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  • 0% Apr Credit Cards And How They Work…  By : shaker yadav
    A major part of considering any credit card is the interest rate. Interest rates are really high on credit cards, which is what you pay for the convenience of using someone else's money. Most of us find the interest annoying, but not enough to deter us from using our credit cards.
  • 10 Dangerous Myths about Credit Cards  By : Paul Basco
    Credit cards can expand the buying power of a responsible user in the know, but those who aren't careful can quickly have their credit rating crippled and rack up huge debts. Read up on some of these common, but dangerous myths about credit cards to prepare yourself for the world of plastic.
  • 2 Things To Do In 30 Minutes To Raise Your Credit Score 40-100 Points  By : Jon Ochs
    The first important step is to gain a basic understanding of how your credit scores are determined. I am sure this will be new information for you, since this is not taught to any of us in school. In fact, when it comes to the three credit bureaus, equifax, experian, and transunion, they prefer to keep everyone in the dark on how credit scoring works.
  • 3 Additional Benefits to Maintaining a Good Credit Score  By : Stuart Hunter
    Many people know that a high credit rating is helpful in getting approved for loans with the best rates and terms, but not everyone realizes how keeping clean credit reports plays a part in getting jobs, keeping credit card interest rates low, and minimizing auto insurance premiums.
  • 3 Advantages of a Debit Visa Card  By : Brian Corrigan
    There are many reasons that people use debit cards. In today’s technologically advanced, card happy society, so few people actually carry cash anymore that it can easily make someone feel out of place when they don’t have a debit Visa card or other type of credit or debit card.
  • 3 Features Every Cash Back Credit Card Should Have  By : Jeremy Biberdorf
    These days, it's hard to imagine life without the security of knowing that you have one or two credit cards in your wallet. When used wisely, credit provides us with a convenient and efficient way to manage our monthly expenses, organize our bills, and finance major purchases. It's an essential part of establishing and maintaining a budget when it comes to most people.
  • 3 Terrific Reasons to Apply for a Gas Rebate Credit Card  By : Jeremy Biberdorf
    It's no secret to anyone that credit has become a big part of how the modern people of today manage their finances and streamline their budgets. However, with credit becoming more and more of an essential, credit providers are naturally finding it necessary to become more creative when it comes to the incentives they're willing to offer consumers in exchange for choosing their program over their competitor's. With gas prices continually on the rise, one of the most popular options when it comes to credit has quickly become the gas rebate card - a terrific way to manage your expenses and lower your gas bill at the same time.
  • 4 Consumer Reporting Agency Myths  By : Stuart Hunter
    They wield enormous power over your life - and the lives of every other American adult. But how much do you really know about the big three credit bureaus? Friend or foe? Fact or fiction?
  • 4 Features Your Airline Miles Credit Card Must Have  By : Shannon Hilson
    Just like other benefit credit cards, airline miles credit cards can be used in conjunction with personal budgeting, and money savings, especially when you can use the free sky miles you've earned to travel. However, it's not as easy as just choosing one kind of airline miles credit card. Many credit companies are jumping up and down and raising their hands to get your attention and your name on their credit card application. So, this means that you must work hard to sift through all of your options and find the one that's right for you. But where do you start? You start by searching all of your options and finding out the attributes of a great credit program.
  • 4 Tips to Winning Double or Nothing Tournaments  By : Todd Daons
    Double or nothing tournaments are much different than normal poker tournaments because they have a very unique payout structure. In a double or nothing tournament half of the players in the field double their buy-in and half lose theirs.
  • 4 Ways to Detect a Credit Repair Scam  By : Stuart Hunter
    The Credit Repair Organizations Act (CROA) has established guidelines credit repair companies must abide by that you can use to help identify a legitimate credit repair company and avoid being victimized by a credit repair scam.
  • 5 Ways Credit Card Payment Solutions Can Benefit Your Business  By : Eric Hannelius
    Credit card payment solutions allow your business to accept online payments, gift cards, and all major credit and debit cards.
  • 7 Things you Need to Know on How to Avoid Credit Card Fees  By : Scott Stadler
    Things are always changing in the credit card industry. One of the latest and most widespread trends in the business is the increase of fees and the addition of newly created fees. But that doesn't mean that you as a credit card holder must take getting nickel and dimed to death for granted.
