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  • Make Sure You Are Financially Prepared In An Emergency  By : Dennis Snyder
    It seems that there has been an abundance of natural disasters over the past few years. Some of those who have been hit have begun to get prepared in case of future emergencies they may face. Unfortunately, those of us who have yet to be hit only read about it in the news and we do not think it will ever happen to us. Oh, we may have a candle or two put aside in case of a power outage but we never think of being financially prepared for an emergency.
  • Four Good Reasons to Pay Your Suppliers On Time  By : Charlie Rogers
    Many small businesses spend far too much time on chasing bad debts rather than running their core business. Over the last 2-3 months I've noticed a trend towards paying bills late. This lag is mainly from medium or large companies leading up to the end of year reporting season.
  • Ordering A Check Into Deflation And Its Overtone To Your Wealth  By : Sherman Landon
    Checking into the economic situation for a barometer as to inflationary vs. deflationary is a short term mindset that may prove valuable. People are often confused about the times they are living in and make poor economic choices.
  • Prepaid Debit Cards Take A Bite Out Of Check Cashing Shops Prepaid Debit Cards Versus Check Cashing Services Visa Card Without Good Credit Mastercard Card For Bad Credit  By : Chris A Smith
    Prepaid debit cards are eating away the customer base of many check cashing services. Gone are the days when workers had to visit the check cashing store to have their paycheck or government check cashed for fees ranging from 1.5% to 10% of the check amount. People who relied on this service now have a new option, one that is much more convenient and less expensive.
  • Commercial Equipment Leasing Is Full Of Advantages  By : Wade Henderson
    You need equipment to make your business run; there is no doubt about it. If you are a small entrepreneur and you can not afford the purchase of expensive equipment at the early stages of your business you should consider commercial equipment leasing. You can lease almost any type of equipment: computers, phone systems, etc.
  • Earning High Interest Through a High Yield Online Savings  By : Steve Sumeda
    Has your savings account been giving you a very paltry interest rate lately? Most savings accounts do not give great interest. In fact, by keeping your money in these savings accounts, your money is losing value. This is because the inflation rate is higher than the savings rate.
  • Earned Income Credit - Who It Is For  By : Gen Wright
    Earned income credit is a very important tax paying benefit that is extended towards the low-income groups of the country.
  • Clear the clutter using truck rental and a storage unit  By : berg0101a
    Letís face it. People love their stuff. And unless youíre living in a Buddhist monastery and have vowed a life free of material things, youíve accumulated a ton of junk in your lifetime.
  • California Loan Modification Agreement Can Lower Home Payment  By : Keith Hunt
    California loan modification attorney can lower mortgage interest rate, reduce principal, and make monthly payments affordable.
  • Stock Market Tips For New Investors  By : Gen Wright
    The stock market is a lucrative area to make money in but only when you know what you are doing. So anyone who is planning to invest in the stock market needs to be sure of all the facts and details before any real investment is done.
  • Why Standard Flu Vaccines Wonít Make Investors Rich  By : patrickc
    I see nothing significant in the short run. One can never account for mob psychology though, and there have already been surges in some vaccine companies. I've written before about biochip sensors. These are a true transformational technology. Last year, agricultural losses of hundreds of millions of dollars were caused by the inability to quickly locate the source of a salmonella infection.
  • Comprehensive Liability Insurance Questions?  By : Graham McKenzie
    Most of us would be in a large amount of financial trouble if we did not have insurance. Think about it; if you get in an accident, what happens? Those who have insurance make the call to their insurance company to make a claim; those who don?t have a rude awakening coming to them. Face it; having insurance is an everyday occurrence. Without it we would go crazy worrying about accidents that might happen in every aspect of our lives.
  • How to Compare Personal Loans  By : David Nalin
    Borrowing money from a bank can be a difficult task, especially when you do not know how to compare personal loans. Banks all over are competing for your business through special offers and interest rates. One thing you must remember while you learn how to compare personal loans is that, banks are out to make money and as much of it as possible. But, you can inform yourself on how to compare personal loans before making an informed decision. There are many factors involved in choosing a personal
  • Tools Available to Compare Personal Loans  By : David Nalin
    Taking out a personal loan can be one of the most important decisions you make in your life. Making the wrong decision can put you and your family at risk of loosing your home, loosing your credit standing, and at minimum, loosing alot of money. There are tools available to compare personal loans; you should be aware of them before making a decision. Most tools and resources are free of charge and available to anyone. Some of the tools available to compare personal loans are:
  • Cut Back On Expenses-5 Ways To Cut Your Monthly Expenses  By : Douglas Taylor..
    Not everyone is born with enough extra cash to be able to afford all of the luxuries of life. Once you have found your career path and things get pretty comfortable we often tend to buy things that will affect our everyday life and you never even consider that maybe you should cut back on expenses. For instance we may buy expensive furniture for our house and treat ourselves to goodies and vacations that we would have once considered a luxury. Since we are making more money you may not even consider them luxuries anymore.
