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  • Using Aromatherapy  By : Helenka Petrona
    Essential oils are the tools used in aromatherapy. These oils are distilled from many different plants. The goal of aromatherapy is to quiet the body and mind, fight infections, and bring a general feeling of health and happiness to the people who use it. It's been around for hundreds of years and many different cultures in the world use it. We've always known that plants can be very beneficial to us and these distilled oils are in the same category.
  • Alternatives For Cellulite Reduction  By : Nishanth Reddy
    The following article lists some simple, informative tips that will help you reduce cellulite. This article can give you an insight into everything you've ever wanted to know about alternatives for cellulite reduction.
  • Different Types Of Alopecia  By : Dalvin Rumsey
    Depending on the amount of hair a person looses, alopecia is a disease that can have many different types, each having other causes.
  • Choose Natural Treatments To Control Bowel Problems  By : Allweb
    Chronic constipation is said to be the first step in the development of colon cancer and other associated digestive disorders. Learn how to control bowel problems using natural treatment.
  • Diagnosis and Treatment of Acne  By : Sharon Greenslade
    Acne is a skin problem that usually begins in the young teenage years and can last until the early 20s or even later. It consists of mild to severe outbreaks of pimples and cysts - mainly on the face, but also on the back, arms and chest.
  • 10 Advantages of Light Therapy  By : Lee Dobbins
    Learn about some of the advantages of light therapy to treat the blues in winter as well as certain skin problems.
  • Some Basics of Energy Healing (101): Pranic, Tantric, and Reiki  By : Abbas Abedi
    Some basics about energy healing and its uses.
  • What is Ayurveda and How does Ayurveda heal  By : David T.
    The word Ayurveda means Science of Life, a mind/body science. Ayurveda is a complete system of restoring and maintaining a harmonious mind/body/spirit connection.
  • How Essential Oils are Developed  By :
    Essential oils have been used by man for over 4000 years.Made from the roots, seeds, wood, fruit, leaves and flowers of plants every highly concentrated Essential Oil has unique properties.Aromatic Essential Oils are inhaled to allow physical and mental healing and emotional well being.The oils are safe to use with children and pets.Essential Oils like Marjoram and Rosemary prevent snoring and provide natural migraine relief.More benefits of Essential Oils are to refresh and revitalize, increase productivity and information retention, relax and soothe, stimulate sexual appetite and promote healing.
  • A Natural Heartburn Treatment  By : rss41
    Heartburn and acid reflux happen when you weaken the function of your LEV valve, the muscle that is between your esophagus and stomach. Learn how you can avoid heartburn or acid reflux by changing your eating habits.
  • Arthritis Treatment Using Natural Remedies  By : rss41
    Arthritis is something we all have to deal with at some point. If you work your joints a lot -typing, walking, and running - then you need to read this article to follow some important points about reducing joint inflammation. Discover what causes arthritis and what arthritis treatment you need to use to protect your joints.
  • Exercises to Ease Your Hemorrhoids  By : rss41
    Hemorrhoids are caused when the veins in the anus weaken and bulge out. Just like all parts of the body, exercise will strengthen these veins. Discover here, what exercise can be of benefit for hemorrhoid relief.
  • What Type of Hair Brush Should I Use for Healthy Hair?  By : rss41
    There are many ways to brush your hair. There are many different types of hair brushes. And there are many different types of nutrients to take for health strong hair. Discover in this article information and tips on all of these three topics.
  • Hemorrhoids and Constipation Relief  By : rss41
    If you have hemorrhoids you are constipated. If you have constipation, then eventually you will have hemorrhoids. They go hand in hand. Discover what you need to do to eliminate both conditions.
  • Osteoporosis Natural Treatments That Work  By : rss41
    Your bone density changes as you age. But you don't have to stand by and let it deteriorate. Here are some health practices that you can do to stop your bone loss.
  • Massage: New York Citys Best Survival Tactic  By : David T.
    The life of a New Yorker is not exactly a day at the spa. We spend a big hunk of our lives in transit; waiting in lines, waiting for trains, waiting for the light to change...
  • Holistic Medicine at Works  By : Elby Tineo
    Imagine the next time you join a discussion about holistic. When you start sharing the fascinating holistic facts below, your friends will be absolutely amazed.
  • Constipation Remedy Using Apples and Other Juices  By : rudys
    Here are two constipation remedies that you can use for a mild case and a chronic case of constipation. Learn exactly what you can do with apple, pear, and prune juice to get rid of constipation.
  • Eat Fiber and Avoid Constipation  By : rudys
    Fiber is what our basic diet should consist of. Most of us eat very little fiber and this leads to chronic constipation. Many other illnesses also come from chronic constipation. So, learn what foods provide you with the fiber you need to make your stools float and eliminate constipation.
  • Flax Seeds, Seeds, and Nuts for Constipation Relief  By : rudys
    Here are a variety of home remedies for constipation using flax seeds with other seeds and nuts. They provide the fiber and oils that you need to relieve constipation. Drinking plenty of water with these home remedies will make them more effective.
  • Enuvia Review  By : sudhani
    Enuvia Internal Cleansing Program has been specifically created to provide you with an all-natural, safe, and highly effective organ detoxification system. Order Enuvia today!
  • How to Use Herbal Salves & Ointments to Shrink Your Hemorrhoids  By : Rudy Silva
    Ointments are easy to use and effective, since you apply the active natural remedy directly on the hemorrhoid condition. Here is a list of 7 different hemorrhoid ointments that have a good history of giving hemorrhoid relief.
  • Using Herbs to Relieve Hemorrhoids - Aloe Vera, Bilberry, Butcher's Broom  By : Rudy Silva
    Here are three herbs that you can use to relieve your hemorrhoids. These herbs have a history of providing good hemorrhoid relief. Try them and see.
  • How Brewer's Yeast and MSM Clear Constipation  By : Rudy Silva
    Brewer's yeast can help to ease, reduce, or clear your constipation. If you can handle the taste, add it to your juices morning and night. MSM is a powerful nutrient that can eliminate your constipation and keep your regular. Learn how much of this nutrient you need to use.
  • How Constipation Affects Your Colon, and Health  By : Rudy Silva
    If you understand how critical it is not be constipated, your health now and in the future will benefit. When you have constipation, chronic or otherwise, you feed your blood toxins that will affect your organ's strength.
  • How to Use Senna for Constipation Relief  By : Rudy Silva
    It is known that Egyptians used senna tea to relieve constipation. This tea is used for medium conditions of constipation. It is the chemicals anthraquinones that provide its strong action on your colon walls. It is readily available in health food stores or on the Internet. Learn how to use senna without harming your colon.
  • How Your Constipation Causes Toxicity  By : Rudy Silva
    Having regular constipation can lead to some serious illnesses. Fecal matter should move through your colon easily and in a short time. When fecal matter remains in your colon for days, your colon becomes toxic and spreads this toxicity into every
  • Natural Remedies for Reflux and Heartburn  By : Sophie Cosic
    Heartburn is a common health complaint that has only gotten worse and more prevalent in recent years. Increased work / life stress, obesity and tobacco use are amongst several factors that have created a huge market for anti-acid products.
  • The Low Down on LASIK. Laser Eye Vision Correction is a Permanent Fix?  By : Dr. Kim Robbins
    LASIK or Laser in-Situ Keratomileusis offers a number of benefits over other forms of laser vision correction because it is performed under a protective layer of corneal tissue.
  • Aromatherapy In Few Words  By : George Kakaris
    Learn all the basic information about Aromatherapy and discover its benefits. Donít hesitate and indulge yourself with Aromatherapy Essential oils that fit to your desire and needs.

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