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  • European Oil Paintings Are Part Of The History  By : Mary Pierce
    Europe has contributed greatly to the development of art thanks to its talented artists. Italy is home to great artists such as Miguel Angel or Leonardo da Vinci. The freelance writer, Linda Mc Cain Smith loves Italian art for several reasons; discover them in her interesting articles about Oil Paintings.
  • Buying Candles For Holiday Cheer For Friends  By : suegold
    Scented candles have become a staple for the holidays and especially throughout the fall and winter months. Not all of us know exactly how to go about plucking one candle from the cacophony of many and deciphering whether its aroma will be sweetly pleasant or nauseatingly sickening. What matters is not so much how you respond to it, but how the individual it is meant for will respond.

    It is worth noting that many people who suffer from asthma and other types of respiratory diseases struggle with candles.
  • Symbolism Of Birthstone Gemstones  By : suegold
    The argument that we have a predestined fate, and that we make our destiny is an age old one, being the object of discussion in many a philosophical conversation. It is also an argument that can never have a proven conclusion, only believers in either, by choice as a result of experience. Birthstone gemstones are closely related to the astral powers that be, according to the believers.

    Every sun sign has a birthstone gemstone associated with it, which is supposed to be lucky for the person born during that period.
  • Photo Contests? 5 Huge Mistakes to Avoid  By : Terry Kyle
    Avoid these common mistakes in your photo competition entries and you stand a much better chance of doing well:
  • Professional Photography? 10 Character Traits of a True Pro  By : Terry Kyle
    The most professional and very successful photographers that I have worked with during my own twenty-year professional creative career have all shared certain character traits. By developing these traits yourself, you can fast-track your own photography career development.
  • 3 Deadly Seduction Secrets To Get Any Girl  By : Joel Chu
    When it comes to the game of dating and attraction, much of the outcome is determined by you and you alone. With the right mindset and the confidence to execute, you can get any girl you want easily. Here are 3 deadly seduction secrets to get any girl.
  • What Women Look For In Men?  By : Joel Chu
    Women unlike men are hardwired to respond differently to the game of attraction. With guys being more visual, men are more attracted to looks as the ruling criteria. Women, on the other hand, are slightly more sophisticated creatures, where looks is not the #1 ruling criteria when finding a partner.
  • How To Overcome Fear Of Approaching Women?  By : Joel Chu
    If you find yourself stumbling what to say in the face of a hot chick, here are 2 killer tips to get you ready for the next encounter. The reason why some men tend to get the female is because they are more pro-active. They take the initiative to start the conversation or asking her out. We call this type of man as Alpha Males.
  • How To Get Her To Notice You Instantly?  By : Joel Chu
    If you've always wanted to easily grab the attention of women, then it pays to observe how a particular type of man does it. Society calls them the Alpha Man. And in simplest term, alpha males are men that are generally more dominant, confident and are assured of themselves.
  • 3 Reasons Why Most Guys Absolute Suck At Getting Any Girls  By : Joel Chu
    Being unpredictable is different from being reckless. . It means doing things that she least expected. It can be sending her a nice email or a card on a random date. It can also be taking her out on a romantic date where she less expect to. Have fun, be exciting and her attraction towards you come naturally and increases exponentially with time!
  • The Art Of Seducing A Woman - Get Her Weak On Her Knees  By : Joel Chu
    If you ever date a hot lady, you’re probably going to agree with me, the next most exciting experience besides sex is seducing her. Unfortunately, most guys are plain clueless on what to do to increase her attraction factor towards you by ten fold.
  • Why You Might Be Hopeless With Women And What To Do About It?  By : Joel Chu
    Call me crazy but I strongly believe every guy, no matter rich or poor, whatever is it, has what it takes to get any girl he wants if he puts his mind into it. All it takes is start making small, little changes in yourself and women around you will start perceiving you differently.
  • 3 Reasons Why You Are Hopeless With Women  By : Joel Chu
    If you ever want to get your dream girl or that hot girl across the bar, you first have to be honest be with yourself. Contrary to what many believe, the game of attraction and seduction is simpler than you can imagine. When you take an honest look at your situation, and make changes, you can easily be more attractive to the opposite sex in no time.
  • Why You Might Appear A Complete Loser With Women?  By : Joel Chu
    The TV, magazines, movies and in general, the media have created and imprinted false impressions of the “ideal and attractive” men into many of our minds. The concept of the gentleman in reality is the worst role you can every play when it comes to dating the hot girl across the bar.
  • 3 Tips For Building Inner Power  By : Joel Chu
