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  • Should you Use a Yacht Broker  By : Marinetrader
    Buying a boat can be fun. But buying directly from an individual is hazardous. This article reviews what you need to know to make your purchase fun, safe trouble-free.
  • First Time Yacht Buyer  By : Marinetrader
    If you’re a first-time yacht buyer the choice of used yachts available for purchase can be overwhelming. How do you make sense of all the models and styles out there?
  • Kerala Houseboat Cruises: Best Way to Bring out the Love for Each Other  By : Article Manager
    Kerala houseboat cruises are highly sought after tourist destination in the backwaters of Kerala. You should go for one at least once in your lifetime to rejunivate your love for each other! Hence houseboat cruises are designed completely for tourism departments.
  • Waterproof Torches: The Best Boat Light  By : Richard McNeal
    Get our your boats and raft - Spring is nearly hear and water sports are ready to begin. This article discusses the importance of having a waterproof flashlight with you on rafting/boating trips for added safety.
  • Marine Surveys - What to Expect  By : Marinetrader
    What is a marine survey?

    A marine survey, in its simplest form, is an appraisal and inspection similar to that performed on real estate or other items; this article explains what to expect.
  • Russo Marine Supports Gala to Boost Awareness for Autism Research  By : Russo Marine
    Russo Marine invites everyone to join them raise awareness about Autism and funds for research funding at the annual Light Up the Night event in Boston on March 28th 2009.
  • Browell Boatworks Launches New Website  By : Browell Boatworks
    Company builds upon over 50 years of tradition and expands efforts to reach new customers.
  • Atlantic Outboard looks to 2009 to continue outstanding sales and service  By : Atlantic Outboard
    Atlantic Outboard's recognition as Envritude's 2008 "National Dealer of the year" for the 3rd year in a row adds to long tradition.
  • Protective Quality Boat Covers  By : ratetake
    Frequent travels in marine areas can weather your boat's features including its basic functions. For this reason, boat covers are made to keep your boat in the most functional condition possible.
  • Buying A Fishing Boat at QxBid Auctions-00-199  By : qxmax
    Selecting the right fishing boat can be a real
    challenge and also a lot of fun for someone who is
    new to QxBid online auctions.
  • Shield your boat with boat covers  By : ratetake
    Boating is a great hobby among the adventure-freaks. Boats also need maintenance when not used. Hence, the concept of boat covers comes into picture. When the boats are not in use, they are kept in a boathouse or garage.
  • Bluewater Sailing  By : Marinetrader
    Ocean-sailing is more than recreation; it is a learning platform, observation post, a transportation system for awareness, and a delivery system for understanding.

    Ocean sailing is often both physically and mentally demanding.

    Ocean cruising can be one of the most miserable and enjoyable sports in the world, both at the same time.

    This article reviews the requirements for a bluewater sailboat.
  • Seapen Offers The Best Docking Techniques in Australia  By : Search Pros
    While the docking methods in boating are always going to be dependent upon the atmospheric conditions, there are a few simple things that you should always keep in mind.
  • Boat Values - Know Before You Buy  By : Marinetrader
    Why are yachts priced as they are? Is there a Blue Book on yachts. Find out these answers in this article.
  • Bluewater Sailing - Choosing the Right Boat  By : Marinetrader
    Ocean- sailing is more than recreation; it is a learning platform, observation post, a transportation system for awareness, and a delivery system for understanding. Here are the things to look for on choosing your boat.
  • Boats - Vessels of Freedom  By : Marinetrader
    It's hard to explain to non-boaters what the love affair is all about with boaters with their vessels. Perhaps it’s a sickness; at least it’s a bug. Some of us use our boats as a home, treating her like a member of the family. This article attempts to explain what the love affair is all about
  • The First Mate’s Role – A Woman’s Perspective  By : Marinetrader
    A yacht is a small city afloat. Running a boat is a team effort – it would be very difficult for one person to handle and monitor everything.
  • Boat Values - What You Need to Know Before Buying  By : Marinetrader
    Buying a yacht requires knowledge of current market conditions that individuals do not have. This article reviews the process professional Yacht Brokers use to determine and set prices.
  • First-Time Yacht Buyers  By : Marinetrader
    This article provides guidance for first-time yacht buyers.
  • How to Buy a Yacht  By : Marinetrader
    Buying a yacht is an emotional experience and there are steps to take to make sure the process is successful.
  • Go Yachting in the Mediterranean  By : David T.
    Most people think that yacht charting is a luxurious activity which only the rich and famous can participate. Although this used to be the case, these types of holidays and getaways are becoming much more affordable and opening up the activity to a much wider market to enjoy.
  • There Are No Blue Book Value Boats  By : Dustin Schwerman
    Unfortunately, boats and yachts are not like cars. There is no default way of tracking a boat's price. You can't just look for blue book value boats on-line or at the library, because there is no blue book value of boats.
  • Boating Holidays in France  By : Martyn Davis
    Ever considered a boating holiday or a canal boat holiday? then France should be at the top of your list as this country offers some of the most varied landscape in Europe.
  • Ten Watertight Luxé Yacht Builders  By : Phoenix Delray
    This article shows the reader the various watertight yacht types available.
  • Cosmos Luxury Yacht Charter  By : mandy
    Luxury is something everyone deserves from time to time. Such an indulgence can make a vacation a truly rejuvenating experience. One of the best ways to get the luxury of the rich and famous to fit into your budget can be yours through yacht charter companies. These companies specialize in creating custom sailing vacations that redefine travel.
  • Boat Accessory - Types to Choose  By : Renato Silva
    When it comes to boat accessories there are a lot of items to choose from. These help to make your boating experience easier and more enjoyable. They can also up the value of your boat as well. Some accessories are necessary and others are just available for your convenience.
  • River Boat Tours Can Be A Fine way To Explore A City  By : James Anderson..
    You may have thought about taking a riverboat tour on your next vacation, but do not know how or where to get relevant information that can help you to decide on whether this is something you want to try. There are actually two different types of river boat tours.
  • Tips For Buying a Kayak  By : Melody Veloce
    Have you ever thought about trying the magnificent experience of gliding your way through the smooth and sleepy waters of the ocean? Ever thought about the thrill of maneuvering a sleek boat through choppy rills and rivulets, gushing rivers and bubbling streams? Do you dream of a sport that takes you outdoors in the sun, water and lush, green foliage of forests, that will not only challenge and test your skill, but also take you to faraway places you hadn't dreamt of? If you do, then kayaking, with its combination of unspoiled natural surroundings pitted against technical expertise, is the ultimate sport for you. An important part of the expertise, of course, comes from first taking lessons in a hired kayak, and eventually, in choosing the right one to buy. An inappropriate purchase can cost dearly on the high seas!
  • Buying Your First Boat  By : Rob Battas
    All vehicles need a lot of thought before buying same is the case with boats. Firstly you have to decide the reason for buying the boat. Mostly people buy it for fun and recreation therefore you need to make sure that the boat serves its purpose well.
  • Underwater on Australia's Great Barrier Reef  By : Kristina Jeffreys
    The Great Barrier Reef of Australia continues to attract passionate drivers both beginners and professionals who seek new challenges and adventures. The Barrier Reef stretches from New Guinea to Queensland and is 1,250 miles long. Diving along the reef and in the area in general is an unforgettable experience since the entire area is packed with amazing natural wonders and fascinating sea creatures of the world.

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