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  • How to protect online financial transactions when using gaming sites  By : Michael11 Vandelay11
    How to protect online financial transactions when using gaming sites
    While online gaming sites and the thought of winning easy cash can be very exciting, it is important to keep a cool head and ensure that your personal financial information is safe and won't fall into the wrong hands. There are several ways of ensuring that this information remains safe and it is worth doing research on the gaming site that you are planning on using before submitting your credit or debit card details.
  • Origin of scratch cards & how they got online  By : Michael10 Vandelay10
    Origin of scratch cards & how they got online
    The origin of scratch cards

    It is unclear exactly when the first scratch cards appeared but in 1974 the American company, Scientific Games Corporation, led by scientist, John Koza and retail promotions specialist, Daniel Bower, produced the first computer-generated instant Lottery game. Thirteen years later in 1987, another American company, Astro-Med Inc, received the U.S. patent for the instant scratch-off lottery ticket. Scratch cards are generally sold at lottery kiosks or stands rather than at land-based casinos.
  • Why play scratch cards online instead of buying a scratch card in a shop  By : Michael12 Vandelay12
    Why play scratch cards online instead of buying a scratch card in a shop

    Since their inception in 1987, scratch cards have been sold in shops or at lottery kiosks or stands. People would buy scratch cards while buying their morning paper or a pint of milk and hope that they would be lucky enough to win an instant cash prize. However, with the increasing popularity of the Internet in recent years, many websites have sprung up where you can buy scratch cards online.
  • Using scratch cards to fundraise  By : Michael13 Vandelay13
    Using scratch cards to fundraise

    A sign of scratch cards' ever-increasing popularity is that they are increasingly being viewed as an effective way to fundraise for charity. This is a doubly advantageous situation as not only does it raise money for various worthy charitable causes but also boosts the overall scratch card market in terms of popularity and exposure. Scratch cards are viewed as the newest fundraising idea and with a profit of between 80% and 90% for the charities, is much more profitable than other forms of charity fundraising such as selling items and much less work.
  • The best place to buy Gaming consoles and accessories  By : Charles Gibson
    The best gaming console and accessories deals

    The magic of gaming console is something that allures millions of people, irrespective of gender and age. As computer technology has made progresses in leaps and bounds, the gaming consoles have also been loaded with never before features by the manufacturers. Microsoft, which is known for its tendency to monopolize a sector it steps in, has released its Xbox series of consoles. The latest incarnation of Xbox is called Xbox 360.
  • Leads the Competition in Fun, Fair and Lucrative Scratch Games  By : Michael21 Vandelay21 Leads the Competition in Fun, Fair and Lucrative Scratch Games

    According to a study conducted by comScore in 2007, more than 200 million people worldwide play online games. In response to this phenomenon, industry leaders in the gaming world have worked to create unique, innovative and exciting games to meet the demands of the growing market. Online scratch games have since become a substantial part of that market, and has quickly become one of the world’s leading providers of online scratch games. Though the online scratch game market is rapidly expanding, has distinguished itself from competitors by providing a top-notch site that is user-friendly and custom designed for players’ ultimate enjoyment. The variety of games and superior programming, outstanding odds, and commitment to customer satisfaction has helped the site remain at the forefront of the market, and it continues to be the first choice among online scratch game players.
  • Why ToN's scratch games are better than other online scratch games  By : Michael24 Vandelay24
    Why ToN's scratch games are better than other online scratch games
    The origin of scratch cards

    Original scratch card tickets were produced using manual randomization techniques but in 1974 an American company, Scientific Games Corporation produced the first computer-generated lottery game and in 1987a Rhode Island Company, Astro-Med, Inc. received the US patent for the instant scratch off ticket.
  • Matches Popular Casinos and Other Scratch Game Providers in Payout and Winning Percentages  By : Michael23 Vandelay23 Matches Popular Casinos and Other Scratch Game Providers in Payout and Winning Percentages

    From the United States to Argentina to Monaco, each year millions of people visit the world’s most exciting casinos for a chance to try their hand at popular games such as Blackjack, Roulette, Keno and even slot machines. Every casino has a built-in profit on each bet, regardless of the amount. The amount of money that a casino pays in wins is referred to as the payout percentage. For example, if the payout percentage is 90 percent, then 90 cents for every dollar wagered goes back to the player, and 10 cents goes back to the casino as profit. While reputable casinos most often offer at least a 90 percent payout percentage, there are a number of casinos that offer substantially less, which can be discouraging – and costly - for players.
  • How TON is the most reputable online gaming site  By : Michael26 Vandelay26
    How TON is the most reputable online gaming site

