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  • All Successful Entrepreneurs Do This,  By : sumit nandrajog
    Everyone wants to make money! Some want to make money
    by owning their own business. All successful entrepreneurs
    have the self discipline to build their business. Most of us have
    heard the saying "you need money to make money". Basically
    what this means is you must invest money in your business if
    it's to make money. Some 24% of all startup small
    businesses fail within two years. That's because the life
    of your business depends on you during these early years.
  • "Who's the Boss?" 10 ways to start taking control (time management, goal setting, record tracking)  By : Robert Thomson
    How to set goals,manage time and tracking performance.
  • Power Through the people  By : Robert Thomson
    Have you come across a person who is so naturally friendly that when you put him inside a room of strangers, he'll be friends with almost everyone in no time? We call such a people-person, someone unbelievably nice and charismatic that he can charm anyone into doing anything.
  • What Are You Like At Asking For & Accepting Advice?  By : tutu thakur
    Whether or not you ask for advice and how you accept advice when it is given is a great predictor of your future. Those who are reluctant to ask for advice or are resistant when it is given are likely to have a poor future. The trick for success is to seek advice from those who are well qualified to give it.
  • It’s Not Ron Paul, It’s the Message  By : Balvinder Nandrajog
    When I first started writing these articles back in April 2006, I had no idea where they’d take me. I had a few things to say and when the opportunity presented itself I thought I’d go ahead and say them. I knew my writings were political in nature, but I was also trying to relate my viewpoint to real life experiences. I never really considered myself an activist. I realized our country was heading in a wrong direction and that we were teetering on the edge of something America was never meant t
  • Video Professor Review  By : Karen Taylor
    Video Professor - Best Way to Learn Computer?

    This is the time of knowledge. When you think about your career, you must remember that knowledge and skills are the keys to success. Those who acquire knowledge and skills move ahead of others in their careers. Getting knowledge is an endless endeavor. Not everyone can or will go to a traditional college to obtain education. College is not for everyone. There are many ways to acquire knowledge through other means. Computer lessons are a very efficient way to learn. With the help of Video Professor Computer tutorials, you can increase your required knowledge and skills in a manner that works for you and adjusts to your lifestyle. This is the most convenient method to learn how to utilize computer programs.

    In today's world, a person must have computer skills to stay competitive in any career field. Persons who do not acquire these skills are not as competitive.

    Luckily, it is now a time when learning is possible outside a traditional classroom. Technology has updated the methods by which people learn. Nowadays, newer methods of learning are available, in addition to the more traditional methods of learning Learning at home through computer training videos and DVDs means that you can study at a more convenient time, at your own desired pace and in the comfort of home. This is the new wave of learning.

    There are lessons available to help you learn the very basics of how computers function as well as to teach you systematically how to use all the latest software. Excel, PowerPoint, and Word are all accessible in clear, easy to follow formats at the fundamental, middle and higher skill levels. You can test out tutorials on digital photography and selling on eBay or any other topic, if you desire to learn more. In fact, you can find learning lessons on all the major software out today.

    Why should you learn computer lessons at home? First, it is at your own pace. If you get stuck on one concept, you can repeat it over and over until you are comfortable with it. Secondly, by purchasing these tutorials, you have them at hand anytime you need a refresher course. Thirdly, you have the advantage of getting assistance from the company if you require more help. Lastly, it is a great advantage to know that you can do your lessons when it is convenient for you especially with all of the strains on your time and energy. If you desire you can do them even in your pajamas!

    Want to get started on learning new skills and gaining more knowledge that will help you rise to the top in your career field? Then think about using computer tutorials. Among other products available, one and only one company rises to the top in computer lessons.

    The leader in computer tutorials for almost 20 years has been Video Professor, a company launched by John W. Scherer. They offer valuable and user-friendly learning solutions. In fact, they have already trained more than 8 million people with their lessons. Video Professor is regarded as America's first choice for easy-to-use computer software tutorials. Mr. Scherer is devoted to teaching in the quickest and best possible way and his special teaching method can not be copied.

