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By: Harbans Lal

A targeted, loyal mailing list is essential to growing an online eBook business that will When you have a mailing list, you can build up customer loyalty and create a relationship with your subscribers that will have them more than willing to buy your products.
You are probably slightly puzzled right now about why people would want to join your mailing list, or anyone's mailing list, for that matter. For help visit Here's why. Almost everyone searching on the Internet is looking for information they want or need for hundreds of reasons. That search can be for "How-To" manuals on almost any subject you can think of, like how to make money online, how to grow better roses, how to win contests or how to research their family history, for example.

They are also looking for technical tips, crocheting patterns, activities for kids and secret recipes to amaze their friends at the next get-together. As you can see, the search for information is an endless pursuit.

When you identify an active niche that interests you, the next thing you have to do is create, a short eBook or report that would appeal to the members of your selected niche.

It doesn't have to be a long 40-60 page tome, but just a 10-15 page short report on some facet of your target niche.

Maybe you know 10 steps to make some task easier or 6 ways to drive your neighbors crazy with your year-round emerald green lawn. You get the idea?

Once you create the report, put it in PDF format and give it away to anyone who will sign up for your list.

Using an autoresponder service, you can put this part of your business on autopilot and have the opt-in form saved and the download link automatically sent to the new member of your list as soon as they verify their subscription. For more details you can login to If you are new to this process, that giant leap between creating your eBook/report and getting someone to know about it and sign up for your list to get the free eBook might seem insurmountable, but it isn't.

Look for newsletters, blogs and forums related to your niche and join them. Sign up for the newsletter and the blog, join the forums and become an active member.

Comment in a positive manner or ask a good question about the latest issue of the newsletter. Add comments to the blogs you just joined.

Here's the secret about this process. Add a link to your landing page and an intriguing question to your signature and put them on any comment you make on anything. Add that signature to every email you send.

Never click "Enter" or "Send" without making sure your signature is at the end of whatever you are doing. Write a few short articles, 400-500 words each, on your niche and submit them to article directories.

Make sure you add an author's box at the end of the articles with your link visible in it. Newsletters and blog webmasters will pick them up and publish them for the enjoyment of their readers.

Article submission is the heart of viral marketing and is very successful for sending interested traffic to your site.

Your goal here is to create a reputation and some credibility online with the articles, membership in forums, newsletters and blogs.

Your total focus has to be on getting dedicated users interested in your information and clammering to get more of it.

Marketing your website is the one technique you should master for your own survival and success online. Offer an article to a newsletter webmaster and the blogs you joined, with your link in them, of course.

This will get you some backlinks to your site that search engines love.

A little research will get you enough information on choosing and using keywords and other search engine optimization techniques that will help you get good page rankings.

All the information and help you need is out there someplace and you'll find it if you search intelligently.

Another good idea is to join a couple of social bookmarking sites and post articles with links to your sites and eBooks.

Other members will tag your site if they like it and the search engines will notice the backlink. You should stay in touch with your list with informative emails on a regular basis.

A short list of tips or resources is always welcome. Once in a while include a notice of some new product you have for sale on your site or mention an affiliate product you are promoting and include the link to the product.

Once in a while your list members won't mind a gentle ad for your products. Just make sure your email marketing doesn't turn into spam and include junk or you will lose your list in a heartbeat.

This eBook marketing strategy has had a lot of success and it is widely used by hundreds of online marketers.

It takes some dedication, research and work, but the results will be well worth it when the income streams begin to show up in your bank account.

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