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Play system consists of swings, monkey bars, slides and other climbing features and will keep the kids amused for some time. However, safety is a big issue. As such, Fallows and Collier strongly suggest that parents buy only playground equipment that complies with safety standards.

One thing the most of the parents forget when planning to install play system in the back yard is to leave enough open space. A spacious, flat, grassy area that lends itself well to a wide range of sports and play activities is essential. You could also consider installing synthetic grass in the play area. It's durable, designed to be realistic, and maintenance-free. Open play areas allow for a wide variety of games from badminton to tag. A few trees around the perimeter of the yard are also a plus. Besides offering some shade, trees can serve as bases, hiding places, and net supports.

Play system slides and swings help children to learn how to indulge in fun activities, discover new things, interact with each other and build up their social skills. While playing outdoors, children learn how to stand again after falling down, how to share problems, how to make friends, how to understand the nature of friends and so on. Although playgrounds are meant for the enjoyment of children but the children will constantly be learning some or the other new thing, throughout the outdoor play.

By providing children with a great play system environment, it stimulates their mind and allows for cognitive development. When they play on playground swings, sand and tunnels, they use their imagination which is important for developing an intelligent mind. They start thinking about things on their own which improves their independence and thinking power. Different playground swings and equipments contribute to the development of different areas within the brain of the children.

We can make the play system a place that's entertaining and safe for your kids by checking equipment for potential hazards and following some simple safety guidelines. And teaching kids how to play safely is important: If they know the rules of the playground, they're less likely to get hurt.
Though parental supervision is paramount to children's safety in playgrounds, teaching kids to act responsibly is still a must to complete the safety equation. Parents should instill in their children the following:
* Follow the instructions that are labeled on every play system equipment;
* Do not push or harass other children while using outdoor playground equipment;
* Wear sneakers while playing to prevent from slipping (depending on the playground equipment, a child may be required to take his or her shoes off);
* Be patient when waiting for a turn on any particular piece of playground equipment.
As the play system are the long term investments, so choose the best brand for your kid. But mostly itís just a lot of fun. And Iím glad itís there, because the kids all seem to enjoy it and thatís what playgrounds are for. To give kids a place to have fun, test them, and play.
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