Your Dream Job - 'Must Read' Frequently Asked Questions

By: Martin Haworth

A lot of people go through life thinking, "There has to be something better than this." After all, there are plenty of success stories out there, and the media talks about famous people in fantastic jobs you wished you had. Is it all a myth? Is there truth behind the tales? Take a look at these questions many people ask, and see if the answers don't surprise you.

Are dream jobs real?

They sure are! Everyone has a job that is going to give them fulfillment and happiness. Dream jobs are ones that leave you feeling good at the end of the day. You come home with a smile on your face, you're proud of your work, and you even look forward to going to your job every day.

A dream job is one that makes you rich, right?

We all have technicolor dreams about a job that leaves us filthy rich and able to buy anything we want. After all, that's why lotteries do so well and casinos still fill up with hopefuls looking to strike gold. But money doesn't make a dream job. Money makes your living conditions easier, sure, but you're no farther ahead than you were before if you're rich and still hate your job.

So just what is a dream job?

A dream job is different things to different people, but there are a few qualities different from other jobs. A job that has challenge and room for growth is good. One that maximizes your potential and uses the skills and talents you have is also part of a good job. A job where you feel valued and that your work makes a difference is important as well. Feeling fulfilled and enjoying what you do is part of a dream job too.

How do I know what my dream job is?

Assessing yourself for the things you like to do and what makes you feel energized is a good way to figure out what your particular dream job is. What are you good at? What would like to do? Did you have any childhood dreams for a specific job that you may still harbor? Take a look at your own values as well. Also, try to imagine a perfect work day - what are you doing and where are you?

How do you get a dream job?

How you behave every day will have a big impact on whether you continue to plateau or move forward to a dream job. You will have to find out the steps you need to take to achieve your goals and start making moves forward. Networking and socializing is important. Getting the word out that you'd like to work in a different area helps too. Taking advantage of every opportunity that comes your way, as well as setting yourself up to receive those opportunities, will help you achieve your dream job goals.

Can anyone achieve his or her dream job?

Where there is a will, there is a way. If you sit back and wait for your dream job to fall from the sky into your lap, you will wait a long time. If you set a plan and lay out the steps you need to take to get your dream job, you will work towards it and eventually have a job that you can look forward to going to, every day of your life.

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