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  • Coaching Certification Programs  By : Frank Wills
    Some of the requirements for starting your very own coaching certification programs

    Now that you have made up your mind to start your very own course of Coaching Certification, one thing that you should rather keep in mind is that it is not at all an easy cup of tea. The coaching certification programs to turn out to be a successful need a lot of efforts, consistency, patience and hard work.
  • Over 40? Out of work? Make this the best time of your life  By : Craig
    Take a new approach

    Right now millions of Americans are either out of work, recently laid off, or afraid of being laid off. There are millions more, who simply work at jobs, which provide no meaning. They work only in order to get a paycheck.
  • How Coaching Changes Lives  By : godonovan
    Receiving training and support from a life coach can prove to be extremely beneficial for us as we learn to get what we want with the least time and effort without making and repeating any mistakes.
  • How to Be a Motivational Speaker  By : Jane Aires del Puerto
    Public Speaking is one of the fears that most people have. However, some people actually have raw talent when it comes to public speaking. If you have talked or has given a speech in your best friend’s or a relative's wedding and enjoyed the experience, then you might have the skill to become a motivational speaker. If you want to pursue this kind of career, here are some steps on how to start being a motivational speaker:
  • Accelerated Learning  By : godonovan
    The skills it incorporates and why you need them
  • A Personal Life Coach's Single Most Powerful Attraction Tool For Your Personal Life Development  By : Virginia Konrad
    The revelation of the most powerful attraction tool for your personal life's growth, development and fulfillment is one that is so simple, and basic that for many it may go unnoticed, and often unappreciated because of its simplicity. Some would say that it's as common as a rock, but when discovered by those who comprehend its value, it is rarer than the world's rarest diamond. This tool is Gratitude.
  • Life Coaching for Women at Work  By : godonovan
    More and more professionals today are tired of the frenzied, highly demanding age we live in – the constant pressures brought about by the wish to succeed, be financially secure, fit and healthy, sociable, a good wife and parent.
  • A Definition of Coaching  By : godonovan
    Essentially it is about helping you to reach self-actualisation - a point at which you not only truly know yourself but within this knowledge possess a feeling of comfort with and understanding of the person you discover.
  • Which work is JUST right for you now?  By : Craig
    Before 40, it is easier just to accept any work. After all it pays the bills, gives us a job title and a sense of belonging in the world. The problem with this after 40 is that it becomes too easy to settle into a mundane life. It put one’s life on hold until there is a crisis which will happen after 40. Worst case, nothing will happen until retirement and then all those plans that waited until someday can get impacted by some event, economy crash or any personal crisis.
  • MPS auto website submitter 2.22  By : fritz gorners
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  • Giving Thanks With A Purpose  By : Nelson Tan Kiat Wee
    Learn how giving thanks prevents us from making risky decisions and helps us to make more focused progress in life. I know Thanksgiving Day is a US-centric holiday and I even had to do a Google search to find out which day it actually falls on.
  • What is talent? How do we unlock it?  By : Daniel coyle
    Daniel Coyle in his book, ‘The Talent Code,' gives a new answer to the old question. Coyle visited nine talent hotbeds around the earth and found a pattern distinct to all of them--targeted methods of practice, motivation, and coaching.
  • 5 Reasons You Keep Getting Stuck  By : Shawn M. Driscoll
    Do you feel like you're spinning your wheels and not getting anywhere? Read this article on the top 5 reasons you get stuck and what you can do about it.
  • Ten good steps to overcome the fear of change  By : Craig
    Making change especially when it comes to your work the fear of change tends to stop us in our tracks. We worry what will happen if we make a mistake or do the wrong thing
  • Brighter Work Days  By : Neville Gayle
    Our attitude is directly connected to our behavior, and our behavior is directly connected to the desires that we seek. Therefore it's important that we keep a close watch over our attitudes to ensure that is is not affecting our relationships with those that we work with and how we accomplish tasks
  • You Can Be A Personality Powerhouse of Magnetic Attraction  By : James DeSantis
    No one can claim to have natural magnetism. Personality magnetism is a learned skill that only appears natural to folks who have not had the benefit of being exposed to the right motivators under the right circumstances. Here are 7 ways you can fire up your inner magnetism.
  • Human Powered Technology Restrict the Depletion of Natural Resources  By : Article Manager
    In the U.S., global warming and fast depletion of natural resources, such as oil, are two of the major issues which require immediate concern. In such a condition, those technologies are preferable which can be incorporated into human powered vehicles, resulting in greater fuel efficiency.
  • How to have an authentic life and pay the bills!  By : Craig
    After 40, this is the most important pursuit in your life

