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By: Vikram Kuamr

Everyone has a favorite song. Chances are one of the reasons that you love this song is because of the music lyrics that it has. There are some people who love the instrumental composition of a song but most people are stuck on the words that the artist is saying. If you have a song that is amazing and the words are sub par generally it is not going to be nearly as popular as a song that has words that hit home and mean something to everyone. When you love what a song is saying you are going to want to sing along and enjoy it for years to come. This is what is going to make a song memorable or not.

Successful music lyrics place words where they are going to get the message across in a creative way. In some cases it is the music that is going to make the song memorable but this is often times not the case. Either way there is no doubt that a song would not be complete if it did not have the lyrics to set the tone. There are a lot of artists that have this amazing gift to be able to write solid new lyrics. Often times this ability helps them to launch a successful career. In fact, it is likely that they would not be showcasing their singing talents if they were unable to write successfully.

The misconception that most people have is that lyrics are just words. The differences is that while they are words, they are words that are meant to showcase meanings and feelings. If they are able to make the listener feel the same things then they are going to be more successful. One thing is for certain though, if you do not have access to a great database, learning them is going to be something that is quite difficult. The feelings that can be invoked include those of anger, humor, sadness, love, and action. Certain songs are credited with helping a generation to be able to stand up and rise against those who are in power. Where would the 1960ís be without Bob Dylan?

Most of the time new lyrics are written rhythmically. You can not just throw together words at random or even say them in the same way as you would if you were speaking. Instead you would have to make sure that you use the right words that are going to carry the rhythm of the song. This is why learning to write lyrics is so difficult and something that few are actually successful at.

Many artists even spend more time writing the words to their songs then they do writing the music. So it can take a lot of time to be able to write them and to put them into the right rhythm for the music that is being played. Before a new song can be recorder or released, a lot of time and energy has gone into being able to make it mean something and put that message across.

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