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  • Credit solutions to the credit Crunch  By : kevinterrell01
    A business under stress maintain a healthy cash-flow. Don’t assume that customers know your credit policy .Keep your credit records current calamitous credit situation of your customer.In periods of concern, tighten your collection procedures action compelling. Remember; companies owe money, but people pay bills.Try to discourage extended payment terms a minor dispute to withhold a substantial payment.
  • Free Prepaid Credit Card and International Money Transfer in UK  By : Refik
    Free Prepaid Credit Card and International Money Transfer in UK
  • Find out How to Obtain Free Credit Scores and Report  By : Cameron Darwood
    Your free credit report is a file that contains a complete record of your credit history up to the present. It contains a number grade known as a credit score which sums up what kind of credit risk you are.
  • Unfair Credit Charges: Stand up for your rights  By : Simon Pinder
    The high charges and the long payment tenure is generally not disclosed by the agents who only want to earn a higher commission and do not give respect to your financial goals. In cases like this, you can claim back all the premiums and retain the insurance cover.
  • Unfair Bank Charges: Reclaim them  By : Simon Pinder
    The unfair bank charges levied by the banks on your accounts over the last few years must have left you bewildered. The banks may charge money from your account under various heads for the services they provide. Red Kite offers professional help to reclaim unfair bank charges.
  • Credit Repair Software, How to Work with It  By : N singh
    Almost every people know the use of the term credit and also the term repair. They have different purposes of their meanings. Usually we use those separately but not simultaneously.
  • Annual credit score: helps in rebuilding your credibility  By : Sophie Wilson
    Annual credit score is decided on the basis of your credit borrowing and their repayment pattern. It is through this score your creditor, verifies and checks whether you are reliable or not.
  • How to compare credit cards – tips for you  By : Max Infoway
    This article shows what things to be consider when you choose or compare your own credit cards. Comparing credit cards and choosing the best from them may be a difficult decision. This article will help you to choose the best credit card by comparing all.
  • importance and advantages of comparison of credit cards  By : Max Infoway
    This article will provide you the importance and advantages of comparison of credit cards. So read on for more information.
  • Your Gateways to Online Payment Processing  By : gagan kanith
    To accept credit card payment online, you will need a merchant account. And this article will cover few of the easiest way to setup your online store and start selling goods.
  • Obama Ushers In “Fair and Transparent” Credit Card Regulations  By : Geoff Springbaum
    In a sweeping move that aims to provide hundreds of thousands of Americans help with credit card debt, President Obama signed into law last month legislation that will put a stop to credit card companies imposing sudden rate hikes and exorbitant fees and penalties on cardholders.
  • The Top Companies for Cleaning Your Poor Credit Score  By : MazRophe
    While it is possible to clean your credit score on your own, many people find it is often easier and more effective to sign up with a credit repair company to do the work for them. To help these people, TheTopTens, a website of interactive top ten lists, provides a list of the top credit repair services.
  • Are There Better Substitutes To Credit Cards Without Yearly Charges?  By : Andrew J
    Historically, a greater part of all credit cards used to charge you an annual fee. Moreover, the holder of the card had to pay finance charges when using the credit. Luckily, the credit card market has transformed significantly in recent years.
  • How do You Avoid Credit Card Fees?  By : Timothy Parker
    Have you ever paid a fee related to your credit card? Statistics show that you have if you are like most Americans. Some credit card fees are not a result of misuse but a normal charge by the card company. One example of this is an annual fee. You can often negotiate your way out of annual fees but we can talk about that in another article.
  • Enjoy numerous benefits with Cheap Credit Cards  By : Amy Gordan
    Cheap credit cards can help you in your every financial emergency. These offer the lower rate of interests. These cards also give you the great features and additional benefits.
  • Free annual credit report: way to know your credit position  By : Sophie Wilson
    Free annual credit report is an ideal way to know your credit standing. It also provides you the chance to improve your credit scores as well.
