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One of the sad facts about our economy is that most people hate their job. The dream of the average American is to be rich enough to quit work. Yet the people who are really rich tend to keep working and usually work long hours because they are working at something they love. For them it's just fun!

It is common for people to have a sport or a hobby that they pursue in their spare time. They generally don't earn any money from this, in fact it usually costs them money, but they can't wait to do it. What if you could make your living by doing something that you love as much as you love your sport or hobby?

There are basically two different ways to go about achieving this goal.

The first way is to work out how to turn your sport or hobby into a business. The reason most people don't do this is that they are thinking inside the square. For example, they think that you have to be a great athlete to make a living from sport, but this is only a perception.

Last year I was in Australia and I discovered a guy who is making millions of dollars a year from sport yet isn't good enough to play.

This man had a passion for Australian Football but wasn't good enough to become a professional player so he chose to become a journalist writing about football. From there he went on to host, for many years, the most popular sports show on Australian television. He was earning a fortune! In fact he was earning much more than he would have been earning had he had the athletic ability to become a professional footballer.

Then, as often happens, he discovered a new passion. As he became more successful he found that he had a talent for business. He now runs the largest television network in his country and is a very wealthy man.

If he had given up making a living from sport simply because he wasn't a good enough athlete he may be broke today or be doing a job that he hates, like most of the population are doing. But this man took his thinking outside the square and looked for other ways he could earn a living from pursuing some aspect of his passion.

I wonder what you could be doing if you started brainstorming outside the square?

The second approach to finding a way of making a living from your passion is to brainstorm around what business or profession you might be able to develop a passion in if you took the time to study it and do it.

We all come into the world with no knowledge of the many fascinating opportunities the world holds for us and with no passion for any hobby or career. Many times we stumble by chance across a sport or hobby that ends up becoming a passion. Logic tells us that there are probably many potential passions for you that you haven't stumbled across yet. What if you took matters into your own hands and started looking for them.

How would you start?

Start by thinking of the reasons why you like the things you like and then brainstorm around those qualities to see where else you could find them. There is probably a profitable profession or business opportunity tailor made for you just waiting for you to find it.

It's worth the effort to find a way to earn your living from your passion because no matter how hard you work in that passion it won't seem like work to you.

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