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By: bilalahmad

Success means a breakthrough, and I must confess that it is not under lock
and key. Success is nothing but "I can do it!" All through my life I was looking around the world looking for the key to success. I believe that success under lock and key is hidden from us all, and it is very difficult to find.

In my long search through all the years, I do not find success, but no matter how I tried, he looked at me that I have not found success yet, because I was not able to look at things. My father was such a great man who never takes on average for a replacement. He once told me that success is not found in the street, but when you look at the success, I must look "inside". This was known to me, when it is removed from me in high school (where all you get is secondary), in college (where I was "called" with age). Yes, I was really 'called' age, because I have been greatly developed in the style of the great thinker. The College has its own motto: "Duc in altum". This is a Latin word that means "The aim at the highest." Here, I learned my first lesson in life do not agree that the so-called average.

I really aimed at the summit, and not to leave my school motto behind. This motto has inspired me to the thread of success with caution. On the opposite of success is the inability and the failure occurs as a result of restrictions. The restrictions are a failure to satisfy some basic needs, goals, or achieving a certain height or purpose, have breakthroughs, do or be influenced by such basic needs as food, clothing, housing and mobility
. In any case, I learned in my younger days, irrespective of boundaries, limits or boundaries that may hinder me to perform because I was appointed, I must see how these restrictions to trust God and go beyond them.

Of course, we all have limitations of a party, and anybody can look at it you see the limitations in its shades and colors - the physical, spiritual, financial, social and intellectual (mental) limit. However, telling me to place it can be difficult to do, but the truth is that 'this could be done. "Someone once told me that under the" impossibility "of these situations are opportunities to achieve them. This means that what I might call yesterday and today, the impossibility of what today might be tomorrow. Many things have changed since the new invention, made possible by the persistent nature of something.

That is why I always argue that the failure is a state of mind, and that such restrictions, but a temporary phenomenon. Just listen to what the angel of God said to Mary in the Holy Bible, "For God nothing shall be impossible" (Luke 1:37). The Bible also says: "Things that are impossible with men is possible with God" (Luke 15:27). Maybe you do not believe in God, but if you try to understand that God has never, and there are no restrictions with him. Do not try to take the idea that the sky your limit, because as a small child I resolved that I was so long ago, say, in my age of 13 years. I have seen in the sky is too close to my limit, because when the sky is heaven, so I took to the sky as my starting point. Only the sky qualified to be my limit! Before us there all the achievements, we have not rested.

You may have searched in the same 'key to success', and me in my' blind 'days, or may be you think you have reached the end of the road (your limit) and no more hope left anywhere. Well, I want to say that it was me SUCCESSFUL after a long search. Now take a mirror and look at the image that appears right in front of you. The image which is that? Sincerely yours, of course! You are the key to success! You can not succeed when you refuse to acknowledge this fact. You hold the key, you hold the lock, all in your hands. All it takes for you to believe that you can do it!

Again, if you start today to use the principles of God and the wisdom, the restriction of any form would be a thing of the past. You heard it, what else would take for me to prove to you that you can have success? Believe him to succeed in you, the key hand, do not throw it away

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