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  • Rebirth of the One-Room Schoolhouse  By : Esther Smith
    Distance Learning, or Webucation, is an idea seen to have great potential and has the close attention of most educational institutions. Everyone is clamoring to be in the right place at the right time.
  • How to Get Free Garbage Bags  By : Steve Hall
    How to save money and the enviroment by using free garbage bags.
  • The Hidden Truth Behind an Emblem  By : James Monahan
    An emblem is a visual representation that defines an idea, thought, or an entity. It's synonymous with the words symbol and sign.
  • Health Problems Caused By Air Pollution  By : Charles Kassotis
    Air pollution causes many problems with the ecology of the planet. However, the most immediate concerns for many humans are the health risks it poses for people.
  • Aluminum Recycling  By : Harry Browar
    Cans, foil, and other items such as trays are made out of aluminium. In North America one of the major product being recycled is aluminium. Though Americans recycle about 65-70% of the aluminium used in their household, thousands of tons of this is discarded each year.
  • The Earthquake and Fire of 1906 in San Francisco  By : Penelope Banchit
    The city of San Francisco suffered tremendous disaster in the morning hours of April 18, 1906 when a phenomenally strong earthquake shook the California city to its core. The natural disaster was enough to reduce the city and many of its buildings to
  • Greenpeace Does It Best  By : Philip Nicosia
    Protecting the environment is one major task that needs the cooperation of all people living on earth. This cannot be done overnight. It takes time to solve environment related problems and raise public awareness on the effects of environmental degradation.
  • Facts About Solar Energy (Solar Photovoltaics)  By : David Hurley
    If you want to know more about solar energy and how it is best applied within the UK, this article is intended to give you a few of the basic facts to help you on your way.
  • The easy way to fight global warming  By : Jake Solochek
    Here's a guide to reducing your carbon "footprint" -- "global cooling"
  • Increased Use of California Ports Impacts Quality of Life  By : Dr. Joe Greco
    There is a “good new/bad news” scenario to importing and exporting products for those regions of the country that boast busy sea ports. Specifically in Southern California, the Long Beach Port manages trade valued annually at more than $100 billion, making it the second-busiest seaport in the United States. Yet, this prosperity significantly negative impacts the quality of life in Southern California.
  • Top 10 Tips to Escape Mold Problems When Buying or Selling a House  By : Phillip Fry
    The top 10 steps you should take when selling or buying a house to avoid mold infestation problems and mold litigation.
  • Worldwide Effects of Global Warming  By : Gaile Group Inc
    Hardly anyone realizes it, but the debate about climate change is over. Scientists around the world have now amassed an unassailable body of evidence to support the conclusion that a warming of our planet-caused principally by greenhouse gas emissions from burning fossil fuel-is under way.
  • How to Reduce Your Carbon Footprint  By : Mich Crawley
    We all have an impact on the earth. We even learn about that impact in science classes when we are in school. The trouble is we are always in a debate about our impact on the earth and the damaging effects of factories and other things we do. Some will still argue that global warming is not happening.
  • The Global Village Goes Organic  By : Mich Crawley
    Since the discovery of plant chemicals causing adverse effects on humans, the world went organic. There has never been a time in the history of human existence that people gave too much attention on where and how food was made
  • Climate Care  By : Lucien Oliveira
    For many years, we have been taking our environment for granted. We have been letting nature itself fix what we have been altering. But several things have shown us how wrong we are, and the climate changes are one of them.
  • Solar Power Inverter – A Key Component In Your Home Solar Power System  By : Adrian Whittle
    This articles discusses what makes up a solar power system for the home. It focuses on the solar power inverter and what to look for if you are thinking about getting one.
  • LED Emergency Lights: Keeping A Flashlight Ready To Work When the Power Goes Out  By : Ben Anton
    Every home should have emergency lighting equipment in case of a power outage or a natural disaster. This article explains what an LED Emergency Light is, where to store it and what to use it for.
  • Lakes And Mountains: A Quick Overview  By : Lucien Oliveira
    Earth's geography includes several elements with distinct characteristics. Lakes and mountains are part of it, and they offer spectacular views. They have many differentiating features such as height, shape, size, location, etc., and these features determine the ecosystems sustained by them.
  • How To Make An Environmental Impact With Little Effort  By : Bruce Tucker
    The hot topic in America today is the environment. Between green house gases, garbage, melting polar ice caps and other stories that match those of biblical proportions, it leaves one to believe what they can exactly do to help out.
  • The Benefits of the LED Light Bulb  By : Ben Anton
    This article explains the features of LED light bulbs that make them superior to other light sources like incandescent or halogen lights.
  • Air Duct Cleaning  By : Bryan Hammond
    Air Duct