    Online gaming sites
    The explosion in the popularity of the Internet has provided a large boon for gaming companies. People are now able to play the lottery or buy scratch cards from the comfort of their own home without getting up from their arm chair. A variety of gambling games are offered online ranging from poker to online casinos which offer blackjack and baccarat to scratch cards and lotteries.
  • Guitar Hero Games For Video Consoles Our Review  By : Amanda Isbitt
    What could be better than living the life of a rock star? Who cares if your fans are all in your living room, you are the man, or woman! Into the world of video games has come the latest interactive game.
  • Play Slots in Real Time on Your Mobile Phone  By : SuperFreeSlots
    If you enjoy playing slot game and wish you could play them whenever you want then your wish has just come true. These days, with the improvement in technology, the slot machines or slot games are not restricted to casinos but are available online and can be played through your mobile phone as well.
  • Free Roll Slot Tournaments - You Can Make Your Fortune!  By : SuperFreeSlots
    With the popularity of slot games and casinos, there are various websites that have introduced online casinos and online slot games. Here you can play free slots with free deposit slots and can win loads of prizes.
  • Test Your Luck & Skill at Free Slot Machine Games  By : SuperFreeSlots
    Enjoy free slot games that are provided by the various online casinos and test your luck at the free slot machine games. These free slot games help you to entertain yourself, work as stress buster and also help you to test your luck and skill.
  • Free Slots - Instant Play Games  By : SuperFreeSlots
    Slot game has undergone drastic changes, since the evolution of information technology. Some of you might be yet puzzled about the conventional casinos and the experiences that individuals go through.
  • What do Slot Machine Players Need?  By : SuperFreeSlots
    Slot machine games are the most common and popular form of gambling enjoyed by people of all age groups. These games are actually played by gamblers in actual casinos or through the Internet at an online casino equipped with virtual facilities.
  • Body Language and the Game of Hold'em  By : Fred Jones
    Hold'em is as much a game of psychology as it is a game of cards. Being able to read a person is considered just as important as getting a good hand.
  • Guitar Hero Games For All Video Consoles - Are They Any Good?  By : Amanda Isbitt
    What could be better than living the life of a rock star? Who cares if your fans are all in your living room, you are the man, or woman! Into the world of video games has come the latest interactive game. Guitar hero takes you from the role of interested observer to full rock and roll participant. In other video games, you have a controller and varying views that draw you into game play but with the invention of the guitar controller, you get a full-on experience tough to find in other games.
  • Fur Real Friends Cat, So Real We Can't Tell the Difference  By : Amanda Isbitt
    Fur Real Friends are incredible, sweet and life like toys that behave just in the same way that real animals do. The Fur Real Friends cat is a real sweetie, sitting up and lying down just like a real cat would! She responds to being touched and petted by purring and moving much in the same way that a regular pet cat would.
  • Free online games, the new fashion on the Internet  By : Dana
    The number of those who visit the sites of such games has reached almost 90 million people worldwide.

    The most interesting movements in the profile of this year were the ways in which the giants such as Electronic Arts and Activision have "bought" smaller competitors who have developed successful games with the public.

    Activision, the company that published Guitar Hero, is seeking to join forces with the manufacturer sold the video game today, World of Warcraft. Meanwhile, Electronic Arts, creator of several series of high-impact games, try a hostile takeover of the company Take Two, which has launched a highly successful Grand Theft Auto.

    On the horizon loom a business that can influence the international market, more than the excitement created by the last mergers and acquisitions. It is the appearance on the Internet a whole parallel universe of free online games. This movement was founded in Asia and has created a business model that does not involve the sale of carcasses of 60 dollars for the consoles.

    The main players in this segment of the business are giants like Electronic Arts and Activision, but small companies that most certainly have not heard so far. The quality of these games developed by small studios creation is not even the best on the market, and most of them are not compatible with Playstation consoles, Nintendo or Xbox.
  • Online Ninja Social Game  By : Dueling1 Ninja1
    Ninja Fight Online RPG
    If you want to play an online rpg that is exciting and fun, where you can meet lots of new people, you should try Dueling Ninjas. This is a multiplayer game that is the latest in social networking. If you love ninjas then you can easily be involved in ninja role play with this great online game. Dueling Ninjas is a fun, yet simple ninja mmorpg which means that anyone can play. You don’t have to have any special computer skills or online game knowledge. The website is easy to navigate and you can learn the rules quickly to get the best out of your social game.
  • The Future of Bingo is Online  By : Craig Morris
    Playing bingo is a great way to relax, whether you go down of an evening to your local bingo hall or play it online. More and more of us are choosing to play bingo online with sites like Mecca Bingo, because of the far greater range of games and versions available. Gone are the days of waiting around for the caller to finish up if you didn't quite get a full house: playing bingo online means you can move on to the next game whenever you like.
  • Online Bingo Sites  By : Kate97 Mathews97
    Online Bingo Sites

