Your Bathroom Shower - Cleaning and Maintenance

By: Ken Landis

Ahhh - there is NOTHING more refreshing after a hard day's work than a good, steamy shower - a good lather and rinse. It just leaves me with a 'squeaky clean' feeling all day. The same is probably true of you, as well - and I mention it to point up the importance of the shower area in any home.

Let's talk about shower room hygiene for a minute. As you are well aware, shower areas are both humid and wet - this provides the ideal breeding-ground for all sorts of nasty little germs, not to mention mold and mildew. So you must take special care to keep this area clean at all times. A good practice is to use a reliable disinfectant and also a mold and mildew killer.

Next: Soap scum. What exactly is it? Well, soap scum is produced, believe it or not, when hard water reacts with ingredients in typical soaps. Most soaps contain substances that react with lime - and high concentrations of lime are present in hard water. In addition, hard water can cause calcium and magnesium to build up on your shower drain, shower head and shower walls.

So, if you have hard water, and also use traditional soaps, you will be forced to periodically clean off soap scum. Most people find it convenient to clean it off daily, perhaps after everyone is finished with showering. But if you use a good shower gel, you will not see soap scum, as gels are formulated differently than other soaps.

Do you need to fix up your shower area? Well, you'll find that you have lots and lots of choices: You can go for the traditional approach - the typical bathtub under the shower set-up. Or you can install a free-standing shower unit. If you are really adventurous you can choose to have an all-glass enclosure installed - very beautiful (and expensive).

Did you know that it's possible to install a shower unit outdoors? Yes, many special-purpose outdoor shower enclosures are available today. If you need an area to shower off after swimming at the beach, or at poolside, they are just the ticket. And if you are an outdoor worker in the field or farm or garden, you can use an outdoor shower enclosure to get nice and clean before you head inside for the day.

Popular choices for shower areas are shower curtains - perhaps the cheapest option - or doors that slide on tracks, or doors that open out (these are typically used on outdoor shower units). If you are willing to have a room sealed or tiled you can set up a floor-level shower instead.

A final note of caution: installing shower enclosures is not for everyone. It's an involved, and sometimes messy job, and if it's not done right it will have to be re-installed. As always, secure the services of a trained professional if you are not properly trained to do the job yourself.

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