    Now we all know that there are many thing that one person needs in life that we did not need in the older days. Like cars, many years ago cars where only made for rich people, these days a car is very necessary and is no longer look at as a luxury. This goes for many other things that an adult buys in his or her life, let’s take a look at your home, and the air you breathe while you are at home for a minute, because we all know not air is not a luxury, and it never was. To live a healthy life these days you will have to go out and buy organic food products, in this same way.
  • Ford Autos and the Environment  By : john stone
    In addition to the advanced technologies and management methods that transnational corporations have brought to China, they have introduced many corporate concepts, most notably that of corporate accountability/responsibility.
  • Are you handling computer disposal cleverly enough?  By : PETERP5 PETERP5
    Are you handling computer disposal cleverly enough?

    Tick-tock, tick-tock … the clock is ticking on your PC, the technological pace is picking up speed and tomorrow it could very well be obsolete. But what to do with it then?
  • TV Recycling: Tips For Safe Disposal of a CRT  By : Ben Anton
    The digital transition taking place in February 2009 has many people wondering what to do with older model television sets. This article provide readers information on why they should recycle old CRT and analog TVs and how they can best go about it.
  • Are Secondary Spill Containment Systems Sufficient?  By : Mistina Thomson
    Secondary spill containment is defined as trapping and collecting the hazardous material in a container that is above ground from which the material can be easily disposed of using SPCC sanctioned disposal methods.
  • How to Avoid Penalties for Not Containing Spills  By : Mistina Thomson
    Chemical spills can cost your company millions of dollars not to mention the bad publicity that results from suffering a spill. Every business wants to avoid the possibility of an uncontained hazardous material spill if at all possible.
  • How recycling waste, balers and compactors help reduce landfill mass  By : NeilJ6 NeilJ6
    How recycling waste, balers and compactors help reduce landfill mass

    The Government reports that at the present rate, the UK will run out of landfill space within 10 years, so it’s urgent we find more effective ways of handling waste.

    This article looks at the impact of waste on business and looks at how recycling, waste compactors and balers can help to create a more effective way of managing waste.
  • DRY FOG ARTICLE  By : Corey0 Smith0

    The Health Benefits of the Ideal Humidity Level

    If you or your family members seem to suffer an unusual number of colds and sore throats, are prone to allergies, or have skin issues, the problem may be the humidity of your home. Health issues can arise either if your house is too humid or if you house is too dry.

    When the air in your home is too dry, it is easy for the mucous membranes of your nose and throat to become dry as well. This leads to small cracks and sores that then allow bacteria and viruses to take hold in your respiratory system. The result is a larger number of infections, as well as considerable discomfort from the irritated membranes. You can try using lozenges or hard candy to keep the mouth and throat moist, and nasal sprays and gels, but these are temporary fixes at best.
  • Air Ducts for clean air  By : Bryan Hammond
    Air Duct sales point

    Now we all know that there are many thing that one person needs in life that we did not need in the older days. Like cars, many years ago cars where only made for rich people, these days a car is very necessary and is no longer look at as a luxury. This goes for many other things that an adult buys in his or her life, lets take a look at your home, and the air your breathe while you are at home for a minute, because we all know not air is not a luxury, and it never was.
  • Document Recovery Services: Employing Book Restoration Services  By : Ben Anton
    Water and mold damage is a significant concern for museums, libraries and other institutions that house important books related to our country's history and culture. This article describes how institutions, as well as homeowners, can take action if such damages occur to avoid the complete ruin of their book collection.

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