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  • Creating a Website  By : Robert Thomson
    Your domain name represents your address on the web. It is what your viewers would search on the Internet to view your web page. You may use a maximum of 63 numerical/letter characters or a combination of both to create your domain name such as It is best to use domain extensions like .net, .org, .com, and .biz as they are easy to remember and are most familiar with many Internet users.
  • Creating Your Own Business Management System  By : Regie Macalam
    In order to see if your business is indeed bringing in your wanted profits, you need to monitor your business. However, it is quite daunting for you to constantly check everything yourself. Thus, you need to set up your own business management system.
  • Credit Card Fraud - Is Online Processing Safe?  By : Robert Thomson
    As with most things in life, there will always be someone with a horror story to share about an aspect of business operations. Online credit card payments are no exception. At the same time bear in mind that more than 85% of online transactions are....
  • CRM: The High's and The Low's  By : Desmond Ryne
    Sales activities are where CRM is used commonly as a technology to coordinate your business' processes.
  • Culinary Team Building Method: A Proved Way To Success  By : Julie Burke
    The food challenge can be a fun way for team building focusing on key areas like organizational skills, budgetary skills, teamwork, implementation and practical skills etc. Cooking Lessons are helpful in not just learning new recipes and different food presentation techniques, but more importantly, they help participants to work together as parts of one single team.
  • Culture eats Strategy for Breakfast  By : David T.
    Management guru Peter Drucker got it right as he clearly understood that corporate culture is an incredibly powerful factor in a company's long-term success. No matter how good your strategy is, when it comes down to it, people always make the difference.
  • Customer Engagement: Why Your Customers' Emotions Matter  By : Monica Nolan
    Traditional economic thinking concludes that consumers will naturally gravitate to the best products and services that offer the most competitive price. But recent studies of consumer experiences highlight that an emotional connection has an equal to if not potentially greater influence on how consumers spend. This article explores how consumers' emotions in conjunction with prices and quality create increased customer engagement.
  • Customer Satisfaction Determines Profits & Longevity  By : TWMG
    Customer service and consumer loyalty play an important role in an organization's ability to generate revenues. As such, the utilization of a Web survey, to determine customer satisfaction; should be a fundamental part of any company's "valued customer" approach to business.
  • Customer Service in Business  By : Kelly Church
    This article gives an overview of the positive effects of having good customer service in the food industry. Return customers, word-of-mouth advertising, and being unique as there has been a decrease of good customer service will be the reward.
  • Cutting Costs while increasing Productivity  By : Dr Neil Miller
    TASKey’s web and mobile software - A better solution for Cutting Costs while increasing Productivity provides a new solution that automates a lot of management processes that are normally done manually.
  • Dealing with Difficult People Who Cause You Stress - The Power of Understanding Difficult People  By : Dr Judy Esmond
    Are you dealing with difficult people or a difficult person? Dealing with difficult people can be frustrating, annoying and often just plain exhausting. How they act, behave and respond to you can cause you great stress. Trying to work out how to deal with difficult people can be so stressful and confusing. So what do you do when you are dealing with difficult people or a difficult person and it is causing you stress? Let's get started with more ideas for you to consider.
  • Dealing With Joint Pain? Chiropractic Treatment Can Help  By : Denise Biance
    Joint pain could well be a truth of life. At some point in life, nearly everyone will expertise pain in the area where 2 or additional bones meet.
    Joint pain typically brings discomfort, stiffness, inflammation, and soreness to at least one or a lot of joints of the body. It could accompany diseases and conditions like infections, traumas, and immune system issues. Whether the pain results from injuries, age-connected ailments or disease, joint pain presents a range of cumbersome problems. Movement, when all, depends on the correct functioning of joints.
  • Debt Management: Various Methods to Merge Your Debts  By : RAMKISHOR
    A loan granted to a borrower for paying off the existing loans and debts to credit card over arrears etc is debt consolidation. By choosing a debt consolidation loan when trapped with debt burden, as a borrower you get many advantages since it proves to be a real bonus with more benefits.