    So what are you waiting for? To begin gaining the skills and knowledge you require for success, Video Professor is your best selection.
  • Higher Feelings Manifest Your Desires More Freely  By : Balvinder Nandrajog
    The secret of manifestation is that you do not create reality by what you think but by what you feel. Everything is vibration and you attract those things that you are in vibrational resonance with. Your vibration is your feeling. It is your feelings that attract your experiences. The more you experience the feeling of having what you want, the more you will have it. Higher vibrations and feelings is the medium by which your desires will manifest more freely.
  • Human Labeling & the Punishment of Public Perception  By : Balvinder Nandrajog
    We do not live in a perfect society. People are not always nice to each other. They don’t always follow the golden rule. They don’t always do what’s best for the greater good. They don’t always do what’s best for their family. They don’t always do what’s best for their own selves. This is not earth shattering news. This is life, pure and simple. It is the same in China as it is in the US. It is the same in Africa as it is in Australia. When it gets down to a personal level, to a human level, we
  • Home Tutoring to Help Your Child Get the Most out of their Educational Experience.  By : Balvinder Nandrajog
    Tutoring is all about offering a child who may be struggling in school an opportunity to get the extra academic help and individual attention he or she may require. Children often have trouble coping with at least one subject area in school. Very often, teachers in classrooms find it difficult to give that extra attention, having to handle many students at once. Today, many children and parents find that tutoring can be a helpful educational supplement.

    Benefits of tutoring include:

    • Dev
  • Do You Have The Attitude To Create Win-Win Situations?  By : NITIN AHUJA
    With a win-win attitude, we hold to a belief that everyone can win, all can succeed through the decisions and actions in which we all participate. We care about others and have their interests at heart so they can succeed. But we also care about ourselves so that we succeed at the same time. Decisions and actions are no longer made around “what’s best for me”, as you believe there is ample success available for both you and me. At the dinner table of success, there are ample servings of success
  • How to Succeed in Life in this world  By : swati ahuja
    Ambitious people are always searching for ways to succeed in life yet the interesting thing is that the seven step secret that reveals how to succeed is contained within the word itself. Let me reveal it to you.

    The "S" in succeed stands for setting a goal.

    The first step in succeeding at anything is to have a target to aim for. If you have a definite, clearly defined goal and you know why you want that particular goal and how it is going to enhance your life then you have already started
  • Are You Guilty of Goal-Tending?  By : imran
    In Basketball, Goal-Tending is not a good thing! In life…tending to your Goals is not only a good thing…it’s essential to success.

    It has become popular lately to bash Goal setting! Some say it’s a waste of time! I believe that Goals are the seeds of dreams, and a dream is like an invisible escort, guiding you…leading you … and propelling you toward your destiny through Life Training.
  • Goal Setting Success - A 5 Point System That Really Works  By : sonu dhankhar
    Most people set far more goals than they actually get. This can be discouraging and cause you to give up on goal setting. However if you learn to set your goals correctly then you will actually get them. Here's a simple five point system to help you do exactly that.
  • Successful Leadership is based on Principles  By : sumit nandrajog
    When people decide to follow you as a leader, it is because of your character or your skills or both. If you “have the goods” and intend to succeed as a leader, you must “sell” to the world or to the individual, true ideas about your particular qualifications for success-true ideas regarding your best capabilities and the value of your leadership.Regardless of how capable you are, how much talent you may have or how much you desire to lead others.
  • The Psychology of Leadership - Understanding the influence of inspirational leaders (PART I)  By : Balvinder Nandrajog
    The Inspirational Leader is one who can instill passion and direction to a group. To become such a leader requires an understanding of how YOU as a leader affect the Psychology of a group, and how the group's reactions affect you and each of the individual members of that group.

    A leader's actions and reactions not only affect the psychology of individuals, but affect the entire culture of the organisation or group. This three part series will deliver new possibilities of how you as a leader
  • 6 Ways to Gain Feng Shui Luck in the New Year  By : imraan
    There are at least six ways to learn Feng Shui Luck. First you must learn and understand the very basics and essentials of Feng Shui. This can help you to apply the remedies and enhancements that will help you to enhance your good fortune and eliminate or at least restrain bad luck.
  • The Picture Board Strategy for Achieving Goals  By : mufiz
    The picture board strategy is a powerful psychological technique to help you achieve your goal in the time frame that you have set. I have used this strategy many times and have enjoyed 100% success with it. The strategy is simple and also fun. I'm sure you will enjoy it and reap the benefits.

