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  • Tips For Overcoming Fear Of Rejection  By : Jason Rase
    Tell yourself again and again that you possess all the qualities that make a woman turned on. Always try to think positives about yourself, because no one is going to fall in love with you if you lack faith in yourself.
  • How To Pick Up A Gay Guy?  By : Jason Rase
    The more you approach and meet different types of guys, the more you become adept in the game. You are required to come out of your shell. Being shy and introvert can’t give you much in this field. Brush up your conversational proficiency.
  • Tips For Seducing A Woman  By : Jason Rase
    It is true to the fact that satisfaction would only come if you have a sincere relationship. Therefore you must develop some qualities within yourself so that you can become attractive to the world of women and become the most desired man for them.
  • Asian Playboy : Social Circle Pick Up - Wing Rules  By : Vincent Canter
    Let’s talk about Social Circle Pick Up for a second.This isn’t particularly addressed in PUAdom because, for real, a lot of PUAs (Pick Up Artists) don’t pursue active social lives, instead concentrating on improving their Game and occasionally hitting the fool’s mate, one night stand and/or f*ck buddy.
  • I Have Been Hurt By Men Too Many Times, Should I Start Dating Women?  By : Jason Rase
    There are several reasons behind winning in the battle of love affair. You would get to know what the male populace prefers and why they change relationship very often. Once you learn the art of realizing their mind.
  • I Love Him, But What Can I Do To Turn Him Gay?  By : Jason Sands
    This is, of course, a tricky situation. Turning a straight guy into gay is something next to impossible. It largely depends on your luck. Still, our suggestions can definitely be of great help…
  • Is She The Serious Type?  By : Jason Sands
    Contemplating of a steady relationship, but getting confused over the current one and asking ‘is she serious about it?’ Here are some signs that can help you to get an idea regarding her level of involvement in your relationship:
  • Should I And My Boyfriend Have A Threesome?  By : Jason Rase
    The final slogan would be – follow your heart!!! If you are too crazy to get satisfied with a third person…carry on, but be sure to have an unbroken relationship with your lover or husband but never get destroyed in the mire of sex.
  • How To Get Over A Break Up  By : Kelly Church
    This article offers advice about how one moves on from a painful break up. While nothing will make the pain just disappear, being smart about what is done after such a break up can make a big difference on how long it takes a person to get over it.
  • How You Can Act Nice And Still Attract Women  By : Kurt Dight
    If you're a wimpy nice guy, your chances of dating beautiful women are like winning the lottery. But that doesn't mean you have to be a jerk. Read this article to find out how to be nice, be yourself... and still make her feel attracted to you.
  • Is There A Gay Gene?  By : Jason Sands
    The scientists of the ‘American Academy of Pediatrics’, instead of a single ‘gay gene’, an interaction among biological, genetic and environmental factors determine the sexual orientation of a gay person.
  • I've Started To Have Feeling For The Same Sex, Am I Gay?  By : Jason Rase
    In case if you are feeling attraction for men only, then it’s absolutely fine, there’s nothing to be ashamed of. Just be yourself and be comfortable with your sexual identity.
  • Mind Games Men And Women Play  By : Jason Rase
    Mind Games have always remained a point of tiff between men and women. There are two sides in every coin. Both men and women play mind games with one another, but have always ended up accusing each other.
  • Making Birthdays Special  By : Kelly Church
    This article offers advice on what must be considered in order to choose a birthday date idea for your loved one. A birthday is a very important date to remember in a relationship and thoughtful b-day plans will be much appreciated by your sweetheart.
  • Fun Date Ideas For Couples  By : Kelly Church
    This article offers advice on what items to take in consideration when deciding where to take your sweetheart on a fun date for just the two of you. Periodically going on private outings with your significant other can definitely help keep your relationship close and caring.
  • An Easy Way To Date Women And Get Phone Numbers  By : Kurt Dight
    There are two simple tricks I use to get at least 20 phone numbers a night. And then I found something even better...
  • Chat Etiquette  By : DreamgirlMatch Team Team
    Online dating sites have become increasingly selective, at present there are online dating site that prefer catering to the requirements of individuals rather then cater to a million users. In fact if you are a member of an online dating site and are looking at ways to make the most of the site, then this article is designed to give you some basic pointers on how you can make the most of your online dating site.
  • Should You Date A Married Woman?  By : Jason Rase
    Dating with a married woman would be a fantastic idea for any man. It does not matter whether you are younger or senior to that woman. Just think a little bit and you would be able to get answers ready at hand.
  • Things That Women Love To Hear  By : Jason Rase
    Women always crave for real admiration. She doesn’t want to be complimented for something that she doesn’t have in her. Have you ever wondered what stirs women the most? Yes, you are right…her man’s words. But, what kind of words?
  • Things That Men Do That Annoy Women The Most  By : Michael Delph
    Women hate men who lie. When she sees her man to be impractical and dishonest, then nothing can save the bond. If honesty and transparency is not there in a relationship, then what’s the use of carrying it on?
  • What Do Women Want In Men?  By : Jason Rase
    What makes a man ideal in the eyes of a woman? A woman needs continuous flow of love and affection from her man. The man is supposed to exchange a few words regarding any domestic, professional or personal issues with his wife.
  • Signs He's Cheating On You  By : Jason Rase
    If your partner is thinking of running both his relationships simultaneously, he will surely face problems from both ends and once you read his face, it will show he is not quite at ease with himself.
  • Signs You've Been Single For Too Long  By : Jason Rase
    If your sense of etiquette takes a backseat, then it’s for sure that you are well into singlehood. Messy looks, absence of proper dining manners, too much of bodily noise in the company of opposite sex are some clear indicators of your single status.
  • What Makes A Good Lover?  By : Jason Rase
    Think about your past sexual encounters and how your partners responded to your various sexual advances. Previous experiences play a significant role in forming the future relationships. Always try to learn from your past mistakes.
  • What Makes Men Fall In Love?  By : Jason Rase
    A man loses all his senses when he finds a bare white neck of a young cheeky girl…in the flash of a moment, he starts licking his tongue keeping an utmost desire in mind to ‘KISS’ that area for quite a long period of time.
  • Cheap Dates That Don't Make You Look Cheap  By : Kelly Church
    Many people do not have the budget to be able to take his or her loved one on many expensive dates. Taking your loved one on dates helps to keep your relationship close. Cheap date ideas help to resolve this problem so you can take him or her out whenever you want.
  • Romantic Date Ideas: Keeping It Simple  By : Kelly Church
    If you are looking for an unbelievably romantic way to show your sweetheart that you care, you need to first know what passes for romance. This article gives a brief account of how to determine whether your date idea is a romantic date idea or not.
  • How To Date Older Women  By : Jason Rase
    Elder women yearn for respect far more than the younger lot. So, pay her the respect she deserves. Never try to remind her of her actual age and don’t ever take advantage of her age. She has seen a lot more of life. So, never take her for granted.
  • What Is Unconditional Love?  By : Jason Rase
    It is an expression of affection in romantic relationships that come from within the two conjugal lovers. Love can be expressed in thousands of ways but nobody can say which one is the most satisfactory for them.
  • What Are The Best Flirting Tips?  By : Michael Delph
    The best way to know whether the person you are flirting with is interested is to take a close look at his/her eyes. Once you succeed in reading the language of other people’s eyes, you can become adept in flirting.

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