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  • Boost your career with an Advertising Media Management Program  By : Marcus
    This article outlines, in the list form, the benefits advertising professionals may avail by going back to the college and attending an advanced advertising media management program. Area of focus includes enhancing employability by gaining new skills and upgrading knowledge.
  • International Business Management Program - Leap your Career Ahead  By : Marcus
    This article outlines the key competencies that a professional needs to possess to work in the field of international business. The author also discusses the areas in which graduates can build careers.
  • College Education is All About Studying What Interests You  By : Jason White
    This article outlines, in the list form, the benefits an international business diploma can offer students. The focus is on encouraging high school grads to choose their field of study on their own and building careers in an area of international business that best suits their interests.
  • Career Prospects after Studying for Hospitality Degree  By : Jason White
    The article describes as hospitality degree can been a boon to those aspirants who wish to reach to their desired position in hospitality industry and later on learning through various experiences while stepping ahead in the career path.
  • An overview of Culture & Heritage Site Management Degree  By : Jason White
    The article describes about how an individual can get in-depth knowledge as how to do Culture and Heritage site management while learning the techniques of doing it through an educational program.
  • Career Options after studying for Police Foundation Program  By : Jason White
    The article describes about the subjects that the students study in police foundation course in Canadian Colleges and then which positions they can opt for to protect society from ill activities and make society a better place to live in.
  • 5 Reasons Why College is The Right Choice  By : Jason White
    This article outlines, in list form, the advantages of a college education over a more academic university one, with an emphasis on Centennial College's particular advantages. It discusses employment, job skills, joint programs, and alternative (distance) learning.
  • Breaking into Journalism - A Personal Tale  By : Jason White
    This article outlines, in a testimonial format, the advantages of continuing education in shaping careers. The author encourages college graduates and professionals to consider advanced studies to break into journalism or move up on their career ladder.
  • Current Scenario in Interactive Media Sector  By : Marcus
    This article outlines the ever-changing scenario of interactive media industry. The focus is on encouraging graduates and professionals to advance their skills and knowledge for better work opportunities. One of the ways to do this is going back to the college and continuing education.
  • Going Back to College - Things You Should Consider  By : Jason White
    This article outlines, in the list form, the things adult must consider before going back to the college. They must be realistic and ask themselves below mentioned questions to determine if it's the right time for them to continue their education.
  • What It Takes to Build a Career in Financial Industry ?  By : Jason White
    This article discusses, in the list form, the education, licenses and top skills required to work in financial services sector. The goal of the article is to give graduates or professionals returning to college a closer look at what they need to acquire to become employable.
  • Specializing in Payroll - It's Never Too Late to Go Back to College  By : Jason White
    This article uses the testimonial format to encourage working professionals to dispel the stigmas attached to going back to college to upgrade their skills. It outlines the importance of making a decision to attend an advanced program to enhance employability.
  • Reasons for Working in Financial Services Sector  By : Jason White
    This article outlines, in the list form, the reasons for or advantages of working in financial services sector. The author aims to encourage professionals who are looking for a career change and students who want to continue education in this field.
  • 5 Benefits of Studying Business Administration  By : Marcus
    This article outlines, in the list form, the advantages of business administration programs. It discusses how a business administration course prepares high school grades for versatile and long-lasting careers.
  • 5 Tips for Choosing the Right School of Business - A Personal Tale  By : Marcus
    This article outlines, in the list form, what goes into selecting the right school of business. The author establishes the importance of conducting a thorough personal research before committing to any college, through the personal experience of a college graduate.
  • Education for the Student on the Go  By : Jason White
    This article talks about distance learning, and seeks to inform the reader about how it works, what it entails, and why its a viable option for continuing education. In particular, it discusses how life factors can prevent a person from returning to school when they desire you, and outlines how distance learning is a viable alternative for the busy, occupied would-be student.
  • Why it's never to late to go back to School  By : Jason White
    This article discusses in list form the advantages of returning to post-secondary education after your initial run, specifically pursuing continuing education. It outlines the various continuing education programs at Centennial College, and how they can be used to further a person's career and life.
  • Sample essay on Phosphate Mining in Florida  By : edwinsydney
    Phosphate mining in Florida is an activity that began several decades ago. In fact, its roots can be traced back to 1883 when the first hard rock deposits were discovered near Hawthorne in Alachua County, Florida. Due to lack of enhanced mining technologies, the activities of mineral extraction were conducted using wheelbarrows, shovels and picks. In order to try and make the work easier and efficient, early miners began extraction of phosphate using mule-drawn scrappers.
  • Sample Essay on Impact of Illegal Arms Trafficking  By : edwinsydney
    There has been a lot of debate on the impact of illegal arms trafficking. Gunrunning or arms trafficking is the illegal trafficking or sneak in of weapons or ammunitions. Legal trade of firearms varies widely depending on the set local and national laws. The illegal arms trade has great impact to development worldwide.
  • Extracellular Matrix  By : edwinsydney
    Extracellular matrix refers to extracellular portion of a multi-cellular structure such as tissues, organisms and bio-films that typically offer biochemical and structural support to surrounding cells. Evolution of multicellularity occurred independently in different lineages of multi-cellular. This makes the composition of extracellular matrix to vary between the multi-cellular structures.
  • The MBA in Symbiosis can be a game changer  By : Vivek Anand
    If you are amongst the graduate lot looking for options to pursue a reliable post graduation program, we have the perfect solution for you.
  • Sample Essay on Mitral Valve Stenosis  By : edwinsydney
    The mitral valve is found on the left side of the heart between 2 chambers, the ventricle and the atrium. Blood gets pumped from the left atrium to the mitral valve then into the left ventricle while on the way to aorta.
  • Leading the road in IT education  By : Vivek Anand
    Information technology is one of the fastest growing domains and the consistent growth of the industry is also creating a need for talented people who would be willing to step forth and take up the challenging roles in the Indian IT industry.
  • Can an MBA from SCIT really help?  By : Vivek Anand
    You are a qualified graduate waiting on the crossroads of destiny analyzing every option to ensure that you end up choosing the right program as your post graduation choice. It is during such times that you are introduced to the top grade training and module being conducted at SCIT.
  • IT business and its ever changing rules  By : Vivek Anand
    The domain of information technology is not at all static. Along with the changing realms of technology, perception of the IT industry as a business is also changing. People are opening up to the idea of a more globalized business.
  • Continuing Education Offers Three Options for Three Types of Learners  By : Klaudia
    The focus of this piece is on the various options within the School of Continuing Education that suit a range of learners, including those who wish to attend classes on a part-time basis, those who want to attend classes online and those who wish to attend classes through print-based correspondence.
  • Payroll Management Program Includes Industry-Relevant Courses  By : Natalie Carrigan
    This article looks at common requirements for applicants of the Payroll Management program as well as how the program’s structure prepares students for the workforce in just two semesters.
  • Launch a Festival and Conference Management Career in One Year  By : Natalie Carrigan
    This article’s focus is on Centennial College’s Event Management – Festival and Conference program in terms of who would benefit from attending it, how they would benefit and what options they have once they graduate.
  • Project Management Program Prepares Students for Multifaceted Role  By : Natalie Carrigan
    This Project Management article offers extensive detail of the tasks that professionals are charged with completing as well as a look at Centennial College’s program that prepares students for the field.
  • Tourism and Travel Programs Enjoys Vital Endorsement  By : Natalie Carrigan
    This article breaks down the type of environment that is fostered within Centennial College’s Tourism and Travel program, which includes training in the latest software students will encounter once they graduate.

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