You remember your wedding day through the eyes of your photographer

By: Gen Wright

Your big day is coming up and one of the most important person on that day is the photographer. Your photographer will be your "eyes" during your wedding day. These "eyes" will help capture the most precious moments so that you can relive the happy moments when you look at the photographs at a later date. Let's take a look at some of the special moments that you may wish to capture.

Before the formal ceremony starts.

This is when guests are starting to arrive. Usually, they will mingle around in the waiting area. You will see children running around and having fun. Your photographer will find it easy to take some natural shots during this phase. The guests won't even know that their most precious facial expressions are being captured!

Bride march in.

Usually, the ceremony starts by having the bride march in to the wedding song. Confetti and flower petals are being showered on the couple walking in slowly. This is a good time for the photographer to take as many shots as possible. The march in only lasts for about 10 to 15 seconds. So it's important that the photographer takes multiple shots as quickly as possible.

The ring exchange.

The ring exchange is usually followed by the groom unveiling the bride and then kissing the bride. This is a "mini movie" by itself. The photographer should capture all three moments - the actual ring exchange, the unveiling moment, and the kissing moment.

Post ceremony.

After the ceremony, the event becomes less formal. The bride and groom will again start to mingle with the guests. Food and drinks may be served at this stage and the music starts to play. Dancing and singing commences and everyone starts to make merry.

Again, there are lots of opportunities here to take good photographs. The bride and groom will probably be so busy entertaining guests that many precious moments will past them by without them noticing. So it's up to the photographer to capture these moments and deliver them in the form of images to the couple.

The primary goal of having these photographs is to allow the couple to relive every happy moment once in a while sometime in the future. Every little thing will bring back a happy memory.

In time to come, when you sit down with your spouse to look at the photographers again, you will experience feelings of joy and happiness. There will be moments that you didn't know existed, until you look at the photos (all thanks to the photographer). The photographs allow you to look at the wedding event from many different perspectives.

Due to the significance of the wedding day, it's best that you take the time to hire the best photographer that you can find. Remember, it's only through the "eyes" of the photographer that you get to see your wedding day in a different light.

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