why learn php???

By: Payal Parekh

Php is an server-side scripting language . Php was developed for web-development but also its also used for an general purpose web applications. Its developed by Rasmus Lerdorf in 1994. Its originally named by Personal Home Page but now it stands to Hypertext Preprocessor .

A php file extensions are .php . Its structured influence by many other languages like : C, Perl, Java, C++, Python . Php language is also can be embedded into html code easily .The main aim of the language is to allow Web developers to write dynamically generated pages quickly so it can help their Web Development. Notetabpro, Dreamweaver etc : This are the software which can used to developed website in Php. Its very easy to download from internet . General structure of php :

There are so many popular websites out there in the internet like Facebook, Wordpress, Yahoo, Tumblr, Istock, Flikr etc. which is developed in php language . Striking features of php: Easy to learn Familiarity with syntax Free of cost Efficiently in performance A huge helpful community

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Below are the best websites made in PHP

1. Yahoo: One of the most trafficked website on the planet with more than 627 million unique visitors per month.

2. FaceBook: It is no secret that Facebook makes use of PHP in the user end.

3. Wikipedia: The best free source for all kinds of information over web Wikipedia is developed using a software called MediaWiki which is written in PHP.

4. Flickr: The web's leading photo sharing site hosting over 2.5 billion images uses PHP.

5. WordPress.com: Wordpress is also developed using PHP and JavaScript and in addition to that JQuery library is also used for animating, event handling.

6. Friendster: One of the largest social networking sites. It was founded in 2003. A Global traffic rank of 16,443 on Alexa and over 50 million users.

7. Digg: a user driven social content website uses PHP too.

8. SourceForge.net: The world's largest Development and Download repository of Open Source code and applications.

9. iStockPhoto: A royalty-free stock photo provider and most likely the most popular online photo library.It is now owned by Getty Images.

10. LiveBid Auctions: A part of Amazon.com and the leading provider of live-event auctions on the Internet.....

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