quit Smoking Aids - What are they ?

By: jean Chambers

Many people start smoking due to peer pressure or similar things. In fact back in te 50s it was cool to smoke and you would have seen advert son the TV and in the media. If you were in the merchant services they even brought you cigarettes. Once you begin smoking, it becomes both a habit and addictive. But we now know how dangerous smoking in and how harmful it is. The best thing would be to stop the routine. And why should you do that? If you do not pay heed to them and start using the stop smoking aids, you are almost guaranteed to suffer from health problems and cut down your life expectation.

So how do I quit smoking I hear you ask? Well there are numerous ways from hypnosis to nicotine replace drugs such as patches and electronic cigarettes

Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT): Nicotine is an addictive drug so your body cries out for it when you quit smoking. A lot of people when they stop smoking begin to suffer from depression and anxiety. The trick here is to quit smoking cigarettes, but to maintain the supply of nicotine dose to the body and then lessen it over a period of time. A few Stop smoking aids that are around will help you stop smoking and slowly over time lower the nicotine dosage so you no longer become a salve to it

False cigarettes: Most of the young people go for smoking because they think it looks cool to hold the cigarette in between their fingers. In fact, after trying to give up, loads of people even yearn to have that white pencil stick back in their hands, and a false cigarette often assuages this craze of theirs effectively.

The numerous medications that is around works by helping your mind get rid of the nicotine routine.

Hypnotherapy: This is a tried and tested technique for lots of things such as phobias, weight loss, sleeping disorders etc. Hypnosis is very effective as it makes you relaxed and puts your mind to rest. During this relaxed state your mind can be reprogrammed and made more self-confident to help battle the routine of that filthy nicotine stick - I have used hypnosis to build incentive in the past and it certainly does work.

These are just some of the quit smoking aids that can assist you on your journey and probably the ones that have proven to work the best.

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Derek Chambers of www.easy-stop-smoking.com is a former smoker and has written a review about stop smoking aids and how they can help you kick the habbit. For more easy ways to stop smoking visit www.easy-stop-smoking-aids.com

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