Your Way Of Thinking Can Create Failure With Your Network Marketing Business

By: Vanessa Lea

How does your state of mind factor into the success or failure of your network marketing business? Do you let your emotions control whether you are having a productive or non-productive day? Do you realize that there are simple, innovative ways to turn negative thought patterns back into positive, inspirational ideas?

Over the years, I've been inspired by many new ideas and strategies that might help me to build and grow my business faster, easier, and with more success. There were days that I have wanted to quit and say "enough is enough". But I was very determined to see it through because my desire and thirst for success was overpowering.

Many programs, trainings, or systems would find their way across my desk and my curiosity always got the best of me. Their ads were very eye-catching and persuasive and usually got me to opt in and buy their 100% guarenteed product After all, it was guaranteed so if it didn't work out I could get my money back. I couldn't pass on that golden opportunity. Oh the joy and excitement I'd feel believing that this was "the thing" that would propel me to the top of my company. It would get me so excited and energized to think how easy and duplicatable my business would become and began to see myself having it all The best fantasy I had was to be able to quit my day job once and for all I could literally see myself telling off my boss and grinning uncontrollably as I tell her to take my job and shoving it. But, as things sometimes go, this program that was supposed to take me to the top would be nothing like how it was described and I would either be left with not enough information or asked to purchase more items to get what was initially advertised. Either way, it would send me down an immediate path of negativity and hopelessness again.Little by little you start to believe that with so much junk out there on the internet, how is an average network marketer supposed to know what is truly a viable and genuine opportunity? You'd think I would have learned my lesson by now.

Luckily for me, I had a tool that I used frequently to help me with my "never give up" mentality so that I could continue towards my goals and dreams with a positive, energizing attitude.

1. Re-affirm your goals - Stop, Drop, Re-affirm, and Confirm: When things don't go your way or when you have a major setback, you have to Stop what you're doing, Drop your pen, pencil, keyboard, repeat your goals to yourself out loud, then cement it in writing. It will help re-evaluate and substantiate the reason you began your journey in the first place.

2. Stay Connected - Tune yourself into a business training call or inspirational video to get re-motivated and enthused. Remember the feeling you felt when you first discovered the passion inside. You have to go back in time to the day you discovered this new method in which you were going to utilize to make your dreams come true.

3. Step Away From The Computer - Take a break from the daily grind and do something fun yourself. Your mind needs to shut down every once in awhile just like a computer to "reboot" and recharge your creative energy. Go for a walk, listen to some upbeat music, go to the gym or watch a funny movie. When you're ready to get back to your computer, you will feel refreshed and revitalized once again.

Remember one thing, time is on your side. Giving a little effort every day is key when building your foundation for life. The word "quit" should not ever be a part of your vocabulary. The only way you can possibly fail is if you give up on yourself too soon. Don't quit on yourself. Become proactive in success with re-energizing methods of mindset renewal. Here's a great resource tool to help you:

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