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Are you looking for ways to become more eco-friendly but, other than buying energy saving light bulbs and recycling your newspapers, youíre struggling to really reduce your carbon footprint? It seems youíre not alone. Increasing numbers of us are starting to think about our impact on the environment and would like to do more to help but donít really know where to start.

Well an obviously place to kick things off is in the home. 40% of the UKís carbon emissions come from us as individuals. This includes driving to work in that old banger but also boiling too much water in the kettle and leaving the lights on when we go out. But the biggest offender, are our boilers. They contribute two thirds of our personal pollution largely because they are old and wasteful.

There are a few small changes you can make to your boiler and your home to ensure you make the most efficient use of your heating.

First off, by install an energy-efficient boiler to replace your old inefficient one. Condenser combination boilers are the best option. Combi-boilers only heat up the water as and when you need it so because you donít need to leave them on all the time, you will waste far less electricity, so reduce your CO2 emissions.

The condenser element to these new energy-efficient boilers comes from their unique mechanism to reuse the gases normally lost through the flue to condense the water vapour in the boiler back into water. This minimises heat loss and maximises efficiency. This works out at around £170 off your electricity bills and a saving of 875kg of CO2 per year.

But surely these are expensive? Well if you get British Gas to install one of these for you before 25 July, you will save £852. This saving is based on £400 off a new boiler, £204 off a yearís worth of home care and £248 off radiator heating and controls installation.

This £248 saving will also increase if you take into account the extra £100 a year you will save on your heating bill by simply using timers and thermostats in each room.

Itís the small changes that make the biggest difference and if we all made the switch to energy efficient boilers we would save 13 million tonnes of CO2 and enough energy to heat around 3.4 million homes for one year.

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British Gas are not just gas suppliers. They also offer a range of other services including central heating repair.

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