iPhone repair: replacing a cracked screen on iPhone 4s

By: Axel Price

A cracked screen on an iPhone might prove to be a problem that can only be solved by a good Apple repair Montreal company. In fact, if you donít have an AppleCare+ package, or arenít insured by the carried to cover iPhone repair, taking it to a good Apple repair Montreal company might be the only way out. Of course, you can still attempt an iPhone repair by yourself. Itís not really advisable, as while a reputable Apple repair Montreal company will fix your phone for a small fee, trying to perform an iPhone repair yourself can cause further damage to the phone. This means that you should never attempt a DIY iPhone repair by yourself just to save money. Only do it if using the services of an Apple repair Montreal company is the only option. Still, with the right tools, itís possible to repair the phone by yourself.

Hereís what you will need for this job, aside from a replacement LCD and digitizer: a #00 Phillips screwdriver; a security screwdriver; a metal spudger; a paperclip.Once you have all the tools ready, power off the iPhone and remove the screws on the sides of the dock connector with a security screwdriver. Slide the back plate upwards and lift it off. The inner working of the iPhone are now exposed. Remove the two screws that are holding the battery with a #00 Phillips screwdriver. Carefully take out a small grounding clip with a spudger, and then pry up the battery clip with a spuder so it pops up. Pry out the battery. Be gentle with it, or you risk bending it. Remove the silver and black logic board shields on the top side of the iPhone by unscrewing the fiver screws with a #00 Phillips screwdriver, and lifting them up with a spudger. Unclip the logic board cables with a spudger.

There are seven cables in total, six on top, and one under the bottom most cable. Once youíre finished with the cables, remove the rear-facing camera, and move on to the dock connector. Use the #00 Phillips screwdriver on the screws, remove the connector shield with a spudger and move it aside. Then gently pry up the dock connector cable and peel it back. Remove the cellular antenna next, and then remove the SIM tray and the SIM card with a paper clip. Then, remove the screws holding the logic board with a #00 Phillips screwdriver. Remove the other two screws with a flat head screwdriver, and lift the logic board out of the iPhone.

After thatís done, remove the loud speaker assembly, the vibrator assembly, and the digitizer and LCD. You might have to reattach the home button, speaker mesh and camera hold to your new digitizer and LCD. They can be transferred easily. Once done, assemble the iPhone back. Your iPhone repair job is finished, but if you feel threatened by this guide, it might be a better decision to visit an Apple repair Montreal company after all.

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If you cracked a screen of your iPhone, your best bet would be to take the iPhone to a reputable Apple repair Montreal company. If that for some reason is an issue, you can attempt doing the Apple repair job yourself.

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