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  • MSC Fantasia - Crew Members to be Honored For Swift Action and Bravery  By : Bill Ospring
    The MSC Fantasia is the largest cruise ship ever built for a European ship owner. She has 1,637 staterooms, 80% oceanview, many with private balconies.
  • Save up to 60% on MSC Cruises' Transatlantic Cruises  By : Bill Ospring
    Cruise-only per person, per night rates for MSC Lirica’s transatlantic crossing begin at $44 for an inside stateroom, $60 for an oceanview, and $125 for a balcony suite. Rates are based on double occupancy; government fees and taxes are additional.
  • Can Seasickness Be A Problem When You Take A Holiday On A Luxury Cruise Ship?  By : Dorothy Yamich1
    Modern cruise ships have dramatically lessened the problem of seasickness. Today’s larger ships slice through the waves instead of riding on top of them. Also, new technologies like stabilizers, which look like large underwater fins, and counterbalancing systems have greatly reduced any pitch and rolling motion of the ships, all but neutralizing the problem of seasickness.
  • Can Vacationers Enjoy Sensational Savings When They Book A Repositioning Cruise Holiday?  By : Dorothy Yamich1
    Repositioning cruises are not a new phenomenon, they‘re just the best kept secret in the cruising industry. Just like migrating birds, many cruise ships leave for warmer climates in the Autumn and return in the Spring.
  • MSC Orchestra – MSC Cruises Reviews the Inauguration of a New Cruise Ship  By : Diana M. Orban Associates
    MSC Orchestra is the largest of the line’s ships to sail in North American waters. At 92,400 gross tons, the MSC Orchestra can carry 2,550 passengers and the majority of staterooms have private balconies.
  • A True Dream Vacation  By : Salem50 Basheer50
    Cruising Through Life
    Do you think that you know everything Dubai has to offer? Have you visited or read about its amazing architecture, paradise hotels, Ski Park, water parks, shopping area, islands, beaches and more? Then you really haven’t discovered all that it has to offer. Let me indulge you with the side of Dubai that some forget. That would be the cruise industry. What more could you want for luxury than everything the mainland has to offer plus doing it on the waters.
    From the Seabourn Spirit that offers 32 nights, to the brief Costa Cruises for 7 nights, you will truly know the extent of luxury after just one night. These cruises will take you around the Persian Gulf, the Mediterranean, most anywhere you can think of. On the cruise you will find ton of entertainment, an unbelievable dinner, and the lull of the waves to help put you to sleep.
    Can you imagine traveling from Dubai to Fort Lauderdale? On this spectacular 55 night cruise you will start in Dubai, and go from there to many stops including Cape Town, Rio De Janeiro, St. Johns, and after a few more, Florida. What’s more, the ships you travel on for this particular cruise cater to people by the hundreds, not by the thousands. This smaller allotment allows for a more private setting. As they put it, they bring you “upscale but not uptight.” These ships are made to cater to your needs, doing so in luxury, and make you feel like you’re made of money, without costing you like you were.
    If you are starting your cruise from mainland Dubai, then take advantage of the great lodging deals at a beautiful motel near the port, or any of the hotels in the area. To do so, just contact any number of travel agents in the area for more information on airline fares, cruise prices, and accommodations. If you want to really take advantage of all Dubai has to offer, you won’t miss out on one of the amazing cruise offers out there. And remember, to make sure you make it to the ship on time, book ahead at any number of the transfer agencies around to take you from your place of stay to the port.
    Also, some practical advice on setting up your cruise. Remember that many places offer full packages for your vacation. You can get discount airfare at any number of airlines, also discount hotel, motel, and beach stays. Find out about grouped specials before you spend more than you have to. You would be amazed by the number of specials out there.
    After you have booked all you need to book, and you have landed in Dubai, don’t’ sit idle. While you wait for your ship to set sail, take a tour of traditional Dubai. You will find an abundance of shops, beaches, and entertainment areas to keep you wanting more. Dubai is a paradise in the desert, the Oasis of your dreams, and the trip of your reality.
  • New Cruise Vacation Upgrades on MSC Lirica  By : Diana M. Orban Associates
    The 10 night Deep Caribbean cruise itineraries take guests to San Juan, Puerto Rico; Philipsburg, St. Maarten; Port Castries, St. Lucia; St. John’s, Antigua; Tortola, British Virgin Islands; and Cayo Levantado, Dominican Republic.
    MSC Cruises, the world’s leading private cruise company with offices in 36 countries, and Nintendo, which has sold 2.4 billion video games and over 420 million consoles, plan to consolidate their partnership by organizing special events, games and tournaments for video game fans worldwide.
  • Celebrate Spring On An MSC Cruises Caribbean Cruise  By : Diana M. Orban Associates
    MSC Splendida and MSC Magnifica will be launched, respectively, in 2009 and 2010. MSC Cruises is the only company to receive the "6 Golden Pearls" award from the Bureau Veritas in recognition of its high level of quality management and environmental protection.
  • MSC Cruises Reveals New Europe 2009 Virtual Brochure  By : Diana M. Orban Associates
    MSC Cruises is the only company to receive the "6 Golden Pearls" award from the Bureau Veritas in recognition of its high level of quality management and environmental protection.
  • Sail on MSC Cruises Spectacular Winter Sailings to Quebec and New York City  By : Diana M. Orban Associates
    MSC Cruises is the only company to receive the "6 Golden Pearls" award from the Bureau Veritas in recognition of its high level of quality management and environmental protection.
  • Tips For Choosing The Ideal Caribbean Cruise  By : Robert Thomson
    You have listened to all your friends rant and rave about how great cruising is and you are finally ready to take the plunge.
  • MAURITIUS: ON THE ROAD  By : jassi
    The sea is never too far away in Mauritius. The moment you step out of the airport, you smell the sea. And as you turn onto the M2, which is Mauritius’ only motorway that runs from the airport in the south to the capital, Port Louis, in the north, the rear view mirror captured the sea in its intense blue colour.
    At one o’clock on a weekday night Manila’s Roxas Boulevard (of Baywallk, as I is better known) is buzzing with a variety of entertainment. A group of young stand-up comedians in lurid polyester overalls, sporting gelled Mohawk manes, tumble across a temporary stage shrieking Tagalog lines that send the crowds into hysterical
    Mandvi beach is the only privately owned beach in India, with the property extending right up to the waterline
    Two-and-a-half kilometers of beach all to yourself. A waiter from the restaurant trudges across the sand, bearing provender. Long pool-chairs, under a thatch umbrella.
    Himachal Pradesh derives its name from the Sanskrit word, Himachal, which when split means him (snow) and achal (unmovable) of “The Mountain State”. About 350-7000m above the sea level and covering over 56,000 sq km of the Western Himalayas, the state’s terrain rises from the foothills of the Shivalik,
  • Lakshadweep-Spectacular Sunset  By : jassi
    Spectacular sunsets draw people to the shore in the evenings. Check out Kavaratti, the administrative capital of Lakshadweep.

