some common sense about washing underwear

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Many women are short of some common sense of washing their underwear. For that, their underwear is usually not kept long. Wrong wash way makes their underwear are easy to become old. So it is necessary for you to get this knowledge about keep your underwear.
Underwear is closest to the body of clothing, notice first clean. Dirt not only means not clean, more will influence of fabrics of ventilation, absorbent and softness, thereby damage of fabric. Much buy a few pieces of favorite underwear, used alternately, each piece of underwear of life can extend some. Senior or higher-priced products sometimes only beautiful and not durable, take care to caress can maintain its advantages. Underwear of the material of many soft ware, take off the thin, do not too hard, fingernail don't hook blow to fiber. Wear off, but also pay attention to the do not put powdery bottom, touch on inner above lipstick.

1.#The ideal washing method with warm water and neutral emulsions, with "light press" way separately.
2.#Appropriate is in cold or slightly lower than temperature (30 degrees below) of warm wash, do not use hot water. The material will be changed, if the water is too hot. So remember this point which is the first step when washing your underwear.
3. Should use general neutral detergent.
4. Lotion want right amount, too much detergent for corrosion, damaged underwear.
5. Should first will lotion totally soluble in 30-40 centigrade water after completely dissolved, just can put down clothes, lotion directly touch in underwear, will lead to local color, causing inhomogeneous color.
6. Never use bleach; chlorine bleach might damage the material, make it become yellow. This is an important notice. Many women will make the same mistake above. Some women just wear for one time and can‘t wear these new goods after washing them. The reason is lying here. Now, have you got it? So you have to remember well.

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