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  • Do You Want a Tight Stomach ?  By : ian Williamson
    Everybody wants a tight, firm midsection. You can tone your abs and get rid of that pot belly but there is one important point you first need to understand.
  • The King Of All Upper Body Exercises  By : Sean Nalewanyj
    Load up a barbell with as much weight as you can handle and pick it up off of the ground while keeping your back straight. Sounds simple enough, right? It may come as a surpirse, but this basic movement is the absolute most effective upper body exercise around...
  • Imagine Spending an Hour Less Time Working Every Single Day?  By : Ryan Blake
    Well if you're serious about your business then the one thing you want is to save time and well money.
    So I've compiled and reviewed a comprehensive list of websites that will give your business a good boost.
  • Your Grandmother Lift Weights. How About You?  By : Dan Curtis
    Have you ever said, Im too old to exercise? Researchers have shown that the exact opposite is true. You are never too old to benefit from vigorous exercise; the older you get the more you benefit. Weight lifting may be just what you need to get the body you have always wanted.
  • Sports Injury and Stretching - The Facts  By : Julian Hall
    If you are a professional or a participant in the health, fitness or sports industry, especially being a participating sportsperson, you would understand how irritating and de-motivating and frustrating a sports injury could be.
  • Survival Fitness... Instinctually Create A Body That Performs As Good As It Looks!  By : Eddie Lomax
    Physically train to satisfy the survival of the fittest instinct... and develop a body that performs as good as it looks.
  • Top 6 Reasons Why Bodyweight Calisthenics Are Important  By : Eddie Lomax
    Bodyweight calisthenics exercise is one of the most versatile, effective and beneficial training methods available to both the serious athlete and non-professional fitness enthusiast.
  • No Time To Exercise? Try This...  By : Steven Barnes
    The abdominal muscles are the perfect target for a hyper-efficient exercise program
  • Fitness Improvement Through Deliberate Variation  By : Eddie Lomax
    By varying the stresses, methods and intensities of your physical training you will continue performance improvement in the physical skills of cardiorespiratory endurance, strength, power, speed, flexibility, balance, coordination, agility, accuracy and toughness needed for functional strength, superior conditioning and fitness excellence.
  • Rebalancing Yourself: 5 Steps used by Experts to Get out of Overwhelm  By : Tanja Gardner
    Even experts who are trained in life balance and stress management techniques sometimes miscalculate and find themselves too overwhelmed to follow their fitness routines. In this article, Stress Management expert Tanja Gardner describes the 5-step process she followed to bring herself out of overwhelm and back into balance in less than 24 hours.
  • Starting a Lifelong Running Program  By : Nicky Pilkington
    I don't think you'll find too many fitness experts who don't feel running is one of the best exercises you can do to keep in shape.
  • Make All Exercise Workouts a Fat Burning Workout  By : Eddie Lomax
    Physical training can be a fat burning workout every time you train.
  • Fitness In Five Minutes A Day?  By : Steven Barnes
    An essay on "Greasing the Groove" possibly the most efficient exercise protocol in the world.
  • Creatine as a Bioenergetic Health Supplement  By : Nicky Pilkington
    The adenosine triphosphate phosphocreatine system, ATP-CP for short, makes a constant supply of energy for 15-30 seconds. Once the available ATP is used for energy, the body slips into another energy mode to make ATP called glycolysis. This process uses glucose to make ATP and is responsible for the familiar burning sensation felt during training caused by lactic, which is this processes byproduct. Creatine is a supplement commonly used because its ingestion is reported to supply the cells with enough raw material to help the body produce more ATP, thus delaying glycolysis and "the burn" for a few extra seconds. High explosive sports such as sprinting, power lifting, football, and baseball rely heavily on the ATP-PC system. ATP is term the powerhouse of the cell and is also aids the body in nerve transmission, digestion, tissue building, and circulation.
  • Learning About Body Core Conditioning  By : Nicky Pilkington
    You rely on your body to get get out of bed, to lift your children, to perform your job and to take you places everyday. If you appreciate what your body does for you, you will provide it with nutritious food, hydrate with water and be sure to add some activity into your day.

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