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  • Disaster Recovery Needs Contingency Planning  By : Andy Butler
    Disaster recovery will be an unsatisfactory exercise if it is organized after a disaster strikes. Only a lot of advance planning and preparation can ensure that the business resumes operations quickly after a major disaster.
  • Forensic Computer Investigations Require Specific Protocol For the Legal Handling Of Recovered Data  By : Andy Butler
    Forensic computer investigations seek to gather evidence for determining whether computer systems have been used for unlawful or unauthorized activities. The evidence can reside in computers, storage devices and the network.
  • A Hard Drive Rebuild Can Vary Widely in Complexity  By : Andy Butler
    Hard drive rebuild, in the general sense of the term, can mean a simple operation of replacing the firmware (controller card) and reprogramming it using specialist software. Or it can mean replacing the drive's precision components like its read/write head, done in Class 100 clean rooms by specialist data recovery technicians.
  • IT Support Contracts: Take Pains to Ensure That Your Needs Are Met  By : Andy Butler
    IT support contracts should be complete and transparent, and should not confuse you with obscure wording. If there is some unavoidable legalese that you don't understand, discuss it with your IT support contractor and get clarifications in writing and agree the level of service you require so that the contractor can supply an appropriate service level agreement (SLA ).
  • Memory Stick Repair is a Feasible Option  By : Andy Butler
    You might not even know that memory stick repair facilities and data recovery facilities exist. Unaware of such a facility you might decide to abandon the valuable pictures that are on your memory stick. This can happen when you repeatedly receive a "Card not found" or Needs Formatting or similar error message when you try to retrieve the pictures from the memory stick.
  • RAID Data Recovery is a High Tech Exercise  By : Andy Butler
    RAID data recovery requires a high level of technical skill and specialized facilities. Not all data recovery companies will have sufficient resources. So your first task if you come to need RAID data recovery is to find a data recovery company with a successful record of recovering data from all kinds of RAID systems.
  • Server Installation and Configuration Needs Experienced Professionals  By : Andy Butler
    A properly configured and sufficiently powerful server installation can facilitate collaborative working, efficient communications and informed decision making.
  • Server Recovery Can Affect Business Survival  By : Andy Butler
    Effective server recovery can prove absolutely essential for business survival because servers are critical to business operations. Servers are continuously supporting operations by serving files, applications, transaction data and other kinds of support information and tools without which businesses and individuals would find it harder to survive.
  • Disaster Recovery Planning – Planning for the Unexpected  By : James Walsh
    One morning, you leave home for office with a spring in your step. Everything around you seems to be perfect. You step out of home expecting the day to be one of the best days of your life. But what you end up witnessing is the very opposite. You arrive at your office, only to find that your tall, stylish office building has been reduced to debris by a huge fire that has ravaged the entire premises.
  • Top Reasons For Data Loss  By : James Walsh
    Data loss trends are studied by everyone ranging from behavioural scientists to data analysts. This is because they way we use and misuse data shows its importance in our lives, and gives an indication about the way the world is moving now.
  • Emerging Digital Storage Devices of the Future  By : James Walsh
    All digital computing devices need a storage media where their data can be stored safely and securely and be made available whenever desired by the operating system.
  • Impact of Data Loss on Companies  By : James Walsh
    The impact of data loss differs from business to business. While a certain type of business such as a small clothes manufacturer may not be heavily impacted by a data loss incident or downtime associated with it, a banking business can lose millions of dollars because of downtime and loss of transactions. In addition, data recovery operations will also differ from business to business.
  • The Value of Optical Disks  By : James Walsh
    Optical disks are great inventions. Introduced for the first time in the market about a couple of decades ago, they have revolutionized the portable data storage media industry. When launched, they had a whopping 700 MB capacity, which was a huge leap forward from the 1.2 MB capacity of floppy disks, which until then were the portable storage media of choice.
  • How Should You Care for Your Optical Disks?  By : James Walsh
    What are optical disks? The generic name may sound unfamiliar to the layman’s ears, but we all know what they are. CDs and DVDs are optical disks, those wonderfully cheap and user-friendly round objects that contain data read by the lens in the drive.
  • Data Backup – Counting The Cost  By : James Walsh
    Gone are the days when people used to have stacks and stacks of paper piled up on their desks. At that time, storing as well as searching for data was a hassle. However, with the advent of electronic data, our troubles seem to have ended. Or so you would like to think…
  • Data Loss from Hard Disks  By : James Walsh
    Hard disks have been perhaps the greatest invention in the digital world after silicon processors. The latter can crunch a staggering number of data items in a very small amount of time.
