You need to Remember Your Marriage Anniversary

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Wedding, the priest will ask the bride or groom: "Would you like him (her) life spend it? Regardless of wealth and poverty, happiness hardship, enduring a life-long love of his or her lifetime. As a couple, we want in life in what, just want to put it as simple wedding vows, and if you intend to spend six years or more years, there are some things you have to care about, wedding anniversary is an example. You can try to remember you and your married lover many years, can you effortlessly maintain your marriage ever do, they need to prove your actions. Then reminds you of every wedding anniversary, send love to you Do you think the best gift. The following is the name of wedding anniversary, which you according to different days and choose a unique gift.
One year. Paper married. Matrimony, the initial combination is like the paper-thin.
Two years. Cotton marriage, the same as the poplar leaves fluttering.
Three years. Leather marriage, which likes the leather, is a little toughness.
Four years. Fruit marriage, this marriage is as sweet as fruit.
Fifth Anniversary - Wood married. Wood marriage, has been kind of hard as wood.
Sixth Anniversary - Iron marriage. Iron marriage, marital relations firm, such as iron.
Seven Anniversary - Copper marriage. Copper marriage, is tough and difficult than iron.
Eight years. Pottery marriage, Tao of marriage is beautiful as ceramic-like hard.
Nine years .Willow marriage, like the weeping willow-like swing does not fold.
Ten years. Tin marriage like tin flexibility and is not easily broken.
Eleven years. Steel marriage is hard as the kind of hard stainless steel.
Twelve years. Silk wedding is closely tied together.
Thirteen years. Lace wedding is not only tough but also beautiful.
Fourteen years. Ivory wedding, the more translucent it is the longer it is beautiful.
Fifteen years. Crystal marriage is brilliant and dazzling crystal clear.
Twentieth years - enamel marriage. Enamel marriage, subject to anti-smooth or flawless.
Twenty fifteen years. Silver wedding marriage is lasting the first Jubilee.
Thirty years .Pearl married. Pearl marriage is beautiful precious people envy.
Thirty fifteen years. Coral marriage is red and valuable.
Fortieth years - ruby wedding, ruby wedding, precious brilliant, should be cherished.
The fifty years. Golden wedding marriage is the long-lasting second happiness time. Love Canal, such as gold, love the good old.
Fifty-five years - Jade marriage, jade marriage, as priceless.
Sixtieth anniversary - diamond wedding, diamond wedding, a couple married life, the biggest happiness time, precious, life regrets, life is rarely the most solemn celebration.
Remember your anniversary and do something for it.

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