You can now get rid of those irritating birds with the help of Commercial Pest Control

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Generally, we never associate birds with danger, but you will be shocked to know that these birds apart from disturbing your home peace by making noises they also cause some serious diseases.In Australia majority of birds which cause trouble are Pigeons, Starlings, Indian Mynah and Sparrows.

Some of the diseases caused by these birds are:

- The bites from the bird mites,which is much worse than that of a flea bite as these bird mites can cause us some severe skin irritation and blotching which will cause a lot of discomfort.

- Lung diseases such as Histoplasmosis, Chlamydiosis, Cryptococcosis, Salmonellosis are caused by the pathogenic fungi and bacteria which is present in the bird droppings.

The following are few of the problems caused by these birds:

- Nesting or roosting on building ledgesand under the eaves of your roofs.

- Spoiling the surroundings with their droppings.

- Defacing the outer and inner areas of the buildings with their droppings.

- Leaving bird mites in your surroundings which will cause allergies and skin irritations.

- Disturbing your sleep or peace at home by making noise or scratching on your roof.

The commercial pest control Sydney is specialized in dealing with the treating this bird problem. You can now also take assistance from Bird pest control Sydney to tackle this issue of birds. The following are some of the remedies to treat this problem:

- Bird Spikes – You can now save all the outer and inner surfaces of your building by stopping them from landing or roosting on any of the eaves, gutters, ledges, etc. by placing these spikes on the surface where you don’t want them to litter.

- Proofing- This is like nipping the problem in its bud itself. You can do this by covering all their entry points in such a way that the birds cannot enter into any of the dwellings or take shelter in the voids present in roofs.

- Baiting – Take assistance of this method only when other all methods fail to solve your issue. Here, you will be using narcotic wheat, which is authorized by theNational parks & wildlife service and this wheat will more or less solve this issue for you.

- Bird Shock – In this method the bird will get a slight shock when it tries to enter any of your premises. This can be achieved by attaching solar wires to the open areas so now any bird will think twice before entering your premises.

- Netting -Use these nets to block their entry into any of the open spaces and roosting or nesting in them. These nets are transparent so they will not block any of your views when attached to an area in front of the window.

- Repellent Gel- This is a substitute of Bird spikes method. This gel is used in areas where physically placing spikes is not possible. This gel will make repel the bird from the area where it is applied.

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