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By: Robert Thomson

It is unfortunate that there is no iPhone GPS capability at present and nor is it going to become a reality very soon and the reason for this could be that the GPS does not figure in the list of desired iPhone features. In fact, it is rather unfortunate because most users of the iPhone would certainly welcome having iPhone GPS and what’s worse is the fact that there won’t even also be any way to connect a Bluetooth GPS receiver to your iPhone, and nor is it going to be possible to install any different type of GPS on your iPhone.

Not A Requirement

Unfortunately, even the FCC does not really require that the new model phones (including the iPhone) should have GPS in their feature sets. In fact, if you are wondering that even though there is no iPhone GPS, would it still be possible to use its Bluetooth capability to connect to a Bluetooth GPS receiver. Here again, the answer seems to indicate that it is not necessarily a possibility because simply having a pair of Bluetooth devices does not necessarily add up to being able to communicate as well as work with either device though they must be able to share what is known as a profile.

In fact, the Bluetooth GPS devices make use of serial profiles which in actual fact precludes the possibility of connecting your iPhone with a Bluetooth GPS. However, all is not lost because both Apple as well as Cingular are putting their joint efforts into working on applications for iPhones that should see, in a matter of some months or even years, the possibility of iPhone GPS becoming a reality.

What it all boils down to is that in the present and also in the foreseeable future, buyers will have to make do without iPhone GPS and they may in fact, have to contend with only using Google Maps. It is thus best to only hope that Apple and Cingular can together come up with something to solve this problem.

However, there are other rumors doing the rounds that relate to Navizon iPhone GPS, and according to the founder as also CEO of Mexens Technology, you would in fact get some sort of simulation of iPhone GPS if you were to install their software and then hit a button called Locate Me, which would give users of the iPhone their location on the map and also give directions pertaining to another destination.

Thus, it seems that though it may be possible to simulate a kind of iPhone GPS, for the near term it does not seem possible that users will get the advantage of having iPhone GPS capability.

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