    Inner power or inner strength is perhaps one of the most elusive powers known to man. You might ask, can we really build inner strength or is this something hardwired to our genes? While I believe that genes do play a part, much of the inner strength within us is determined by ourselves.
  • Why You're Dumb, Sick And Broke?  By : Joel Chu
    Your mind can either be your biggest ally or greatest enemy. If you wonder why you’re dumb, sick and broke while your neighbor is smart, healthy and rich, then you are clearly not doing the right things in life.
  • Does The Beyonce's 10 Day Lemonade Diet Works?  By : Joel Chu
    Beyonce first attempted the Master Cleanse to prepare for her role in the movie, “Dream Girls”, and shed an amazing 20 pounds in less than 10 days. Ever since she publicly verified the effectiveness of the lemonade diet on Oprah, other celebrities including, Robin Quivers, co-host of The Howard Stern Show had lost 70 pounds with this cleanse program.
  • How To Quickly Shed 20 Pounds With Beyonce's Lemonade Diet?  By : Joel Chu
    To prepare for her starring role in the movie, “Dreamgirls”, Beyonce attempted the lemonade diet and lost a remarkable 20 pounds quickly in 10 amazing short days. Her revelation of her amazing weight loss story at Oprah had since sparked many other celebrities to attempt the Lemonade diet.
  • The Beyonce's Lemonade Diet - How She Easily Shed 20 Pounds  By : Joel Chu
    Would you like to lose 20 pounds in less than 10 days? And at the same time, flush your body off deadly toxins that have been clogging your colon for years? Then the Beyonce's Lemonade diet is for you?
  • How Any Guy Can Attract Hot Girls Like Brad Pitt?  By : Joel Chu
    If you have always believed that the only reason why so many women are mesmerized by Brad Pitt was because of his looks, then you're so deadly wrong. His looks do play a part but that's not the crux to his mega attractiveness with women.
  • 3 Steps To Become Brad Pitt And Grab That Hot Girl Now  By : Joel Chu
    Observe many of Brad Pitt's movies and you will find Brad starred in many popular blockbusters as confident, cocky and funny lead roles. From Ocean's Thirteen to Mr. and Mrs. Smith, you can find Brad always leading, always in control. Those traits are what make really attractive with hot women around the world.
  • 3 Secrets Why Women Adore Pierce Brosnan  By : Joel Chu
    If you ever thought it was good looks that led to Pierce Brosnan’s major success with women around the world, then you are so wrong. Pierce is no longer than young, suave-looking man so often portrayed in the James Bond movies.
  • How To Get Any Hot Girl Easily Like A Rock Star!  By : Joel Chu
    If you're still clueless in finding the right words when approaching a lady, you would like to consider reading the Alpha Male Newsletter by dating expert, Jake Riley. His popular newsletter is read by newbies and dating experts to improve their dating game.
  • Beyonce's Master Cleanse - How She Became A DreamGirl  By : Joel Chu
    The easiest and most convenient way to get started on the Master Cleanse is to follow proven advice. Veteran Master Cleanser, Katie Jones, has written an effective study manual to allow anyone to embark on the lemonade diet with ease.
  • Angelina Jolie To Lose 21 Pounds In 21 Days  By : Joel Chu
    If you've been following the celebrity news, you probably have known by now that Angelina Jolie is forcing herself to lose 21 pounds in 21 days to starred in her next movie, “Salt”. And in this new movie, she plays a CIA assassin who is forced to disguise herself as a man.
  • What I Think Angelina Jolie Should Have Done To Lose 21 Pounds In 21 Days  By : Joel Chu
    To prepare for her male role in her upcoming movie, “Salt”, Angelina had to lose 21 pounds in 21 days. She reportedly attempted a popular Hollywood diet which requires her to ingest liquid every 2 hours to 'cleanse her body'.
  • Angelina Jolie's Sex Change Diet And What's So Wrong About It!  By : Joel Chu
    The only drawback is that the transition from the big, fat American diet to a 10 day liquid diet might be grueling for some. Fortunately, veteran Master Cleanser, Katie Jones has written an effective, sturdy manual to bring you through the lemonade diet with extreme and quick ease.
  • The Robin Quivers Lemonade Diet - How She Lost 70 Pounds?  By : Joel Chu
    The Lemonade diet or more commonly known as the Master Cleanse was the detox diet program that Robin Quivers used to shed 70 pounds over three 21-days sessions. And not only has she kept the weight permanently off, she accounts her renewed and improved health to the Master Cleanse as well.
  • How To Lose Weight Without Losing Your Mind  By : Joel Chu
    It's obviously more healthy, but will it help you lose weight? The answer is yes, and here's why. When your body lacks ANY nutrient in its daily intake, it tries to make up the difference by substituting other nutrients. The result can be false messages that you're hungry, when what your body really craves is enough of ONE particular nutrient.
  • 3 Simple Scientific Guidelines For Losing Weight  By : Joel Chu
    How much fat your body burns is directly related to the more lean muscle your body can hold. Your muscle system needs energy to sustain and more energy is needed during strength training. Hence, it burns off the calories you eat and the excess fat on your body.

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