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  • eBook Secrets Exposed – How To Make Massive Amounts of Money In Record Time With Your Own eBook  By : Mary Hanna
    Jim Edwards and David Garfinkel’s tutorial “eBook Secrets Exposed”, contains detailed step-by-step marketing methods and an array of inside secrets for making money, along with concise summaries that will enable you to create your own best-selling eBooks.
  • Are You a Marketing Savvy Author?  By : Penny Sansevieri
    Congratulations, you're published! But what exactly does it mean to be "published"? Besides the fact that your work is finally in print and your college alumni has asked to interview you for their newsletter it also means fame and fortune, right? Well, ok, maybe not on the level of J. K. Rowling, but at the very least you can expect a call from Oprah, right?
  • Secrets of the Writer’s Trade: Basic Elements of a Strong Publishing Platform  By : Stephanie Gunning
    How can book writers develop a healthy relationship with readers? Stephanie Gunning, “The Publishing Insider,” a publishing consultant with 20+ years in the industry reveals her secrets.
  • How to Publish a Book: There Are Three Options  By : Dee Power
    How to publish a book is a question many writers ask themselves. There are three options to publish a book.
  • Here's the Scoop about Self-Publishing  By : Jen Narron
    The Times, my friends, they certainly are changing... that's how the song goes. And that statement was never more true than in the world of self-publishing. Almost from the beginning, self-publishing was an option, but not one that was commonly used. The "accepted" method of getting your book into print was to cart it around to various book publishing companies in the hopes of getting it excepted. In most cases manuscripts were rejected out-of-hand.
  • Has your Site Been Swiped Yet? Learn the Secrets of Site Swiping!  By : Tonia Q. Bingham
    This is a summary of Harris Fellman's new profit system from The strategies and techniques taught in this system can help many people create some extra income online if they're properly applied.
  • Webmasters Improve Your Adsense Earnings, Monetize Income  By : Reginald Curtis
    Webmasters who have been there and done it have quite some useful tips to help those who would want to venture into this field. Some of these tips have boosted quite a lot of earnings in the past and is continuously doing so.
  • Are You Missing Out Without Online Marketing?  By : Paul E Brown
    Just about every business can benefit to some degree from online marketing. If you're not online you could be missing out on a huge potential customer base. This article gives you some reasons to really consider why you should use internet marketing.
  • E-book Resale Right Sales Letter!  By : Pankaj Saini
    If you’ve ever been drawn into a website that sounded so enticing that you wanted to buy the product, they’ve most likely written a superb sales letter. Usually it’s the title that draws you in and the body is more of the facts and incentives that the product offers.
  • Why You Should Create Your Own Resalable Ebook?  By : GOVIND SINGH
    If you have been selling resalable ebooks on eBay for some time, then it is likely that you adopt a method similar to many ebook sellers. You source cheap or free ebooks with resell rights and then resell these in your eBay store. Now there is nothing wrong with this method. It means that obtaining the ebooks is cheap or even free, you don't have to spend time creating a product and a lot of the time you even get a ready made sales page and download page or visit
  • How to Increase Your E-Book Profits?  By : karan619
    Having your own E-book business is a very good idea to earn money. In fact, E-book creation and marketing is so lucrative that a lot of people have started to put their thinking caps on and started writing about different topics that they are interested in. Selling an E-book is a-okay; however, making your profit grow from the regular rate is still possible. There are a couple of ways on how you can profit more from selling your E-books. However, how effective one method would be for you can dep
  • Some marketing tactics that are considered Excellent Sales!  By : ManishKumarChandel
    This book is also not for the faint of heart. It contains some marketing tactics that are considered "grey hat" and "black hat." It also assumes readers are professional enough to understand investing in their business, in the form of advertising. Not every tactic is grey hat, black hat, or costs money though - there's a nice mix of many different tactics and approaches you can visit www.
  • Your Resale Rights Product!  By : ginfogfour
    You just secured resale rights to an ebook you think has a lot of potential. There's just one problem... hundreds of other internet marketers are selling the exact same ebook!
  • E-book: - you know what you care about?  By : Swati Dhanta
    Internet experts all agree, for real Internet success and to make serious money online, you need to create your own product. But what if you are a newbie? You are not an Internet expert yet. So what have you got to say? You do not have to write about the Net. There are already loads of books about all aspects of Internet marketing,
  • directory submission - the boss  By : fritz gorners
    Get High Traffic to Your Site
    Directory Submitter 2.0
    A Fully Automatic Mode
    There is no difference between a submission made by a real person and a submission made by MyPersonalSubmitter, except the time !It navigates to the right submission page. It enters all necessary information (url, title, email,...). It clicks the Submit button.
