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  • Guidelines for Sending Business Christmas Cards  By : Chris Robertson
    Here are some guidelines to ensure that your thoughtful gesture of sending business holiday cards will be interpreted in the best possible light.
  • Surveys Matter  By : Tyler Greyfeeld
    The need for surveys in the business world is clear. With surveys a company can better understand it's customers and potential demographics.
  • Work And Mental Problems: A Potentially Dangerous Mix  By : alexis
    Companies and employers tend to have problems dealing with or acknowledging that they have employees who have mental health problems. This situation can often lead to employees hiding their conditions, which only makes them worse.
  • Promote Health with Promotional Products for Health Care Professionals  By : Tina Rinaudo
    Well-chosen promotional products can help reinforce important health messages and drive home the importance of nearly any health care issue. Many health care professionals are most familiar with promotional products from the receiving end - the pharmaceutical and medical equipment industries are among the biggest consumers of promotional products.
  • The Vital Skills Every Leader Should Master  By : naix
    The article deals with the important skill sets or traits that leaders must possess in order to succeed. Some of the skills identified in the article include
  • Reducing Courier Services Expenses: The Secret Is In The Details  By : Don Steiner
    Even with the amazing degree to which technology has changed the way business delivers information, many businesses have a legitimate need for Courier Services.
  • Workplace Drug Testing  By : Christopher Evans -
    According to the British crime survey conducted by the home office, almost half of all 16-29 year olds have used an illegal drug in the last year. 70% of these substance misusers are in full time employment and this has a significant impact on the workplace. Discover how workplace drug testing can make a difference!
  • Telecommunications Vendor Contracts: Identifying and Eliminating Threats to Controlling Costs  By : Don Steiner
    Probably more so than with any other administrative service providers, telecommunications vendors benefit from what can be extremely wordy and complex agreements, these benefits coming at the expense of the customer's bottom line profitability.
  • Tips On Improving Your Customer Base With Your Online Advertising Dollars  By : Bruce Tucker
    It is important to learn from friends and enemies because they are the best source for ideas on how and where to advertise to targeted customers. The most profitable small businesses typically spend no more than half of the suggested five percent spending on advertising.
  • Get More Information on the Business Industry  By : Zindy Maseko
    First you should know that there are many other business models you can apply to your business marketing. And any business should already have a marketing plan and objectives from their offline initiatives, so let's jump straight into the technology aspects of online marketing.
  • Tips on Running a Business  By : Marco Maseko
    A good sales copy is what first attracts a visitor to your product. You might have two pages of sales copy - one that you know sells 2% to a targeted audience and another that is selling the same thing but at an unknown rate. Once you get the traffic you will want to have already written great sales copy so that your new traffic will purchase your product and create sales for you.
  • Management Coaching to Improve Relationships with Work Associates  By : Stephanie Tuia
    In order for companies and businesses to get a step ahead of the competition, they need to have the most motivated executives and managers.This article gives some suggestions on how to improve management and leadership in your company.
  • Facilities Management Programs: The Realities of Vendor Outsourcing  By : Don Steiner
    Depending on your organizationís size, sophistication and demand for copying resources, your vendorís Facilities Management (FM) services may appear to be an excellent solution for managing document production. However, the following analysis presents the dangers and pitfalls of such programs, and offers guidance in minimizing the negative implications of such a program if your organization can benefit from such an implementation.
  • Absence Management and Workforce Management  By : Lucy Caudle
    That absence management is a key component of workforce management does not really need an explicit mention. However, planned and unplanned absence is a universal fact of work and many organizations might take it as something that cannot be avoided.
  • Staff or Employee Scheduling Balances Several Requirements  By : Lucy Caudle
    Staff or employee scheduling or rostering relates employees, workplaces and work times. A workplace schedule lists the employees who will work there at different times. The times might be specific hours, dates, weeks or even months.
  • Fixed Versus Flexible Working Hours in Workforce Management  By : Lucy Caudle
    Flexible working hours have been found to lead to a happier workforce, and to far better customer service and share valuations. However, there is a fear that implementing flexible working hours is complicated and that it could lead to a flood of impossible demands from employees.
  • The Impact of Sickness Absence Among Workforce  By : Lucy Caudle
    Studies have revealed that sickness absence, from short-term and longer-term sickness, is one of the major reasons for employee absences. Stress is also emerging as a major factor with its impact higher compared to earlier periods.
  • Time and Attendance Tracking in Workforce Management  By : Lucy Caudle
    Time and attendance recording is the key function in any workforce management system. The workers work for pay and payrolls are prepared on the basis of time and attendance records. Accurate time and attendance records not only save employers from losing money on excess payments but also instill employee confidence in the payroll system.
  • Find Good Tenants For Your Rental Properties  By : Michael C. Podlesny
    As a landlord for over the last 10 years I can tell you I had my share of good tenants and share of some bad tenants, as do all landlords.
  • As A Landlord Is This Type Of Lease Best For You?  By : Michael C. Podlesny
    If you are a novice landlord or even have some seasoning under your belt, I am sure at some point you either have or will ponder the question as to whether or not to use a month to month lease.
  • Be Careful What You Wish For  By : Tim-Knox
    Well, my friends, like the Terminator, politicians named Clinton, the ghosts from the movie Poltergeist, and that corn on the side of your big toe: Iím back. There are just some things that wonít go away. Sorry.
  • Boy, What Were You Thinking?  By : Tim-Knox
    When I was a kid there were five words I heard more than all others combined. Usually coming from my father, they were, "Boy, what were you thinking?"
  • Customer Service in Business  By : Kelly Church
    This article gives an overview of the positive effects of having good customer service in the food industry. Return customers, word-of-mouth advertising, and being unique as there has been a decrease of good customer service will be the reward.
  • The Importance of Organization  By : Kelly Church
    The main point of this article is to show that organization is one of the most important aspects of running any business. The cost of being disorganized can be a large and very often occurring chunk of time and money.
  • Learn To Avoid Ugly Baby Syndrome  By : Tim-Knox
    Last week we talked about creating a "Startup Plan" for your new business idea. To catch you up, a Startup Plan is a detailed list of tasks and subtasks that must be completed in order to get you from the initial idea stage to opening day and beyond.
  • Itís Not All About Location, Location, Location  By : Tim-Knox
    Last time we met I brought you the tale of how I scouted for and eventually found what I considered to be the best retail location for my new retail gunshop in my hometown of Madison.
  • Time To Sign A Lease; Get Your First Born Ready  By : Tim-Knox
    Weíve been discussing the steps required to open a brick and mortar store. Weíve talked about startup plans and finding a location. This week we look at what comes next in the process: the negotiation and signing of one of the most dreaded legal document any entrepreneur will ever face: the commercial lease (insert scary music here).
  • So You Think Your Business is No Longer Under Threat From Bird Flu? Think Again.  By : Nigel Thomas
    Many business managers think that because the hype surrounding Bird Flu seems to have has eased, it means the threat no longer exists. Don't let the lack of news have you drop your guard. An Avian Influenza pandemic remains a very real threat.
  • Sales Lessons Your Sales Team Should Learn from President Bill Clinton  By : Nick Vaidya
    No matter how much a person hates President Bill Clinton, no one can deny his incredible resilience and relentless push for success. In fact, I have a lot of admiration for Bill as an incorrigible salesman.
  • Posting a Resume to Online Job Board  By : IC
    The first step to securing a position by via an Online Job Board is writing a professional resume that stands out from your peers and does not include any major gaffes.

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