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  • Alcoholism, Addictions and Friends of Bill: Post Holiday  By : Burk Pendergrass
    The Story Of Bill W, founder of AA, reaching out to those suffering.
  • Ways to Prevent Addiction Relapse  By : Alan Meyers
    The following paragraphs will address ways to prevent relapse and show how you can live a happy, healthy life, without fear and without relapse.
  • Crossing the Barriers to Staying Sober  By : David Peters
    Make up your mind to stop drinking "Chance favors only the prepared mind". You crazy, you binge so much you don't have any chance at all to stop drinking. Does your inner self say this? Fight against it. In your decision to stop drinking, the first barrier you need to cross is your negative self. Be positive you can stop drinking. Well get alcohol out of sight. Gift your bottles to your enemy!....
  • Alcohol: The Enemy in the Bottle  By : David Peters
    Once viewed as a simple lack of control over one's excesses, alcoholism is now recognized as one of the more debilitating diseases of modern society which affects millions of people all over the world. And yet this disease continues to be dismissed by many as an "It can't happen to me" malady until the individual is so intertwined in the clutches of alcoholism that desperate measures have to be resorted to.
  • Escaping from Drug Addiction through Professionally-Assisted Withdrawal  By :
    Addiction or substance abuse is a complex brain disease. A person with an addiction experiences cravings that persist even in the face of extremely negative consequences. During a craving, a person with an addiction misses the habit-forming drug terribly, and often he or she experiences symptoms of withdrawal.
  • Break Free from Drug Addiction  By :
    Drug-addiction is a problem ever since. Statistics of drug addiction are very alarming. However, there are treatments and help an addicted person can go to and find ways to cope with this problem and as such breaking a drug addiction may be difficult, but not impossible.
  • Cracked By Crack: The Side Effects of Cocaine Withdrawal and Abuse  By : Zuske Sagara
    Cocaine, both in the common form and the more refined “crack” form, can cause a wide range of side effects on the body. Some of these symptoms are aggravated by withdrawal from the drug, while others manifest only once the drug is being removed from the system. The effects are both mental and physical, with things like panic, insomnia, coughing, and nasal congestion being commonly cited problems during the detoxification process.
  • Letting The Tables Go: The Perils Of Gambling Addiction  By : Lliorlance
    For most people, gambling is really just a way to get rid of all the stress and anxiety that one has to endure in life. However, problems arise when the gambling gets to the point where the gambler is willing to sacrifice anything and everything just to sustain the habit. Some gamblers go too far and not only compromise their finances, but their mental and emotional well-being as well.
  • Sex Can Be Addictive  By :
    This article discusses sex addiction, its relation to stress, its effects and management.
  • Alcoholism is a Progressive Disease  By : David Peters
    One of the difficulties in recognizing alcoholism as a disease is it just plain doesn't seem like one. It doesn't look, sound, smell and it certainly doesn't act like a disease. To make matters worse, generally it denies it exists and resists treatment. Alcoholism has been recognized for many years by professional medical organizations as a primary, chronic, progressive and sometimes fatal disease.
  • Stopping Drinking: You can do it!  By : David Peters
    Double Fist Your Drinks: If you are drinking an alcoholic beverage it is a great idea to have a glass of water there as well and drink the two together. Drinking the water in between sips of your alcohol can help to keep the concentration of the alcohol down in your blood stream. You are also less likely to have a hangover the next day if you keep hydrated as well.
  • The Hidden Dangers Of Prescription Pill Addiction  By : Bill Urell
    Most people do not think about the possibility of an addiction to a prescription drug; however, prescription pill addiction is becoming more and more common in the United States. Prescription pill addiction is on the rise among out teenagers today.
  • Finding The Best Treatment For Pain Killer Addiction  By : Helen Hecker
    There are a number of effective treatment options to treat pain killer addiction to prescription opioids and to help manage the sometimes severe withdrawal symptoms that can accompany the sudden stopping of the pain killers or drugs.
  • Alcohol and Drug Abuse Relapse is a Choice  By : Edward Wilson
    Relapse isn't the return of a "disease." It's a personal choice and should be regarded as such - not a convenient excuse for avoiding responsibility for one's actions.