    Lakshadweep is the tiniest Union Territory of India and its only coral island chain. This archipelago consists of 36 islands, 12 atolls, three reefs and five submerged banks.
  • KULLU SHAWLS (INDIA)  By : jassi
    Kullu’s famous shawls evolved from the pattu, the traditional dress of the valley. A three-meter length of hand-woven wool, the pattu is worn by women like a tunic, wrapped round the body and fastened at the front and over the shoulders. The pattu is still widely used by village women, usually worn on top of pajamas. Married women also wear a dhattu, or headscarf.
  • Ecotourism- Kodai in Bloom  By : jassi
    Kodaikanal is hotting up as a destination for ecotourists.the eco-conscious can build their own holiday cottages there.

    In the Kodai EcoVillage, ad agency O&M’s dream theme, a plot costs between $19000 to $55000 an acre. Buyers have to sign an eco-pledge that restricts construction to 2,800 sq ft (per acre per level) and mandates green construction material,
    Designated by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site, the temples at Khajuraho are India’s unique gift to the world. These magnificent temples were built between the ninth and tenth centuries by the rulers of the Chandela dynasty, who dominated Central India at that time. These temples depict the rich history, culture,
    State Himachal Pradesh,INDIA

    Location in the Shivaliks at 6,400 ft, overlooking the plains of Punjab, 77km from Shimla Route from Delhi NH1 to Ambala; NH22 to Dharampur via Panchkula and Pinjore; state road to Kasauli
  • KALPESHWAR -Best Trekking And Camping In India  By : jassi
    Yes, It’s in India. Come in September. It’s a great month for trekking in the mountain deserts of Spiti, Ladakh or in the relative dry Darma valley in the northeastern Kumaon
  • A short guide to road – For Travelers  By : jassi
    To get your trip off to a calm and happy start, make sure you know where you are going, and tell your family and friends about it. Check weather and terrain conditions along your route.
  • Geography OF India-For Travelers  By : jassi
    Set apart from the rest of Asia by the supreme continental wall of the Himalayas, the Indian subcontinent touches three large bodies of water and is immediately recognizable on any world map. It is the huge, terrestrial beak between Africa and Indonesia.
  • FOWL PLAY (INDIA)  By : jassi
    If you are willing to rough it out, explore the interiors of Maharashtra(India) this little village has a surprise in store for you. Enjoy a simple break in Chincholi Morachi, with colours for company.
    Kitchens can get competitive in South China when the talk turns to dim sum. Every year, Hong Kong chefs roll up their sleeves and flex their fingers to prepare for an annual dim sum competition. Dim sum, literally “a little bit of heart”, is a smorgasbord of sweet and savory tidbits,
    Plan the dishes on your day wise menu careful with your trekking buddies. Agree that on Monday morning you will eat A and B for breakfast, C for lunch, D and E for dinner, and on Tuesday, you will eat X, Y and Z and so on. If you prefer porridge for breakfast,
  • Flora & Fauna-In India  By : jassi
    India has a wealth of flora and fauna. It is estimated that over 500 species of mammals, 2000 species of birds, 30,000 species of insects and hundreds of species of fishes and reptiles reside in the India sub-continent.
  • Fishing For Peace  By : jassi
    For a restful, green getaway, try out the fishing camp at Galibore, about 100 km from Bangalore in India. Here, you have the rare opportunity to be active at your own easy pace.
  • FIRST TRIP TO CHINA  By : jassi
    If it is your first trip to China then do the Big four-BEIJING, SHANGHAI, XIAN AND GUILIN in 7-10 days.

    Spend two days each in Beijing and Shanghai and a day each in Xian and Guilin.

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