Your Local Water Damage Company's Role in Flooded Commercial Buildings in St. Louis MO

By: Joe Duncan

One of the worst floods to ever hit the United States was The Great Flood of 1993. The Great Flood covered around 745 miles in length and 435 miles in width. Some of the areas that were affected were Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Minnesota, Nebraska, North Dakota and Missouri. The amount of damage done to these areas was one that could only be imagined. The ones that had it pretty bad were the towns that were nearest to the Missouri and Mississippi river and St. Louis was not exempted from the brunt of the incident.

Ever since this horrific event, people have feared other natural calamities to arise. The worst thing that could ever happen to them is a repeat of the 1993 incident. Nobody wants that to happen, especially since everything is structurally fixed now. Although flooding is such a fearsome occurrence, having a trusted water damage company can alleviate most fears.

You can actually inquire about the services that your local commercial water damage company St. Louis can render but to give you a heads up, they can provide proper renovations needed for any mess left by major flooding or even occurrences such as broken pipes.

Your commercial water damage company in St. Louis basically offers 24 hour emergency service, direct billing to insurance, water and sewage extraction, mold remediation, dehumidification, complete structural drying, and mold testing services. This has done wonders especially for the commercial buildings that experience a broken pipe or a mysterious water leakage that cannot be found.

One of the most difficult problems that can happen when there is a flood is that water seeps into the hardwood floors. If you were attending to this problem with an inexperienced team, this would turn out to be one of the most stressful tasks you could ever think of. Your local commercial water damage company has actually found ways to get rid of the floodwater from hardwood floors and even the floor tiles.

They remove the water by installing some mats and aligning it to the creases of the wooden planks or tiles. These mats have tubes connected to it that are all connected a very large fan. The point of this contraption would be to remove the water that got into the creases by letting the air travel through the tubes which will eventually dry up all the moisture and push out the excess water from the grooves.

Another problem that they tackle is the pungent smell that always seems to be floating around even weeks after the damage has been cleared out. The way they attend to this is by installing some dehumidifiers around the areas that smell the most. The reason why getting rid of the odor is important is not only for the office to smell good but also to make sure that the workers will not get sick. The bacteria that are carried in the air can cause almost anyone to get sick just by inhaling or coming into contact it with.

These are just some of the services that your commercial water damage company has to offer. Knowing how they can help you will ease out most worries when such unfortunate situation is experienced.

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