    For hundreds of years bingo which is of Italian origin was played in massive halls where hundreds of people can gather. It was one of the favorite games of many worldwide. It is played for both for fun and also for money. This ancient game was brought online like many other things that came online with the advent of the internet culture. This created a lucrative niche market and thousands of people immediately jumped into this to make money and as a result, today we see literally thousands of online bingo sites competing with one another. Each site tries to promote itself through exciting offers including cash bonuses. You can also find free online bingo sites that do not require you to pay any cash deposit to start playing the bingo game.
  • An online store for getting PSP and other consoles  By : Charles Gibson
    An Online store where one can find the leading gaming consoles

    Sony is a company that is known for making trendsetting and avant-garde technological and electronic gadgets. It commands a large share of the gaming console market with its PlayStation 3 range of gaming consoles. It is the latest incarnation in the PlayStation series. It has sold in millions of copies all over the world. The PS3 has some serious processing power and also uses Blu-Ray, the latest technology in optical media storage. Sony has launched a lot of games for the PS3 users.
  • Nintendo Wii Mario Kart - Is Great Fun For All the Family  By : Amanda Isbitt
    WOW! Guess whose back! Mario and his friends with the Mario Kart Wii. Are you ready to have a fantastic race again? You can now race on the great new tracks and enjoy the amazing new Wii graphics, making all the thrills and the spills of the game much more fun for children and adults alike.
  • Xbox 360 Repair  By : cerron538 cerron538
    Xbox 360 Repair

    Are you one of those Xbox 360 red ring of death victims? Are you worried that you may have to spend hundreds of dollars in getting it repaired? Are you wondering how you are going to spend your evenings and weekends after sending in your Xbox 360 for servicing? Don’t worry, you are not alone there are thousands of other Xbox 360 fanatics who face the same problem. It can be highly frustrating when your Xbox 360 has that deadly problem of red ring of death. Having spent already several hundreds to own your Xbox 360 and now having to send it in to get it repaired for another $140 can be too much to handle. Microsoft having realized the problem with their Xbox 360 consoles has extended the warranties. When you have some problem you need to get in touch with Microsoft and wait for them to send you a shipping box that you can use to ship it to them. However, the most difficult part is waiting; Microsoft may take weeks or even months to return your Xbox 360 console in working condition. Imagine having to wait for your Xbox 360 for weeks and months! Even after your patient waiting, there is no guarantee that the video console that you receive back from Microsoft will not have any further issues.
  • Clonk Rage - Review  By : RedWolf Design
    Clonk is a German indie game which is possibly a lot less known worldwide than it should be. I'm really not exaggerating if I say it is one of the very best games I know - and I'm not only talking about indie games.
  • Top Online Casino Games  By : Ramond7 Verde7
    Top Online Casino Games

    Is the most popular online casino game in the world with some online casinos reporting that as much as 70% of their revenues comes from slot machines. That slots generate more money for casinos than any other game is due to the volume of people playing them. The average payout for slots is not much worse than roulette.
  • XBox 360 – The Must Have Video Games  By : Randy25 Slabey25
    XBox 360 – The Must Have Video Games

    Xbox 360 is one of the most sought after video game console of the year. Xbox 360 is a product of Microsoft. Though Xbox 360 is video consoles are popular, they are expensive. However, with little online research you will be able to find Xbox 360 for sale cheap online.
  • Nintendo Wii – A Major Breakthrough in the Field of Gaming Console  By : Article Manager
    Nintendo Wii is the latest innovation in the world of gaming that offers complete thrill and adventure to the players. Highlighting feature of this gaming console is that it makes the players part of the game with its revolutionary new control system. Apart from it this set also comes with a Wii remote, which is the wireless controller of the set.
  • PS3- The Most in-Demand Gaming Console  By : Article Manager
    There are numerous gaming consoles available in the market, but PS3 gaming console of Sony is famous for its user-friendly interface and high technologies. The PS3 is to be considered as one of the first Blu-ray 2.0 Blu-ray players in the market. There are numerous advantages of this game console.

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