    95 % accepted submissions
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  • Know about Sales Letter  By : Hansram
    If you want to get that e-book or sales letter done -- and you're not afraid of using "Marathon Writing Techniques" to get the job done fast -- then let me share some tips to help make writing easier and faster. Here's what I do when I write sales letters and e-book... INCREASE YOUR CAFFEINE INTAKE -- Okay, so I'm caffeine junky. I'm talking loads of it. Of course if you don't drink caffeine currently, I wouldn't recommend getting started. But if you do enjoy a good cup of Jo or a soda here and
  • Select Master Resale Rights Products or Private Label Products  By : shashikumar
    The most important advantage of selling resale rights products in your home business is that they allow you to save that most precious of commodities, your time. All you need to do after you purchase a product with resale rights is edit your payment details, add in your name and upload to your server Here are the steps you should try to take, in a nutshell. Determine the cap for the number of people who could buy your resale rights product. E-books without Resale Rights usually sell for a lot mo
  • website submission chicago  By : fritz gorners
    The Leader in Directory Submission
    A ratio of 95% accepted submissions
    Directory submission is considered to be an affordable and efficient search engine optimization (SEO) method.The number of incoming links is one of the most important ranking factors for the major search engines (SE) as Google.
    By submitting your site in a lot of directories, you will significantly increase it. It is a way to be quickly listed in SE because they visit regurlarly already listed sites. It is more effecti
  • automatic directory submission 2010  By : Theo Barber
    As far as no manual filling is required , you can use the Automatic Mode.
    But some directory need at least a manual action : a code is required, no matching category was founded, or submission processes in several steps...If only a captcha code is required, submission can be done within Captcha Submission. You enter the code, click and the submission will process, and you are automatically invited to enter a new code for the next directory. It is very fast ! In other cases, if other actions ar
  • Get the Most From Web Marketing - Ways to Ensure Your Company Rises to the Top  By : Sarah Carlye
    In an effort to reach local and regional customers, U .S. companies spend more than $100 billion annually on advertising in local newspapers and magazines, local TV, and direct mail.
  • The Components Every Great Web Marketing Class Should Have  By : Sarah Carlye
    1. Teach you How to Build High Quality "Web" Traffic

    There are many ways to generate free and effective traffic that can earn to potential sales. The only way to make money online is through getting people to visit your site, and you must learn all of the ways to build traffic and then implement them all into your campaign in order to maximize your online profits.
  • The New Way to Attract Online Customers- Going Local  By : Sarah Carlye
    Yellow Pages does it, your local business directory does it and a myriad of local directories do it to great effect, so why don`t you do it? Why do you try to dominate page one of Google for a single keyword when realistically, you`re not likely to get there for a good year or so?
  • Go surfing with Harry the Bear  By : Meenka Pandita
    Surfing books are a great way to introduce your child to the world of surfing.
  • Create safe surfing habits in your children by using surfing books  By : Meenka Pandita
    Surfing is emerging as a popular outdoor sport among children. They love the feel of riding the water waves and the cool sea breeze running thru their hair.
  • Surfing books – The best gift for a child  By : Meenka Pandita
    Surfing Books are one of the most essential tools to introduce a child to the magic of surfing. At their age, children are attracted to colors and motions.
  • The Importance of 49 CFR to Your Captain’s License Exam  By : Richard Cooper
    As a ship’s captain, navigator, or maritime engineer, you need to know existing Federal regulations and rules that govern maritime transport. Specifically, the title 49 CFR or Code of Federal Regulations governs the handling of cargo for all types of transport. So if you want to get your Captains license, then you should know the rules of the Federal government on this issue. As a transport officer and a ship’s captain, you are required by law to know the specific legislations concerning the
  • Increase the awareness of your child through surfing books  By : Meenka Pandita
    Kids books are able to capture the imagination of children due to the fact that they are written and designed specifically according to the needs and requirements of young minds
  • Playing House by Fredrica Wagman  By : SubHun
    Playing House by Fredrica Wagman A dense rich novel The Pittsburgh Press The story is passionate and moving,
  • Surfing Books - Learning was never so easy  By : Meenka Pandita
    Kids are the building blocks of society; therefore they should have the basic knowledge of all the sports.
  • How e-Books Can Be Valuable  By : Dj Stan
    EBooks have a number of benefits over the traditional book. These include the following:
    • Cheaper to create
    • Quicker to create
    • Easier to target a wide market
    • High profit potential
    • More versatile than traditional books

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