    Most people are aware that visualization is a powerful tool in achieving goals but visualization is not always easy to do.
  • Setting Your Goals - Easier Said, Easily Done  By : jj
    This article gives you a good idea as to how to go about in setting your goal.
  • Does the Law of Attraction Really Work?  By : sumit nandrajog
    Right now we're in a global recession. People everywhere are going through hard times, good people, bad people. Some people have asked themselves if the law of attraction really works. Why? Because you, like so many others may have watched "The Secret" movie and started to follow the guidelines in the movie. You've asked, you've gotten into the feeling state of already having it, and then you've opened up to receive.
  • How Can We Change Our World?  By : NITIN AHUJA
    Women can change the world. Let’s face the truth. Innately we are nurturers, protectors and caregivers. Aren’t all of us, even though we are now adult women, aren’t we still seeking someone to understand, to accept, to reach out, to simply care enough to listen and to love us. Yes, we need to discover and embrace self love but many times we need other women to embrace us and reach out to us to help us and yes, we have to want to help ourselves. No one can do it for us. There are many women who h
  • Do You Possess These three Components To Embrace Change?  By : SaratBDaniel
    When someone speaks of the “change” word, what are your first thoughts? Do you say or think “oh no!, not again”, or do view the change as an opportunity? To alter, or cause something to be different is what change is all about. Any thought, decision, or action around change can result in positive or negative implications in one’s life or business. We each are able to take steps to make our situation in life different than it is today – by our thoughts and simply by changing our thoughts.
  • Is Being Simple Too Complicated?  By : sumit nandrajog
    I want to approach this topic on simplifying three important areas: simplifying our life…simplifying our teaching…and simplifying our systems through Life Training.

    Our life can be over wrought with the pursuit of things. Now, before you roll your eyes, I’m not advocating becoming a monk or joining the Amish in pursuit of simplicity. And I’m not advocating losing balance like the old boy who had reduced his work chest down to two tools. He said that a person need only two tools - WD-40 and du
  • Face Shape Personality: How To Know Anyone’s Personality Through Their Face  By : Prince David
    Did you know that by reading a person’s face shape personality, you could actually determine their traits or behavior? Faces are always interesting to observe. They tell so much about a person and come in various shapes and sizes.
  • By Goal Setting 'Correctly' You Create A POWERFUL Motivational Tool – Find Out What It Is!...  By : Mr Ishmail Downes
    Most people freak out by the prospect of goal setting, I USED to be like that but then I realised just how powerful goal setting is. For example, did you know that specific types of goals you set can provide you with an incredible motivational 'tool' that makes it harder to NOT do something, than do it?...
  • Work It Now! How Winners Deal with Adversity  By : Waldo Waldman
    I remember the first time I was deployed to Iraq during Operation Southern Watch. I sat in an intelligence mission briefing with 50 of my fellow fighter pilots (my wingmen) where we were briefed on the multiple threats that scattered the enemy terrain in Iraq. The SAM’s (surface to sir missiles) and AAA (anti-aircraft artillery) were everywhere - each with the reach and power to shoot us out of the sky.
  • Goal Setting and Achieving  By : godonovan
    As children we grow up with dreams and as adults it is important that we continue them as it is when we stop dreaming that we start to whither and die. Man was born to dream; he was also born to achieve.
  • Discover How Goal Setting Can Put You On The Fast-Track Towards Your DREAM Life!...  By : Mr Ishmail Downes
    If you do it right, goal setting has the power to bolster your chances of really excelling in life! I've learnt this the hard way. And because of this, you can avoid venturing down the same road!
  • Good Goal Setting Helps To Clearly Illustrate Your Road Map To The Buried Treasure!...  By : Mr Ishmail Downes
    Never take for granted the importance of good goal setting. If you set goals 'properly', the finished product is your road map to the 'buried treasure'. Excitement will quickly follow and you'll have the ever so important, and much needed - CLARITY!
  • A Giant New Breakthrough in Goal Achievement So That You Can Double Your Income  By : RaymondAaron
    In researching thousands of my clients around the world who achieve goals regularly and those who do not, I have discovered a pattern. Knowing this pattern will be a giant help for you to be sure that you are one of the consistent goal-achievers.

    What I learned was that if a goal was not achieved it was usually not even started. I thought that there would be a whole spectrum all the way from not even starting the goal to almost achieving it but not quite. I was wrong. There was no spectrum.
  • 16 Proven Ways to Double Your Income - Guaranteed!  By : RaymondAaron
    In this article, you will learn how to double your income, 16 different proven ways.

    1 ... DOUBLE YOUR INCOME by Learning What Your Clients Want
    How are you learning what your clients and prospects really want? Listen carefully. Do surveys. Talk to them. Read the comments cards. Sell them what they just told you they want.

    2 ... DOUBLE YOUR INCOME by Interacting With Your Clients
    You can interact with your clients and prospects in many ways:
    by inviting them to join you on Facebook
    by inviting

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