  • 7 Ways to Avoid Credit Card Fraud  By : Sara Peterson1
    Credit cards allow consumers to make purchases more conveniently. Whether they make a payment online, in the store, or through the mail, consumers often use their credit card to make these purchases.
  • 7 Ways to Avoid Credit Card Overload  By : Diane Corriette
    When you become involved with internet marketing one of the dangers is to keep buying products one after the other without ever making money with them.
  • 8 Quick Tips to Earning More Credit Card Air Miles  By : Scott Stadler
    Credit cards that reward their cardholders through air miles redeemable towards airline tickets are really popular today, especially among frequent travelers. Rewards can really add up quickly if use of the air miles credit card is maximized. Here are 8 quick tips to earning more credit card air miles that everyone can use...
  • A Brief History Of Credit Cards  By : Michael D. Strauss
    Despite being so commonplace in modern life, credit cards have a relatively short history. Read when the first cards appeared, and how they developed into the products we know today.
  • A Dummies Guide On Online Credit Card Application  By : AndyErnestpnp
    Primarily, you ought to be aware that although credit cards come with certain exciting perks such as cash prices or gift certificates, it doesn’t give you the right to invest a lot more than you’re entitled to or you may perhaps end up in debt.
  • A Look at Rewards Credit Cards  By : Jeremy Biberdorf
    If you're at all familiar with the world of credit, and these days it's hard not to be, then chances are you've at least heard a thing or two about rewards credit cards. It's more than a little likely a friend or acquaintance may have one or that you've stumbled across an advertisement or two covering the subject.
  • A merchant’s guide to unembossed credit cards  By : Kelly Brown
    Over the years, the look of credit cards has changed from a standard design to specialty cards featuring artwork, university logos and even family photos. Now, the face of credit cards is changing once again. Visa and MasterCard are beginning to issue unembossed credit cards to accommodate a changing payment culture.
  • A Vacation in the Making with Flyer Miles Rewards  By : Derek Lenehan
    A vacation courtesy of the bank. How can you go wrong?
  • About North Carolina state credit union  By : Sia Wolf
    A North Carolina credit union has some of the best financial products you can turn to, but you should take the time to look at the other bonuses you can get from the right North Carolina state credit union.
  • Accept Credit Cards for your Online Store  By : David4 Chapman4
    Accept Credit Cards for your Online Store

    These days, many people are setting up their own online businesses. The additional income provided by an additional business is difficult to turn down. Also, with the help of technology, it has become much easier for an individual to set up his own small business even from the comfort of his own home. If you have thought of setting up your own e-commerce website, then it is necessary to provide all the needs your online customer needs. One such need is the ability of your online store to accept credit cards.
  • Accepting Credit Cards – Well Worth the Hassle  By : George Hatcher
    The business world has changed a lot in recent years. Just under a decade ago, accepting credit cards was a luxury that larger businesses and companies selling more expensive products and services provided to their customers in lieu of traditional cash or check payments.
  • Accepting Credit Cards Is a Boon for the Small Business  By : payments01
    If you should happen to be wondering how small business owners can increase the volume of customer's they have, one sure fire way is through accepting credit cards.
  • Accepting Credit Cards Online.  By : Neal Maddox
    These days more and more businesses are accepting credit cards online. You will find that in today's digital age, an increasing number of people are going on the internet to find what they need, especially around the holiday season.
  • Advanta - Targeting small business needs. Successfully.  By : Ted Hamilton
    Since their inception, Advanta has strived to provide exceptional products to small businesses by listening to their requests.
  • Advanta Business Credit Card  By : creditwisdom
    In the competitive business credit card market, some financial institutions have opted to become niche players. This decision to specialize is primarily driven by the need to gain market share.
  • Advantages And Disadvantages Of A Prepaid Card  By : Peter Kenny
    Prepaid cards are one of the newest and most interesting financial products on the market
  • Advantages of Choosing a Prepaid Debit Card over a Credit Card  By : Jean Gaile
    If you are like so many people today, you have heard that it is wiser financially to use a prepaid debit card than a standard credit card. Of course, you do want to make smart financial decisions in your life, but you do not want to blindly follow advice without taking a closer look at what the specific benefits are of using a Visa debit card over a credit card.

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