    After 40, we start having less tolerance for an empty life. The routine starts to drag on us and we start thinking of what we should do with our life. This is a good thing. The most questioning starts with our work where we spend the most of our time. We admit our work no longer fits us but we feel trapped, trapped by our bills, society and even our loved ones, who feel threatened every time we discuss our unhappiness.
  • The Economic crash – A perfect time for reflection and action!  By : Craig
    Protect your investments!!

    This is the headline from this month’s Money magazine. In fact the whole magazine is focused on how to keep your retirement intact for future years. For me this is like saying, prepare for your death!!! The opposite action is mandatory now, especially for those in their middle years. This is the time to invest in yourself and your work.
  • Taking Online Classes at Pass Christian University  By : Elle Wood
    If you’ve ever considered taking classes online but haven’t yet given it a try, you should ask yourself why. There’s no better time to get an online education in virtually any subject that interests you. Distance education and online classes have exploded in just the last few years, with everything from enrichment classes to Master’s Degrees now available online.
  • Discover Your Self Improvement Power Today!  By : James DeSantis
    We reach a point in our life when we are ready for change and ready for a whole bunch of information that will help us unlock our self improvement power but something can be right under our nose but we still don’t see it. It sometimes takes overwhelming evidence to get our attention.
  • The Gift of Forgiveness  By : Ken Keis
    The greatest benefit of forgiveness goes to the person giving it -- not receiving it. The definition states to "give up" means to release. The fact of the matter is that the harboring of resentment or bitterness affects our physical, emotional, and mental health -- not the offender.
  • Over 40 and laid off?  By : Craig
    The 5 most important steps you must take now!
  • Mypersonalsubmitter website submitter  By : Theo Barber
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  • Chakra Balancing  By : Jim Three Feathers
    Chakras are the body's energy vortices. I have found that the major chakras extend out from the body five to six feet both in front and behind. I found early on in my practice that men and women's chakras rotate in different directions. That's what makes women different from men, thank God. A year ago, a man's base chakra would rotate clockwise, the second chakra counterclockwise, the third chakra clockwise and so on. With women, the first chakra would rotate counterclockwise, the second chakra
  • First Betrayal  By : Koyote the Blind
    Would you please elaborate on the comment you made last week about something going wrong with the layers we build on top of our essence or else we wouldn't need to be here [in this class]?Your personality went "wrong" from the point of view of society. What was active and open when you were a child was the thymus gland (heart area). You closed that by creating a personality. You close it even further by getting a life.
  • Dark and Light  By : Eric N. Peterson
    The dark and the light aspects of human experience are equally valuable from the point of view of spiritual transformation. It all depends on whom and what they serve. By "dark aspects," I mean the forces of chaos and by "light," the forces of order.
  • Toltec Wisdom on the Tonal  By : Koyote the Blind
    The ancient Toltecs saw this world as the island of the Tonal. Absolutely everything we can know, including our ideas of God and spirituality, are a part of the Tonal. The Nahual is outside all of that. The Tonal is a programmed world. By a young age, we cease to see the world as it is and begin to see only the Tonal; we live in sleep.
  • Lesser Banishment Ritual of the Pentagram: Secrets of the Alchemist  By : Koyote the Blind
    The Lesser Banishment Ritual of the Pentagram (LBRP) is often used as a cleansing ritual. Properly understood, however, the LBRP is nothing less than a key to the Great Work, the Magnus Opus of the alchemist.
  • The Ten steps to Happiness after 40  By : Craig
    Step One: Engage in self-reflection

    I know — easier said than done. Most of us go through our lives never really getting to know ourselves. After all, life offers us many distractions. Who has time for self-reflection?

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