  • Defining A Better Fit For Your Data Center Outsourcing Needs  By : Viswanath V
    Data center outsourcing services are one of the most mature IT service categories available in the market. In Cybernet-SlashSupport is a leading provider of technology support services for enterprises and technology service providers.
  • Deploying KPI Dashboard in your business strategy  By : Pat Bell
    The company uses Key Performance Indicators or KPI Dashboard as a tool to analyze and track performance of all the employees and to implement key strategic decisions regarding staffing and resources in an organization.
  • Designing an Efficient Help Desk Environment  By : Mel Joelle
    Tech support help desks continue to be the butt of comedy channel comedians and late-night talk show banter. And while most of us may get a chuckle at the skit caller’s frustration in trying to get an answer, in the real world a dysfunctional help desk is no laughing matter.
  • Details About Different Types Of Thermal Paper  By : Brian Jenkins
    If you are in retail, food service or the hospitality industry, chances are that you are using at least one machine that uses thermal paper. Whether the machine is a credit card processor, a cash register, a fax machine or a complete point of sale system, you will find that there is a wide difference in the quality of the thermal paper available for use with them.
  • Difference Between A Product And A Brand  By : David T.
    Making a product is very different than making a brand. The nature of the two disciplines is related, yet they deliver different results. This article shall help you reach your product's full branding marketing potential with the use of branding strategies that will elevate the status of your product into a brand.
  • Digital Media Buying is Different from Old Promotions  By : BrunoJenkins
    Digital Media Buying is Different from Old Promotions
  • Discover 7 Methods to Increase Your Product Creation.  By : Sujeet James bond
    Online world has grown a lot in the past few years. You can make a lot of money by selling new products online. Creation of a strong product funnel is very important key to increase your online sales and revenue. This process includes the creation of
  • Discover the Beauty of Local Rome by Exploring it During Night Time  By : Article Expert
    Explore the unending night life of Rome by exploring its pubs, music bars, dance clubs with your friends. All these places of interests are closely located and evening time is considered as ideal time to visit them.
  • Discover the Secrets of Article Marketing  By : renu.dec2008
    Successful article marketing hinges on the titles of articles. Everyday, countless authors are wasting their time writing and posting articles when they have no idea of how to make article marketing work. Authors and internet marketers are making a huge mistake .
  • Distributed Project Management  By : Dr Neil Miller
    People work together to do projects. Distributed Project Management makes it easy for Project managers and project team members to get the information they need to get projects done.
  • Distribution Logistics Management For Your Items  By : Noah Snider
    Logistics is a science that is primarily concerned with management of constant supplies at the point of consumption from the point of production making optimum use of the available resources.
  • DMAIC vs. DMADV  By : Robert Thomson
    It is a known fact that thing in any business is a process. Whether it is selling a product or service, receipt of order and execution thereof, or scheduling manufacture of a product, packing and dispatch to customers and finally receiving payments. When any department has any problem in their processes they have to understand which Six Sigma methods needs to be employed for fix the problems being currently faced by them.
  • Do Customers Complain?  By : David Mclauchlan
    You probably won't have been in business too long before you get your first complaint. It just can't help but happen: low-end customers pay
  • Do You Know What Is Project Management?  By : luckydutta
    Project management is the process of organizing, managing and planning the resources of an organization for successfully accomplishing specific project objectives and goals in a business organization. Any kind of project in any business has a definite start and a definite completion date. Project management is a planned activity and should follow certain procedures.
  • Do You Make Any of These Critical Marketing Mistakes?  By : Vlad Ehrsam
    Errors happen regardless of 'what type' of business industry you're operating. Employees make critical errors on a daily basis. This is often due to the company's size, the number of employees, and the inability for management to review departmenta
  • Do you really think niche market is important for product creation?  By : Manish Kr Bansal 1
    As an internet marketer, the most important part of your business ventures is choosing a profitable niche market, whether it be for product creation, affiliate marketing or building adsence websites, niche market selection is a critical process and many marketers get it completely wrong.
  • Do You Want Fries With That Management Style?  By : Tim-Knox
    The environment of any workplace is highly dependant on the type of manager and his/her management style. This article describes some of these management approaches.

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