  • Help For Children with A.D.D. & A.D.H.D.  By : mcomo
    Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) are fast growing disorders in the US that currently affects 10 to 15% of all school children. This figure is expected to double in the next 5 years.
  • The Many Effects of Alcohol  By : David Peters
    Drinking alcohol is dangerous for kids and teens and sometimes for adults, too. Alcohol is a drug, and it is the drug most abused by teens. Many kids have their first drink at an early age, as young as 10 or 11 or even younger. They may have seen their parents drink or cool ads for beer and wine. It's easy for a kid to get the wrong message about alcohol. In TV commercials, drinking looks like a lot of fun. You might see people drinking and watching sports together or having a big party.
  • Alcohol Abuse Or Alcoholism, Are You Crossing The Line?  By : Bill Urell
    Alcohol abuse can be a tricky term to use, considering that 'abuse' can have different meanings to different people. However, it is often understood as referring to the excessive use of alcohol, and causing problems or negative consequences.
  • Eating Disorders: Addiction and Recovery  By : Kausik Dutta
    Eating disorders are rapidly becoming one of the most common, and dangerous, public health issues plaguing many countries. Never before have diseases such as anorexia, bulimia, and food addictions been such a rampant problem. Fortunately, there are many treatment options and help available for people facing these life-threatening problems. Read on to find out more information about eating disorders and treatment options for you or someone you care about.
  • Beating an Addiction  By : Mario
    The 4 stages of addiction come in to play mainly when you try to change an eating habit or anything that is self medicated. Food is the
  • Exploring the Reasons Behind Drug Addiction  By : Annabelle Rox
    Drug addiction is a state of being that is characterised by the compulsive intake and intoxication of a drug. .This is one of the most common illnesses in the Western world with an estimated nine million Americans needing treatment for an addiction
  • Is Alcohol Considered A Drug?  By : Bill Urell
    As an addictive substance, alcohol can be as bad as drugs. Alcohol abuse and addiction, often referred in general terms as alcoholism, is a common problem in many communities, able to cut across economic and social barriers.
  • How To Overcome Sex Addiction - Plan carefully  By : Joe Zychik
    How to achieve long term success in overcoming sexual addiction through careful planning. Also what to plan for and how to plan for it.
  • Sex Addiction: the Intimacy Factor  By : Joe Zychik
    The relationship between overcoming sex addiction and intimacy
  • Pain Killer Addiction - Find Help Fast  By : Helen Hecker
    Physical dependence on a drug suggests that sudden stopping of the drug may result in negative consequences.
  • Sex Addiction: It Can Be Overcome  By : Joe Zychik
    The most common mistakes made when attempting to overcome sex addiction. How to get started correctly and identify the underlying problems.
  • Como Controlar Adiccion a las Apuestas  By : Jack Reider
    Aquí te presento una serie de consejos para tratar a un ser querido que es adicto a las apuestas de una forma efectiva.
  • The Effects of Smoking and Drinking On Mental Proficiency  By : Denny Soinski
    Research demonstrates that smoking and alcoholism result in diminished thinking ability. Since 50 to 80% of alcoholics smoke, then most alcoholics are hurting their mental proficiency due to smoking and drinking.
  • Quitting the Negative Cycle of Excuses and Addiction  By : Denny Soinski
    Habits and addictions seem to have a life of their own. If a positive momentum is to be realized, however, people need to involve themselves in healthy and beneficial habits rather than searching for shortcuts and giving in to harmful addictions.
  • The Mixed Messages in our Society About Drinking Alcohol  By : Denny Soinski
    Find out how mixed messages in our society about drinking alcohol can lead to destructive behavior. This article discusses an important factor in the reasons why people in our society abuse alcohol. In short, this message needs to be heard!
  • The War on College Alcohol Abuse  By : Denny Soinski
    More education is not the only weapon that can be successfully used in the battle against college alcohol abuse. Various proactive and reactive measures are listed that compliment educational approaches in the war on college alcohol abuse.

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