  • The FCRA Improved Matters, but there is Still a Long Way to Go  By : Stuart Hunter
    The Fair Credit Reporting Act made significant gains when it comes to correcting injustices of the consumer credit reporting system, but there is still plenty of room for improvement. As long as there are people who get turned down for loans because of inaccuracies on their credit reports, suffer from bad credit scores that do not accurately portray their true credit worthiness, and get stuck in situations where they have the means to improve their credit score but cannot get the information they need to make it happen.
  • Annual credit report- gets to know your fiscal stature  By : Sophie Wilson
    with the help of the annual credit report, you can take care of your fiscal well being. You can easily avail this report once a year from each of the three major credit bureaus.
  • How to Calculate Credit Card Rewards Points  By : Timothy Parker
    You did all of your research and after hours of looking at the many different options, you settled on what you think is the perfect rewards credit card. You considered all of the terms, you read the fine print that seemed to go on forever, and you found the card you like. There's only one thing left to do: Figure out exactly how good of an offer those rewards points really are.
  • How to Get Your Credit Card's Annual Fee Waived  By : Timothy Parker
    Why do credit card companies charge an annual fee? Sure, you could ask them and I'm sure they have a script to read to you with a reason that is flimsy at best. Maybe something about making sure everybody with an account actually uses the card as if America has a problem with using credit cards.
  • Fixing A Bad Credit Rating Starts with Education  By : Stuart Hunter
    For such a significant field, consumer credit is one that only a few have more than a basic understanding. As a consequence of this lack of understanding, people have put themselves in a position to join the millions who are being victimized by the credit reporting system.
  • Have You Heard of the Schumer Box?  By : Timothy Parker
    You may not have heard of the Schumer Box, but you undoubtedly know what it is. It is what makes shopping for a credit card not just convenient, but for many of us, it makes it possible for us to compare credit cards side by side.
  • Comparing Frequent Flyer Rewards Cards  By : Timothy Parker
    So you just graduated from college and landed your first full time job. Congratulations! It requires that you travel so being the financially savvy consumer that you are, you compare the frequent flyer rewards cards on the market. Maybe you aren't this person but your story has you in the market for a credit card that works for you rather than you working for it. As you compare cards, you're going to have to go a little deeper than the big type that lists the terms.
  • Today is the Perfect Day to Fix Bad Credit  By : Dodo Wu
    If your credit score is good, now is a perfect time to take advantage of it. Interest rates are better than they have been in years and many large ticket items can be purchased at a significant discount. And if your credit score could use some work, now is the time for credit repair before it is too late to take advantage.
  • Unfair Bank Charges  By : Simon Pinder
    If you have not already begun your claim, register now. There is no delay for anyone who is experiencing financial. Hardship so register and make a claim now!
  • Unfair Credit Card Charges  By : Simon Pinder
    Unlike bank charges there is no waiver that has been issued by the Financial Services Authority (FSA) meaning claims are not frozen or delayed. If you have had unfair charges added to your credit card account within the last six years; we can help you claim them back.
  • Payment Protection Insurance  By : Simon Pinder
    Payment Protection Insurance (PPI) policies are sold alongside loans, mortgages and other credit agreements such as car finance and in-store loans for items such as furniture or kitchens.
  • Do you know what APR is?  By : Timothy Parker
    APR, or annual percentage rate, is the amount of interest you would pay per year on a credit card purchase. Most people don't know how the interest is actually calculated though.
  • Is a Cash Back Credit Card In Your Future?  By : Timothy Parker
    When shopping for a new credit card, often, consumers make the mistake of focusing mostly on the two characteristics that we hear about the most: the interest rate and the fees. While these are important, you may want to look into cards that reward you like cash back credit cards.
  • Credit through Credit Cards – Easy form of Money  By : sturat
    One of the best ways to get quick credit is using a credit card. Each of us knows how beneficial it is to make use of credit cards. Such cards enable you to make purchases right away on credit so that you can get what you want immediately, without the need for hard cash for payments.

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