  • Impact and Consequences of Data Loss  By : James Walsh
    When a severe case of data loss occurs in a company, it usually takes everybody by surprise and there is a general panic. All business activity comes to a halt and it becomes impossible for the management to conduct normal operations.
  • Data Recovery From Recordable and Rewritable CDs  By : James Walsh
    CDs have long been used as data storage devices. The popularity of CDs grew by leaps and bounds when people started using CDs to store and record music files.
  • Losing Precious Digital Memories: Vacation Data Disasters  By : James Walsh
    In today’s world, everybody’s lifestyle has become very fast due to the mad rat race to be one up on the neighbour and get that corner room in the office. There is a rush to work more and earn even more to increase one’s station in society and have a luxurious, comfortable life. The results of this work ethic and life philosophy are everywhere.
  • Risks of Using DIY Software  By : James Walsh
    We all experience data loss at some point in our lives unless we are extraordinarily lucky. Once upon a time, ‘data’ was a word associated with a computer only. But we are now surrounded by data in our cell phones, cameras, iPods, digital diary etc.
  • Digital Forensics: the Key to Solving Crime  By : James Walsh
    Even today, when it comes to crime, the overall impression of almost the entire nation is either ancient or absurdly gadget-oriented. The comparison is still between Sherlock Holmes (who can solve the entire case without even getting up from his sofa) and a certain secret agent (does he have anything to do with thinking at all?).
  • Fixing Deleted Files: A Guide for the Rest of Us  By : Bill Chang
    Anyone can empty their Windows Recycle Bin during routine computer cleanup and maintenance, but what if that sleek basket was used to keep the really important stuff? The sleek bin icon looks so cute that it begs putting the files in there! But then the files start disappearing from the bin mysteriously, you get in trouble.
  • File Restoration Soft and Its Review  By : Emily Butler
    This is the article that can help people, who have difficulties with data recovery or problems with loss of information. Data loss may occur to anybody. We can single out two kinds of this problem, they are: hardware failure and info corruption. While one may hardly do anything with a physically defective hard disk drive but dispatch it in for service, logical info failure can be recovered on site.
  • Several Facts about Today's Info Recovery  By : Emily Butler
    We dwell in the age when information or data become increasingly more important. But as it may happen, any info may be lost. Persons usually think that nothing can befall with the data which is of high value, that’s why a danger to lose it occurs. Consumers should always think about precautions and the best variant is to protect both physical and logical systems from any damage.
  • Any Incident Needs Data Recovery In Seconds, Not Minutes - Quick Recovery software From Hitachi  By : Hitachiseo
    Data-driven organizations cannot afford downtime. Any incident needs data recovery in seconds, not minutes.
    Hitachi’s Quick Recovery software accepts the challenge, substantially arouses accessibility of business-critical applications & allows administrators to completely recover applications in no time.
  • "Backup How-To's": Why Ever Back Up Data?  By : Alexander Rassokhin
    "Backup How-To's" is a series of articles discussing methods and strategies of organizing computer data protection. The opening article discusses the importance of performing regular data backups and the amount of time, money and nerves backup saves for an average PC user.
  • "Backup How-To's": Three Types of Data You May Want to Back Up  By : Alexander Rassokhin
    "Backup How-To's" is a series of articles discussing methods and strategies of organizing computer data protection. The second article tells about three qualitatively different types of computer data that require different approaches to back them up.
  • "Backup How-To's": Pros and Cons of Backup Software  By : Alexander Rassokhin
    "Backup How-To's" is a series of articles discussing methods and strategies of organizing computer data protection. The third article is devoted to the question if backup software is a must or it is possible to organize everything by your own.
  • "Backup How-To's": Free Backup Software vs. Commercial Backup Software  By : Alexander Rassokhin
    "Backup How-To's" is a series of articles discussing methods and strategies of organizing computer data protection. The fourth article discusses advantages and disadvantages of free backup software, as compared to commercial software.
  • "Backup How-To's": Appropriate Storage for Your Backups  By : Alexander Rassokhin
    "Backup How-To's" is a series of articles discussing methods and strategies of organizing computer data protection. The fifth article tells about main approaches for storing backups and about the balance between different media's reliability, accessibility, convenience and price.

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