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  • SIDS Facts That Every Parent Should Know  By : JB Anthony
    Have you heard of the term SIDS? You may have just overheard it and the fact that it is sometimes the cause of the death of infants. If you know nothing more about this condition than the fact that it is strongly linked with infant sleep, then you should try to improve your knowledge about it. After all, SIDS is the leading cause of death in infants from 1 month to one year. Knowing about SIDS might help ensure that you can help prevent your baby from having it.
  • Start Reading To Your Children Early  By : Gail Metcalf
    There is nothing more worthwhile than reading a story to your children. Even as babies; the sounds and connotations in your voice can calm and soothe them.
  • The First Days at Home with Your New Baby  By : Gail Metcalf
    The first days home from the hospital are just as essential to you as they are to your baby. As new parents you will have gone through an exhilarating birth that will have left you exhausted and excited at the same time.
  • Breastfeeding 101: Nursing Basics for New Moms  By : Adrien Brody
    Making the choice to breastfeed your new baby is one of the most important and far-reaching decisions you will make as a new mother. Both the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) and the World Health Organization (WHO) recommend breastfeeding as the preferred method of infant nutrition for the first year of life.
  • Baby's Skin Care  By : Juliet Cohen
    A newborn's skin is soft and delicate. Proper skin care and bathing can help maintain the health and texture of the baby's skin. It is important to understand that to take care of Babyís skin the most natural way is often best.
  • Baby Girl Names Suggestion  By : Mr. Miyagi
    Are you expecting a new baby girl in your life? Then you know that along with the honor of naming this beautiful child comes stress in trying to choose the prefect name. There are thousands of baby girl names available and the one you choose will be hers for the rest of her life.
  • An Infants Artificial Diet  By : Dave Deane
    It should be as like the breast-milk as possible. This is obtained by a mixture of cow's milk, water, and sugar, in the following proportions. Fresh cow's milk, two thirds; Boiling water, or thin barley water, one third; Loaf sugar, a sufficient quantity to sweeten.
  • Bathing and Cleaning Infants To Childhood  By : Dave Deane
    Cleanliness is essential to the infant's health. The principal points to which especial attention must be paid by the parent for this purpose are the following:
  • Different Stomach And Bowel Disorders Among Infants  By : Dave Deane
    Disorder of the stomach and bowels is one of the most fruitful sources of the diseases of infancy. Only prevent their derangement, and, all things being equal, the infant will be healthy and flourish, and need not the aid of physic or physicians.
  • About The Deficiency Of Breast Milk  By : Dave Deane
    Deficiency of milk may exist even at a very early period after delivery, and yet be removed. This, however, is not to be accomplished by the means too frequently resorted to; for it is the custom with many, two or three weeks after their confinement, if the supply of nourishment for the infant is scanty, to partake largely of malt liquor for its increase.
  • Some Reasons Why Babies Cry  By : Dave Deane
    Crying is a normal event in the lives of all babies.When a baby comes out of the womb the first thing to do is crying.
  • Know All About Breastfeeding  By : Dave Deane
    From the first moment the infant is applied to the breast, it must be nursed upon a certain plan.
  • Pregnancy and Baby Boy Names  By : Benicio Brown
    Whether itís in the animal world or human, pregnancy is a very important time for any family. It is that special blessing that allows families to bond better, to express love and take care of each other.
  • Caring for a New Born Ė An Overwhelming And Lifeís Biggest Challenge  By : Neelima Reddy
    Caring newborn involves many things like taking of newborn babyís health, feeding, bathing, changing diapers, etc. A small mistake in caring newborn can result in ill health.
  • Causes and Concerns of Diaper Rash  By : Rachel
    Diaper rash is a common problem that is easy to deal with. It can have a multitude of causes such as fungus infection, urinary tract infection, or allergy to soaps and lotions or to disposable diapers.
  • Mattress Covers: Prevent Asthma and Allergies In Your Kids  By : Ben Anton
    Keeping your home a clean and healthy environment for your kids is a concern for every family. This article gives mothers suggestions for protecting their children, infants and their rooms from asthma causing allergens.
  • Baby Strollers - For Stylish Tots  By : Juliet Cohen
    Whatever your needs, today‚Äôs market provides for baby strollers in many varieties ‚Äď offering style, comfort, convenience, durability and a great combination of each as well! Because of this diversity, it is important to do some in-depth research on baby strollers before making a purchase. Most consumers now are interested in buying one multipurpose stroller which will last from infancy to childhood as opposed to buying products specifically targeted for infants or toddlers only.
  • Where Can You Find Organic Baby Toys  By : David T.
    More and more parents are opting to go organic as far as their little bundles of joy are concerned. Among the organic products that are readily available in the market are organic baby clothes, organic baby diapers and organic baby toys. There are even some mothers who are into organic baby yoga. As for toys, one can easily understand the importance of using safe, organic baby toys.
  • Modern Television Shows for Kids  By : Rokai Kolam
    Television is a kidís best friend. Outside seeing the vivid colors and the various TV productions that are made by most kids TV networks
  • The Choices of Baby Gift Baskets  By : Jacoba 1 Fenny1
    Ideas for Baby Shower Baskets

