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  • Find Out How To Sketch - 7 Drafting Tips To Learn Drawing Faster  By : R. Schmidt
    Learn about seven crucial hints that will help you through the next steps of your draftsmanship career:
  • Decorate Your Rooms With Canvas Prints  By : Alastair Harle
    Canvas Prints such as Art Prints and Photo Print on Canvas are an innovative way to decorate your living room. Get your Canvas Photos or Pictures Printed at Get Canvas.
  • Halloween Crafts  By : cell
    A fun craft is something that can keep you occupied for hours on end especially if you enjoy it. Here are some ideas that will hopefully set you on your way in preparation for your next Halloween...
  • Craft Designs Online  By : cell
    Art, craft and design are often considered exclusive fields where only those in the know are made members.
  • Rossetti'S Goblins Should Get Struck With The Power Of Soap  By : Sean Glynn
    A humourous glimpse of soap and poetry.
  • Classical Soap  By : Sean Glynn
    How literary characters may have felt about soap dispensers and how soap dispensers could have changed the face of literature.
  • I Turn To Soap  By : Sean Glynn
    How soap is unacknowledged during our everyday lives to the example set by that on television programmes.
  • If Only More Governments Used Soap  By : Sean Glynn
    If more governments used soap and cleaned up their act surely the world would be a better place.
  • What you should know about McCoy pottery  By : sturat
    McCoy pottery has been for almost a century one of the most important pottery manufacturers in the world, producing jars and items of exquisite beauty and quality.
  • How Soap Works Including A Brief History  By : Sean Glynn
    How soap is used in everyday life, the article includes a brief history of how soap was used and finishes with an explanation of how it works.
  • The Development Of Soap  By : Sean Glynn
    How soaps have developed through the ages to become the valued product that we use today.
  • How To Choose The Right Soap Dispenser  By : Sean Glynn
    How to decide on choosing the right soap dispenser for your hotel, guest house or B and B establishment by considering style, design, material and price.
  • Quilling  By : lula1704
    If you want to learn how to paper quill, the best thing you can do is to find a set of instructions and follow them carefully.
  • Start To Learn How To Draw Well  By : R. Schmidt
    When you start learning to draw, soon you'll recognize: a big part of this art is just craftsmanship and technique. So this article (4th element of a 6 element series) demonstrates you exactly how to increase your drawing skills by pacticing few basic methods.
  • Buying A Good Pair of Birding Binoculars  By : Chris Robertson
    Offers high quality optics for birding enthusiasts and naturalists. Top Brands and low pricing on Zeiss, Leupold, Nikon, and others. Discounts up to 35% off.
  • Sell Your Quality Handicrafts Online with no Fees  By : David T.
    Artisans have a variety of methods to sell their handicrafts, from craft shows to Ebay. Each has its advantages and pitfalls. But now there is an easy way to sell handicrafts online with no fees.
  • A Simple Guide To Selecting Your First Sewing Machine  By : Caroline P Sanders
    Thinking of Purchasing A Sewing Machine? Try These 5 Steps.
  • Personalize and Print Your Own Calendars - It's Easy!  By : Chris Robertson
    Create beautiful personalized calendars with simple web-based services, then print and share them as PDF files.
  • Easy Quilting Crafts for Kids  By : Chris Robertson
    Teach your daughter quilting as a life-long skill she can use again and again..
  • Baby First Christmas Scrapbook  By : Tracy Ballisager
    The first Christmas is one of the most treasured occasions for the family. You can make it more memorable by decorating the scrap book with mistletoe, Christmas trimmings and even a miniature Santa Claus hat. You can make your scrapbook in the shape of a sack of goodies or a Sleigh complete with the Santa and the reindeers!
  • Holiday Crafts for Kids of All Ages  By : Chris Robertson
    Want to spend quality time with your kids during the holidays? If you're a teacher, do you want to teach your students about the history of a particular holiday? Holiday crafts for kids can help you teach while the children enjoy fun activities...
  • Crafts for Kids to Learn and Have Fun  By : Chris Robertson
    Crafts are fun but they can also be educational. Here are some unique craft ideas to help your kids learn while having fun....
  • How to print pictures on canvas  By : dweaverframe dweaverframe
    The ideal way to print large sized pictures

    For creating an artwork an artist needs to spend a lot of time. The entire process is quite tiresome. The cost of making an artwork is quite high and despite giving his best effort, often an artist does not get the price he deserves. For selling their artworks, some artists also keep the price tag lower than the market rates. A way for recovering the cost is getting the artwork duplicated by printing on canvas.
  • Your Rights to Protect Yourself  By : AJ0 Thean0
    Different Ways To Protect Yourself

    If you have found yourself contemplating self defense, you should consider all of the options such as stun guns, pepper spray, tasers, mace and alarms. However, you should also take a look into the laws regarding self defense weapons. Know your legal obligations and rights concerning self defense before committing to a self defense method.
  • How to Market Your Arts And Crafts With These 5 Great Tips  By : Bruce Tucker
    In this article we will cover five great ways to help you expand your business of selling arts and crafts with these marketing tips.
  • Alter The Way You Celebrate Christmas By Making Christmas Crafts  By : M.Awara
    Donít feel that you are talented enough to perform fabulous Christmas crafts? Have you never tried to make a Christmas craft as a gift for someone who you love and admire? Just think how lovely it is to receive a homemade Christmas gift from someone you care about and love. You know you will cherish it always. Wouldn't someone you love feel the same way if you gave him or her a Christmas Craft gift?
  • Gift Giving Ideas For The Family On A Tight Budget  By : Katy Tolbert
    Often, the gift that we find that initially seems great, tends to lose a bit of its luster once we spy the price tag and determine that it is definitely not within our price range. Isn't that the most disappointing aspect of gift giving - knowing the gift you actually give was actually your second or third choice? Yes, but it is not the end of the world. Continue reading for unique gift giving ideas on a budget.
  • 7 Steps To Safe Kid Face Painting  By : Rashel Dan
    Anyone can do face painting. It's fun and easy. However, there are some things you may want to know before you start with kid face painting. Children are different from adults in many ways. For one, they are more at risk of getting into accidents and secondly, they are more of a concern especially when it comes to their parents. Getting to know safety practices is a must especially if you are planning to go professional with your kid face painting activity.
  • A Cross Stitch Rose Pattern For That Special Person  By : John Wigham..
    If you ask people to name their favourite flowers, it is likely that they will place roses high on their lists. Roses are very popular, and have been named the Queen of flowers, possibly because of their beauty -- creating a wide expanse of color in the garden, and valued for their heady fragrance too. There are thousands of varieties that differ in shape of blooms, size, fragrance and some even lack thorns. Roses are so popular you cannot go far wrong when stitching a cross stitch rose pattern.
  • Where Does A Cross Stitch Beginner Start?  By : Geordie Johnny
    We all like to jump right in when we're excited about something new, like a new hobby. Cross stitch is no exception. Many of us try to tackle a project that's simply too big when we first start out. We overlook that we're a cross stitch beginner, and we buy a kit that overwhelms us. It's easy to end up with a half-completed project this way. Many kits have complicated patterns, a myriad of threads, and complex stitches. Jumping into the deep end can cause you to get discouraged almost immediatel

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