  • Debt Recovery Means Learning to Control Your Credit Cards  By : William Blake
    Most people who find themselves in debt are in the situation because they have misused credit cards. Unwise use of credit cards is one of the quickest ways to fall into debt. They are so easy to use. People easily fall for the trap of buy now pay later. Credit card interest is typically higher than interest rates paid on any other extension of credit. Compounding interest makes the balances grow out of control very quickly. If you are going to recover from debt you must get control of your credit card spending. A good credit card counselor can help.
  • Three Tools for Picking Penny Stocks  By : Gregg
    In fact, readers e-mail us every single day to ask how to search for the best penny stocks. A stock screen is one of the most effective ways to pick up on the best stock plays the market has to offer. There are tons of free stock screeners out there that anyone can use. All of this information is available to anyone with an internet connection. One great way to do this is through the social networking site Twitter. Traders and investors alike use.
  • How To Find The Ideal Wedding Location 35  By : Leah Smith
    A bride who dreams of a romantic beach wedding location has many decisions to make, just as any other bride. But for a beach wedding, the right location is one of the most important.
  • Various Types of Debt Consolidation for Credit Cards  By : Layla Vanderbilt
    There are many different types of credit card debt consolidation loans that can help you get out of your current financial situation. Maybe you are loaded with a pile of credit card bills, or maybe the economy has just pulled you down. Either way, a credit card debt consolidation loan may be able to help you. The most important aspect of finding a good company to work with is to find one that is truly a legitimate company. There are many different types of scams out there that you don?t want to be taken in by.
  • Do Prepaid Credit Cards Target The Poor  By : Chris A Smith
    Prepaid debit cards are making a dent in the check cashing business. For years check cashing shops have served that part of the financial market that did not have conventional bank accounts. Pay checks, government checks and personal checks are all cashed for a fee that can range from 1.5% to 10% of the face value of the check. Typically people paid these rates simply because there are no conventional banks located in their community.
  • What you have to Make sense of Manageing Your Debt  By : Joe Costalo
    The harassing phone calls from your creditors just will not stop and the Visa card bills just keep coming. What can you do about it? Have you considered a debt management plan? Let's look at how they work in the following 6 steps and see whether maybe this might be the answer you've been seeking.
  • What You Need To Know About Debt Settlement  By : William Thomas
    If you are beaten down by debt and are considering filing for bankruptcy, you should know you have another choice. This article will debate the differences of debt settlement vs bankruptcy and how you to find out which option is the the best for you.
  • The Lottery Is Not The Solution - Lottery Winners Who Have Lost Their Millions  By : Brandon Schmid
    For some the lottery is their solution to retirement. Others believe it is the only way they will become a millionaire in their lifetime. Winning the lottery is a dream held by far too many people in my opinion. An article posted on MSN Money shows that the reality of winning the lottery is more like a nightmare.
  • Find Missing Money and Ease Your Financial Woes  By : Art Penz
    Is missing money a hidden savior to your financial difficulties? Many people are feeling the burden of this economic downturn. What they do not realize is missing money might be owed to them that can ease some of your financial burden.
  • Can a Bankruptcy Be Deleted From a Credit Report?  By : Dodo Wu
    A bankruptcy on a credit file destroys a credit and makes obtaining credit an exceptionally difficult task. In researching bankruptcy, one can come across many credit repair services who claim to have been successful in removing bankruptcies from customer's credit reports. Is this really possible?
  • Investing In A Bull or Bear Economy With Minimal Risk  By : Chris Channing...
    Investing is seen as a risky game, but many use it as a means of getting a legitimate amount of money for a wide variety of reasons. When the board is played correctly, investors can make a large sum of profit from even the worst of economic cycles that a country may be experiencing.
  • US Unclaimed Money Secrets.  By : Cash Claimed
    Are US Unclaimed Money Secrets real? Here is the truth you need abut US unclaimed money secrets! There are many reasons for this: Forgotten bank accounts, dividend payments, last paychecks, rebate checks, securities, and checks for unused utilities are just a few sources of unclaimed money.
  • Characteristics Of Venture Capital  By : Wade Henderson
    The main characteristics of venture capital are the following:
  • 401K Plans: Know How to Use Them Effectively  By : Brendon Marcus
    401k plans provide that much-needed financial security for the men and women of United States. At the time of retirement, every person wants to be prepared in terms of finances. 401k plans are specifically designed to allow an individual, specifically an employee from a particular company, to be insured on the date he/she decides to discontinue working. Tax contributions are also postponed up to the time the owner decides to cash in their insurance. This also allows the owner to make the decision on how much will be his/her monthly distributions.
  • Pros And Cons Of Equipment Leasing  By : Wade Henderson
    The following is a list of pros and cons that you should take into account before deciding to lease equipment.

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