    Going to a baby shower is always fun and exciting to welcome a new baby and celebrate it before it arrives. This is usually done with gifts for the baby and mom-to-be as well as the dad-to-be of course! If you are having trouble in deciding what to get, as everyone tries to bring something different and special, is to think big and go for baby shower gift baskets. There are tons of baby gift baskets on the internet that you can order and you can even get baby boy gift baskets and baby girl gift baskets.
  • Baby Gifts - what makes perfect Newborn Gifts?  By : Search Pros
    If you love anything cute, then youíll love the massive range of cute baby gifts that are available. Indeed, it might be all to easy to get carried away and end up spending waaaaaay too much on perfect baby gifts.
    Every American seems to be looking to the future demanding change. We are witnessing an absolutely amazing time in history. American Democrats have nominated the first young, grass roots campaigned, Black man to lead our country as their Presidential nominee while the Republican nominee has selected a woman to run as the second in command of our United States! America, we have come a long way!
  • Neonatal Baby Clothes: Why Your Preemie Needs Them  By : DanPartridge
    Premature infants do not just use any baby clothes. Neonatal baby clothes are better for preemies than any other baby clothes.
  • Help For Your Baby's Crying and Sleeping Problems  By : Mark Moon
    Childhood sleep disorders are the cause of anxiety for both the child and for the parents, who may be unaware that their child is suffering from a sleeping disorder.
  • New Baby, Blogging, and Motherhood  By : James DeSantis
    Blogging with a new baby sounds a little unrealistic and is likely to be the last thing on your mind but it may just be the relief valve you need. New Mom's find blogging to be a relief valve for the pressures of motherhood. What is a blog and why is blogging such a great idea for new mothers?
  • 5 Best Baby Shower Gifts  By : Niharika Gupta
    Ask first time parents-to-be what baby shower gifts they would like to receive. Watch their response -- you'll quite likely see a look of real confusion on their faces! Or maybe they'll come up with a stock answer like "diapers" or something similar.
  • Novel Way to Pamper Pregnant Moms  By : Jack14 Bottash14
    Novel Way to Pamper Pregnant Moms

    Giving Pampered Pregnancy gifts is a novel way to show that you love and care your near and dear ones who are pregnant. You can give a would-be-mother a series of gift that would fit her month of pregnancy. The Pampered Pregnancy gifts ensure that the pregnant woman would continue to receive wonderful gifts each month until the due date arrives. The gifts meant for the pregnant women are designed to suit the wide need they come across during each stage of her pregnancy.
  • Why My Baby Hates Me?  By : manoj18071965
    Iím a new dad and I canít help but feel like my 2-week old girl hates me. it seems that no matter what I do with heróor even if I come near heróshe screams and cries
  • What's the difference between milk- and soy-based formulas?  By : Aman Sharma
    Choose a formula that's right for you..

    Breast milk may be nature's perfect baby food, but some women cannot nurse, and other women choose not to.
  • The most common childhood injuries!  By : ranjan
    Baby Safety....

    The most common childhood injuries

    Burns, one of the most common childhood accidental injuries. These include sunburns and burns caused by stoves, lamps, matches, lighted cigarettes, fireplaces, wood stoves, and hot liquid from a pan, cup, bath, or hot water heater.

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