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By: Vincent Delacruz

If you are going on holiday then you have huge amount to look forward to, but quite possibly an equal amount to organize and plan. When we go abroad we are of course travelling a huge distance to a foreign land, spending large amounts of money and putting our daily lives on hold so it's perhaps no surprise that this requires a lot of organization and planning.

One of the important aspects to consider here when planning your journey and your stay is how you intend to get to the airport and back which is something people often forget when they are fixated on the rather larger matter of flying to another country itself. Getting this right might seem less 'big' than getting your flight right, but actually the consequences can be just as big if it means you end up not making your flight. Here we will look at your options to help you choose precisely how you are going to get yourself to and from the airport.

Coach or Train

If you go by coach or train then this has to be one of the most unpleasant ways to consider travelling to your airport. On the one hand it can be cheap if you're travelling solo and require minimal planning, but at the same time it means that you have to still organize transportation to and from the coach or train station, and it means you need to make sure you have some way you can get your luggage there and back too. Then there's the possibility of it not turning up (which is highly stressful) or getting delayed which means you'll have to leave much earlier than you probably should. That and you then need to sit on a coach crammed with other people who will probably be noisy and unsettled.


If you go by taxi this is the more expensive option for each person, but it's considerably cheaper if there are lots of you and you want to spread the costs between you. Meanwhile if you go by tax, you'll be able to just relax while someone who knows the roads takes you there and back again and handles your luggage etc. too. The only downsides other than the price are relying on someone else to arrive on time and to keep tabs on changes to your flight time, as well as having to make small talk and travel in a car that's not your own.


If you drive yourself then you can leave literally when you want and you'll not be at the whim of anyone else all of which makes this a very convenient and pleasant way to travel (you'll also be in your own environment with your own music etc.). This is also the cheapest option by far as you'll only pay petrol and it will be the same no matter how large your group. The downside of driving of course is having to find the energy when jetlagged on the way home, and then having to find somewhere to park your car but this latter point shouldn't be an issue as long as you have tried in advance to find somewhere suitable.

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