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New age music, but also translated a new era of music. Is in the late 70s of last century the emergence of a musical form, the original purpose is to help meditation and for spiritual cleaning, but later many of the creators of this music no longer share this point of departure. There is a saying, because of its colorful and full of change, unlike any previous kind of music: it not only refers to a category, but a category, all different from the past, a symbol of the times change, the interpretation of the spirit of music can be attributed to the improvement of content This, the so named New Age, the New Age music.

1. Charm: New Age greatest charm is to give the listener great imagination, you can not restrict the form of free unlimited imagination in the surf. The New Age is full of changes, because she is not just referring to a category but to a category, she includes almost all different from the past, a symbol of the times change the interpretation of spiritual content of the improved music. Therefore, you will find the new century can be called music is so rich, all the sounds of nature can occur in the music, all kinds of musical instruments in the non-discriminatory, in which the human voice is rich, indigenous music from the singer to aboriginal singer, everything is so natural. A general rule, natural is the greatest characteristic of New Age.

2. Rhythm: The rhythm of New Age is many of the natural rhythm of the music and notes between the strength. In fact, most of the New Age reason to abandon the traditional rhythm, is because of the drums, bass and percussion, the music will be limited to dead form of the new century, few have a strong rhythm of music (but ENIGMA's music is there was a clear rhythm), this is rap and rock with sharp contrast, the New Age is a natural and free, with the general wind flow line stance. Throughout the latter two is that almost all kinds of percussion, in addition to the rhythm or the rhythm. For the purposes of the new century, with the rhythm may be restricted. The New Age is for freedom.

3. Melody: New Age melodies and pop music to a completely different, it has very strong taste of improvisation. Master musicians not only difficult to remember the melody, but also do not know what the melody when and where to terminate. The new century is often little sense of melody. It is stochastic. This is different from pop music, which requires beautiful catchy melody, so that everyone can sing. Sometimes listening to music for several times but you cant remember her melodies, and it is why the new century gives us a great imagination.

4. Harmony: Most of New Age harmony is a very harmonious and dissonance in the use of very little in the New Age. She based on chorus and euphony, she abandoned the way of jazz and rock sound, as this will bring discord and non-sweet feeling. This is why New Age sounds like a very peaceful feeling to the people.

5. Voices: New Age sound is transparent, mysterious, full of hazy atmosphere, music always avoid the use of the new century with the rapid sound harsh, because it will increase the pressure on the music, thus undermining the feeling of the listener. Frankly speaking, when listening to New Age to hear deep, is one of the greatest pleasures of the changing tone.

If you heard the song of Secret Garden or Bandari, you will realize what kind of music is created with pure hearts out, the music makes you more thorough mind, soul and elegant in a paradise of purity and freedom.

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