help is not advisable. This article looks at the main causes of hair loss among women and best ways to tackle the problem.
  • The Mane Attraction  By : Zuske Sagara
    Some people experience hair loss excessively. This condition can affect men, women and children. This article includes a number of things that can cause excessive hair loss. It also includes treatments and options for people experiencing thinning hair.
  • Good Hair for Great Health  By : Venus Enock
    There is an increasing interest in healthy lifestyle choices. We're paying more attention to what we eat and how we exercise. We're looking to our bodies for proof of good health, and know how to recognize signs of trouble. But through all of this newfound knowledge, many of us don't understand that our hair may be the most essential measuring tool of good health.
  • The Truth About Hair Loss  By : naix
    This article is about hair loss and the three different kinds of hair loss. This also briefly discusses the average life span of hair. The three different kinds of hair loss include alopecia areata, alopecia totalis, and alopecia universalis. Alopecia areata is called spot balding where one grows bald spots on one or more areas in the scalp. Alopecia areata is when all hair in the scalp is lost. Alopecia universalis is when there is no hair growth all over the body.
  • Types of Hair Regrowth Treatment  By : John Tulley
    This article looks at the most common options available for people looking to achieve hair regrowth. These range from "hair regrowth pills" to transplants and direct scalp treatment medication.
  • What to Look For in Hair Regrowth Products  By : John Tulley
    There are many different factors which affect hair loss and the most important thing you should consider is the reason for your own hair loss. Each treatment product out these days has it's own pros and cons which you should look at to determine which one is applicable for you.
  • Hair Affair: A Story Of Loss And Revival  By : cathy
    This article provides information on hair, and its growth cycle. It relays possible causes of hair loss in men, women and children alike. It then provides an update on one of the medications of hair loss, and how it works well with an oral contraceptive, especially for women. Information regarding the study is explained.

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