Your Guide To New Carpet

By: Gen Wright

New carpeting is one of the most appealing and inexpensive options available. Also, new carpet can increase the value and appearance of a home for resale. There are many different companies that can sell you carpet, and therefore they are mostly very competitive. By looking at all the options you can find the best deals on some really nice carpeting. There is something that you should know about carpet before installation. Some carpets can trap allergens such as pollen, mold, and dust mites within their fibers and padding. In some cases these allergens can not be removed even with regular vacuuming. If you have a child that has allergies or asthma you may want to consider exploring other options. Some of the other options may include products such as vinyl and hardwood flooring. These options may reduce the risk to exposure to the allergens sometimes stored in carpeting. If none of these conditions exist, than carpet can add a comforting feeling and warmth to a establishment.

When choosing a carpet for installation in a place where there is little ventilation you will want to be aware of the carpets potential to produce toxic-vapors. This process is common with most carpets and is called out-gassing. Some times carpet will have a sort of new carpet smell. This smell is caused by the release of these vapors into the air. These vapors have the potential to be dangerous to some people. There are different levels of vapor released and that depends on the mixture of different chemicals that are use in the processing at the mills. This means that when you are looking at carpet in a store you may have different vapor concentrations in two pieces of carpet that appear to be the same.

There are also some carpet products that may contain harmful vapors. Carpet glue is one product that may contain harmful vapors. There is a simple test that you can do when out shopping for carpet to put in your home. You can ask the person who is helping you with the carpet purchasing procedure and ask them for a small piece or scrap of carpet from the roll that you were thinking about purchasing from them. When you get that piece home you can put it in a sealed jar and place it in a place where it is exposed to multiple hours of direct sunlight. You need to let the can sit there for a couple of days undisturbed. After a couple of days you can open the lid and smell the jar. If you get a strong smell emitting from the jar than you can assume the same will happen with the roll you got the sample from. A sample like this may have the ability to produce vapors and should be considered.

When shopping for carpet you can find it in a bunch of different materials. There are three or four that are the most popular. Wool is popular for holding its original look the longest. Wool is also one of the most expensive types of carpets , and can sometimes be prone to trap mildew within. Nylon is another popular material for carpeting. Nylon is very popular because it is very durable and easier to maintain on a regular basis. Olefin and polyester are also known for their durability and allergen resistant properties.

There are also different textures such as, shag, loop, plush, twist, and weave. When shopping for carpet look at the amount of carpet in a given area or the “pile”. The looser the pile the less of quality you are gettin

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