Your Checklist When Moving to a New Residence

By: Jesse Burns

The idea alone of moving from your current home to a new residence can be very stressful, especially if it is your first time. However, you can minimize the stress that goes with it and make sure everything goes smooth by having a checklist of what should be done a month, weeks, and days before the due date.

A Month to Moving Day

You need to start looking for a removal company several months before the moving day, and make a booking 4-6 weeks prior to the event. This is also the time you start deciding what you should do with items you will no longer be needing. A good idea would be to donate some items to charity and ask friends and relatives to come over to pick from the rest. If you're moving overseas, make sure your passport, tickets, and visa are ready. If packing stuff on your own, purchase boxes and packing materials during this time and start packing what you can gradually.

2 Weeks to Moving Day

Two to three weeks before moving day, be sure to contact relevant authorities to notify them of the move and of your new address. Arrange transfer of bank accounts during this period. Additionally, arrange for family or friends to take care of children or pets on the date of the move. This is also the time that you need to organize phone, internet, electricity and gas connections. In case you'll be moving somewhere in Australia, you can check gas connections with ConnectNow.

1 Week to Moving Day

A week to moving day, make sure all bed linens and towels you will use for your first night in your new residence have been set aside. If you are travelling with your car, have it checked, especially if you're going to travel long distance. You should also cancel any delivery you have subscribed to at this time and advise services such as your babysitter or gardener that you are moving a week from now. Don't forget to prepare a special container for essential items such as keys, furniture assembly manuals, chargers and cables, etc.

2 Days to Moving Day

Have your first-aid kit and survival box prepared at this time. If you are travelling with kids, it's also important to set aside their favorite toys they can play with while in the car or on the plane. If you have pets travelling with you, remember to prepare their food and other accessories as well. This is also a crucial time to talk to the removal company to make sure they clearly understand all instructions given to them.

Moving Day

The moving day is very crucial as you have to make sure all items that need to be removed from your old house have been removed. Make sure that all utility services have been disconnected and check the house from time to time for items as the moving van is being loaded. Finally, turn off power and lock all doors when you leave.

Your New Home

If you are renting, make sure you document the condition of the place and furniture as you enter. For the furniture arrangement, be there to direct the removalist and give them clear instructions on how and where you want the furniture placed. Before saying goodbye to the removal company, check the van for items that might have been left behind. Check keys and make sure each one works, particularly for bedrooms and bathrooms. Contact the local council as well and arrange for garbage collection. Once everything is in place, go out and say hi to your new neighbors.

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One way to make sure everything goes smooth on your moving day is to have your utility connections such as gas and electricity organized at least two weeks prior to the date. If you are in Australia, you can visit ConnectNow and find out how you can have your new home connected to utilities you need with ease.

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